Chapter 688. Combat, Spine of the Dead (Part 2).


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It seemed as if the giant giant had inadvertently entered the tent under which there were people. His feet were aimed at people, and, lifting his head, one could see their enormous size.

He just stepped, and in the space already appeared numerous gaps.

Gradually the tyrant-like tyrant entered the silver funnel. His whole body was surrounded by black lightning – it was they who exerted even more powerful pressure on the space. As soon as a black hole appeared in space by itself, then a storm from a black hole appeared in the way of death – a hurricane of uncertainty.

Hurricanes of obscurity have appeared in various places. They did not dissipate by themselves, but began to tighten everything in a row into these black holes. As soon as the black holes fill the whole space, it will mean the disappearance of the space itself!

Mo Fan glanced at the silver peephole to see if Liu Zhu and the others had reached the bloody altar. This path of death can no longer stand, Mo Fang needs to leave this place urgently!

It was impossible to get to the silver eye, as the whole bridge of the path of death was broken. Now the only way out was this silver funnel!

During his first demonization, Mo Fan did not dare to enter such a disorderly spatial flow, as his internal storm could simply powder the powerful demonic body of Mo Fan, but now everything was different: this time, demonization was not only much stronger now he was subject to space!

Silver star dust is actually an element of space!

Now the silver funnel was the only way out. And although the element of Mo Fan’s space was still only in its infancy – there was no other option!


Mo Fan sank heavily to the ground. His powerful body, like a warrior wolf spirit, sank down!

* Bang *

In the next moment, Mo Fan turned into a fiery red tip, which directly stuck into space. The speed was just amazing – it was like the speed of light!

The whole space was filled with fallen undead …. Mo Fan came very close to the border of the funnel.

The silver funnel in another place, in addition to the outer limits of the wall, was a powerful network that sucked all living things inside. Here, in the space of the path of death, everything was different. Mo Fan has already felt how some kind of force literally turns the surface of the earth!

This power was very powerful, and the eyes of the demon Mo Fan were already beginning to change their color: now they were shining with silver.

Mo Fan’s body was enveloped in a silver color, and now he could feel how the force that was tightening him weakened a little. The reason that Mo Fan could not get into the silver funnel was not the obstacle of the funnel itself, but the presence of a rocky tyrant who had already entered the space of the path of death!

In this world, ghouls that are capable of such * (the transition from one space to another) can be counted on one’s fingers. Mo Fan clearly understood what kind of creature was now hung in a silver funnel.

Now and Mo Fan entered the funnel!

The head of the rocky tyrant moved further down. Undoubtedly, for such a huge monster, this silvery funnel was just a small whirlpool, and he himself was deep on the drum that he was sucked into some space.

It was as if the funnel had lost its patience, and now all the power and black lightning of the tyrant had accumulated in his limbs!


The rocky tyrant began to move his foot, trampling the space of the path of death. In the weak places of space holes began to appear, forming hurricanes of obscurity.

This trampling not only accelerated the process of disappearance of the space of the path of death, but also led to the fact that the rocky tyrant in the silver funnel began to shake a little!

However, the rocky tyrant looked as if the funnel had absolutely no effect on him.

The eyes of the people, who were watching everything that was happening from the limits of the inner wall along the bronze mirror, just flew out of their orbits!

They then thought that this funnel would completely absorb the tyrant, but he was so frightening that the funnel was shaking because of him! If they knew that because of this, the silver funnel absorbs separate spaces even faster, then there would be no limit to their surprise!

The rocky tyrant lifted his head, and his face was completely covered with clouds.

He roared fiercely, and all the clouds dispersed. Now, the airspace appeared instantly filled with the corpse stench of a tyrant, gradually turning into a thicket!

A cloud of stench closed the sky, and the tyrant himself in impatience had already turned his attention to the golden barriers of the inner part of the city.

From the height of its growth, the whole city was visible in full view. Shaking the ground, the tyrant began to approach the center of the city.

As it approached, people could already see its terrible shape and face ….

It was already beginning to get light, the first rays of glow began to appear, so people could clearly see the full horror of the situation.

The rays of the sun could give people at least some comfort. However, who could know that this glow was not the rays of the sun – it was a huge carcass of carrion, surrounded by white dead animals! This meant inevitable death for people: not only physical, but also spiritual!

Will the golden barriers be able to save the inhabitants of the city from the imminent threat? Will magicians be able to overcome them, which common people considered so arrogant?

“I … I heard that it was he who killed Yao Ting!”

“So, is he the lord of the undead?”

– Do we die …? We all die like this ???

Panic began among the people. Everything that was before – everything was insignificantly small against the background of this monster! Even the huge city now seemed just a little layout!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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