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It all began in the city of Guwahati, twenty two years back from now. A school-life love
Born in a typical Indian middle-class family, I was admitted to school at the age of four into
Nursery class. Although the start of schooling is a crybaby period for all, but as days
passed, I started enjoying the company of my new friends and my school life was at highs.
Days went by and summed up to be two long years and I was promoted to the First
Standard. It was the first day of the new session and I precisely remember I had my new
black bag on my back, which my Dad gifted me on my previous birthday but I kept it for
using from the new session onwards. Oh I loved the bag!
I entered the new classroom and it was all chaos, with my classmates doing all the possible
mischiefs they could. Since we had to sit according to our roll numbers, I stood in one of
the corners and was searching for my allotted place to sit, when I suddenly found peace
among the chaos, a sense of deep silence amidst the noise! It was a girl. A girl I hadn’t seen
before in the class. A new-comer in the class. She was like a tree, all green during the fall!
So calm and quiet. But as I looked carefully into her face, it took me no time to realize that
she was sobbing silently, as every new-comer to school does. Yet I went to her and asked
why she was crying and she replied that the place she has been allotted was dirty with dust
on the chair and the caretakers paid no attention to her when she informed the same. She
didn’t want to dirty her clothes by sitting on that chair. I then suggested her “why don’t you
use your bag to clean the chair?” and she replied “the bag is of my favourite pink colour and
I don’t want to make it dirty”. I don’t know what struck me, but whatever it was, I still regret
that move of mine. Life would have been a lot different, had I not taken that move! I loved
my bag too, but my love for my new bag started fading in front of her tears and I cleaned
her chair with my bag. I still question why! But that move made us friends.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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