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Ling Xiao Ge, inside the courtyard.

Chu Xingyun is helping Chu Stars check the body.

Although with the help of Divine Grass, Chu Stars has recovered his mind, but his injuries have not completely healed. Even in the ice seal that lasted for more than ten years, his Linghai has arrived. Depleted.

Fortunately, Chu Xingyun’s hands, there are a lot of precious spiritual materials, after refining Dan, in just a few days, you can let Chu Stars fully recover.

Chu Stars looked at Chu Xingyun in front of him, suddenly smiled and said: “didn’t expect, Yuner your strength, far stronger than I expected, not only killed Liu Wei, but also angry as if made by Heaven is on the spot, but unfortunately, my body has not recovered, and I can’t see this scene with my own eyes.”

During the conversation, Chu’s eyes exude a hint of coldness.

The things of the year are still vivid.

At that time, stars Gu Zong led people to Xifeng City. In order to take Liu Mengyan, they directly killed and killed many Chu Family people, thereby threatening Liu Mengyan and forcing her to submit. .

Among the people who are killing, there is the figure of Yunmengwufu, Yin as if made by heaven and Liu Wei, in the column!

Therefore, after Chu Stars heard the horror of Yunmengwufu, he was particularly excited and had a sense of refreshment.

“But all the people who made me move to Chu Family in the past, I will never let go, Yunmengwufu, just the first one.” Chu Xingyun took back the spiritual power, took a palm, and took out a Storage Ring.

“Father, in this storage ring, in addition to the cultivation technique and the Martial Study, there are also 10,000 drops of spiritual fluid. During this recovery period, you can try cultivate, which is beneficial to the recovery of the Linghai. Chu Xingyun handed the storage ring to the front of Chu Stars.

Ten thousand drops of spirit liquid?

Chu Stars suddenly stunned, and when he saw the Martial Study cultivation technique in the storage ring, his face was even more shocked.

The cultivation technique Martial Study in the storage ring is not much, each has a set of nothing more, but the two of the secret book’s Rank have reached the Heaven Rank, especially the cultivation technique, which actually reaches the Heaven Rank middle-level level. .

“Yun, these Martial Study cultivation techniques, where did you come from?” Chu Stars took a few deep breaths.

Heaven Rank middle-level cultivation technique, how precious, as long as it appears in the flowing cloud Imperial Dynasty, it will inevitably lead to a foul wind and bloody rain, however, Chu Xingyun is very casual, as if not at all.

“The origins of these Martial Study cultivation techniques will be unclear for a while. When the time is ripe, I will explain it slowly. Before that, I hope that father will not ask too much.”

The rebirth is too mysterious, related to the mysterious and unpredictable Samsara stone.

Mo said that it is Chu stars, even Chu Xingyun himself, have not fully figured out, so he chose to conceal for the time being, so as to avoid Chu Stars worry.

“Since Yuner doesn’t want to say more, then I won’t ask.” Chu Stars took the storage ring carefully and carefully, and then stood up and moved towards the outside.

Outside the courtyard, Huayun River sits quietly.

Chu Xingyun and Chu Stars came over. Just sitting down, Chu Xingyun couldn’t wait to ask: “Huafu, what do you want to say the most unwilling thing, in the end? Is it related to this dinner? ”

Huayun River opened his eyes and did not answer directly. Instead, he said: “Chu Xingyun, when you came back, it happened to be the day when Army returned to the DPRK. Have you seen Wu Jingxue and Jing Tianjun?”

“Of course.” Chu Xingyun said frankly, there is no concealment.

Aside, Chu Stars listened quietly. He heard the words of Wu Jingxue, and the body suddenly trembled. Obviously, Chu Stars still remembers Wu Jingxue and has a deep memory.

“A few months ago, Jing Tianjun attacked Tiefengguo and captured the king of Tiefeng. Wujing blood specifically escorted the Tiefeng Guoguo to the DPRK. The purpose was to make the Flowing Family Imperial embarrassing more. It’s a demonstration that shows everyone the power of his blood, because only then can he replace the Flowing Family Imperial Family with justifiable words!”

The voice of Huayun River made Chu Xingyun’s heart sink and said: “According to your statement, Wu Jingxue’s return to the DPRK has already prepared for the pilgrimage?”

“Yes.” Huayun River nodded and continued: “At that time, the emergence of stars Guzong, let Wujing blood get a lot of treasures, and draw a lot of imperial power, self-contained, in order to fight against the flow of clouds Imperial Family.”

“After years of encroaching, the strength of the Flowing Family Imperial Family has been worse than before, and the Wujing blood has become more and more powerful. The Jingtian Army has been formed, and the battles, plundering, gradually, and many surrounding kingdoms have been slaughtered. Or it was taken up by force and fell into his control.”

“So, Wu Jingxue led the army back to the DPRK and prepared to replace the Imperial Family. In one fell swoop, he became the owner of the Flowing Dragon Imperial, so that he could continue to expand his own strength and march north to attack other Imperial Dynasty. ”

“This Wujing blood is really a militant man. After capturing the surrounding kingdoms, he is still not satisfied. He wants to capture other Imperial Dynasty!” Chu Xingyun squinted his eyes, Wu Jingxue’s belligerent ambition, let him It’s a bit weird.

Huayun River continued to speak, still saying: “This dinner, on the surface, is carried out by the Flowing Family Imperial Family. In fact, it was forced by Wu Jingxue. The purpose is to gather the forces of the Imperial City and stand by the side.”


Chu Xingyun’s look glimpsed, and suddenly came over and said: “No wonder the Flowing Family Imperial Family will send Tang Xiaoyu personally. It seems that they want to use my relationship with Wu Jingxue and let me stand on the united front with them. ”

At that time, Wu Jingxue established a radical school, suddenly turned his back, and returned to the stars Guzong, which allowed the stars Guzong to act wilfully in the stream of Imperial Dynasty, looking for the traces of Liu Mengyan.

If it is said that Stars is the culprit, then Wu Jingxue is an accomplice.

Between Chu Xingyun and Wu Jingxue, the grudges cannot be erased, and there will be a battle in the future.

In addition, Chu Xingyun is now the owner of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce is huge, and there are countless powerhouses.

These two points, let the Flow Cloud Imperial Family see the hope, want to win over Chu Xingyun, the two sides jointly fight against Wu Jingxue, and only in this way, the Flow Cloud Imperial Family has a chance.

“indeed so.”

Huayun River sighed and said: “Jingtianjun’s strength is too strong. It is a battle for the battlefield. It is likely to break the country. Even more how is the fading stream of the Imperial Family. The throne will also take care of all the forces, and follow the other, and the other will die. Even the five major military forces will not be spared.”

“If there is no accident, after the end of the banquet, this imperial city will be completely in chaos, and the pattern of the flowing Dynasty Imperial Dynasty will also change!”

The look of Huayun River became more and more dignified. He reached out and took out the invitation. Once again, he handed it to Chu Xingyun, his eyes fixedly watching, waiting for Chu Xingyun’s answer.


Seeing this scene, everyone’s heart, beginning continuously twitching, they know that from today’s beginning, Chu Xingyun and Yin as if by by heaven, hatred is not shared, only one party will die completely, will end .


Yin as if made by heaven’s pair of eyes became empty, no longer say a word, figure moved, directly into a black flowing light, plunging into the sky, completely disappeared in front of everyone.

As for the people of the thing cloud dream Wufu, they are all looking at each other in blank dismay. They didn’t dare to stay too much and immediately left.

At this time, in the crowd that left, there was a cold gaze, which was suddenly shot and captured by Chu Xingyun.

He turned back and found the owner of the gaze, Shui Qianyue.

Suddenly, the eyes of the two collided in the void. Unexpectedly, among the eyes of Shui Qianyue, there was no fear of regret, and it was cold, so they stared coldly.

“It’s really stubborn.” Chu Xingyun in the heart said, and his eyes slowly recovered.

Not long after, the figure of Yunmengwufu disappeared into the field of vision, and Shui Qianyue’s cold eyes disappeared. No big space, first fell into a dead silence, and immediately, a cheering voice of incomparable sorghum resounded through the clouds.

Wherever he looks, the face of the 霄 霄 霄 dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis dis The dignity of Lingxiaowufu.

In the end, Yunmengwufu escaped and fled!

“During this time, Yunmengwufu has damaged many powerhouses. Even the two major Experts, Mo Zuo and Liu Wei, are hard to escape. Now, they have completely lost their fame. From now on, Yunmengwufu It will surely decline and be criticized by all.”

Huayun River walked in front of Chu Xingyun, first smiled, then lowered the voice, said solemnly: “However, that Yin as if made by heaven will definitely be directed at you, even under the Killer, you must be careful later.”

Seeing the dignified appearance of the Huayun River, Chu Xingyun smirked and said: “The Washington government is assured, I will be careful.”

After all, Chu Xingyun turned his gaze and looked at Tang Yuyu, not far away.

Chu Xingyun is no stranger to the big commander of the cloud and iron guard. It is the black clothed old man who gave him the slogan.

Tang Yuyu also looked at Chu Xingyun, his body’s cold air dissipated, and slowly walked over, sing with a smile: “didn’t expect, just in the past few months, you stepped into the Earth Spirit realm, it seems My rushing iron, I have to return without success.”

In the words, with a bit of fun, but Tang Guangyu’s face is a serious color.

A few months ago, at the auction, Tang Xiaoyu valued Chu Xingyun’s innate talent and thought that he was a makeable material, so he took out the Yunyun Iron Order and wanted to accept Chu Xingyun.

However, only the past few months.

The young Maoyan who entered the Imperial City at the beginning of the day has become the master of the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. He is in charge of the economic lifeline of the Imperial Dynasty. Even the family Chamber of Commerce, which has been passed down for a hundred years, is willing to surrender.

Not only that, the strength of Chu Xingyun is equally amazing.

When I first entered the Earth Spirit, I awakened the three Martial Spirit innate talents. With one person, I jumped to Level 9, killing the incomparable Liu Wei in front of countless people.

These are too shocking, and even Tang’s reputation must be sighed.

Mo said that the area of the flow of clouds and iron, even if the entire stream of the Imperial Dynasty, can not shut down Chu Xingyun, in the future, will certainly Megatron Northern Wasteland!

“Tang Tong received a heavy speech.”

Chu Xingyun complexion is still calm, his eyes swept over, and found that Tang Yu’s face has a few unusual look, and asked straight out: “Tang Tong led this time to Lingwu Wufu, shouldn’t it just help me?”

Apprehended by Chu Xingyun, Tang Guangyu slammed down, and the appreciation of his face was even worse. Immediately, he took an invitation from the cuff and handed it to Chu Xingyun in front of Chu Xingyun.

On top of this invitation, the emperor printed with the flowing clouds of Imperial Dynasty is an Imperial Family invitation.

“After seven days, within the palace, there will be a grand banquet. At that time, the dignitaries of the Imperial City will be present. You are the owner of the Chamber of Commerce. This dinner will naturally be your place.”

If it is an ordinary person, I heard that this talk of Tang Yuyu will definitely be to be wild with joy, but Chu Xingyun does not, no joy or no sadness on his face, and he has not reached out to ask for an invitation. He shook his head and said: “I am for the night banquet. There is not much interest in this matter. Please ask for this invitation. Please take it back.”

Seeing Chu Xingyun’s refusal, Tang’s reputation is not irritating, and his voice sinks slightly. “The present imperial city, turmoil changes, and the entire Imperial Dynasty pattern has undergone earth-shaking changes. The night banquet is even more meaningful. Ordinary, I am representing the Flowing Family Imperial Family, I hope you can participate in this dinner.”

As said, Tang Guangyu stepped back a few steps, and his back was slightly bent. He actually bowed to Chu Xingyun.

The same is true of more than a hundred people who are standing behind him. The same is true. The back is curved and sings in unison: “I also hope that the president will take the invitation and attend the dinner!”

This voice, like a thunder, made everyone in the place stunned and stared at it with amazement.

Chu Xingyun, slightly frowns, just want to talk, but heard the sound of Huayun River, said with a laugh: “Distance from the night banquet, there are still seven days, this one invitation, Tang Tong collar can stay for a while, let Chu Xingyun thinks about it.”

“This is also good. If you think about it clearly, the night banquet will directly enter the palace with this sticker. Of course, if it is rejected, it would be fine.” Tang Liangyu looked deep into Huayun River and then nodded slightly to Chu Xingyun. , figure flashes and leaves here.

Looking at the back of Tang Yuyu and others, Huayun River looked at the invitation in his hand and sighed: “It seems that the most unwilling thing happens, after all, it happened!”

“Huafu, what do you mean by this?” Chu Xingyun turned his head and asked Huayun River.

Today, Tang’s actions are very weird.

Although the night banquet is of extraordinary significance, in any case, Tang Yuyu is the leader of Liu Yun Tie Wei, representing the face of the Flowing Family Imperial Family.

Such as this person, when taking out this invitation, actually with a bit of craving, it seems that I hope that Chu Xingyun took the invitation and promised to attend the dinner.

Even, Chu Xingyun has a hunch that he really wants him to attend the night banquet, not Tang Yuyu, but the Flowing Family Imperial Family!

“This is not a place to talk. Let’s go to Lingxiaoge to talk about it.”

Huayun River recovered its original appearance, stepped forward and walked slowly toward the direction of Lingxiaoge.

At his rear, Chu Xingyun nodded and followed quickly.


“Get out!”

Yin as if made by heaven burst into the air, the body, has a meaning of killing.

He wouldn’t believe Chu Xingyun’s words at all. In his heart, Chu Xingyun had already been found to have killed the left-right group, the vengeance of the enemy, the hate of the treasure, the madness of his deep in one’s heart, except for the cold, no more He meant.

However, if Huayun River was rumored, it stood upright, and the golden glow on the broken virtual gun was thicker, covering the whole piece of void.

“Come here.”

After a while, Huayun River suddenly spit out a word, coldly said: “Yin as if made by heaven, when you were for your own self-interest, almost let Chu Family suffer the catastrophe, as the saying, Heavenly Dao Samsara, retribution not only, you today Falling to this point is also a sin deserved, I advise you to give up this, and you have to get deeper and deeper.”

The voice is very cold, but also very calm, but it is the face that makes Yin as if by by heaven full of sly, suddenly a touch of grinning hideously, full of sternly said: “What Heavenly Dao Samsara, what retribution is not only, I Yin As if made by heaven Never care, today, I have to die Chu Xingyun anyway, who dares to block me, I will kill!”

“A shameless person!”

At this time, among the voids, another figure fell.

Come, it is actually old.

I saw him swaying through Cyan Wind, looking straight at Yin as if by by, coldly snorted and said: “Today’s business, it is clear that you are at a loss, can not refute a sentence, and finally, dare to threaten The reputation of Yunmengwufu for hundreds of years is completely destroyed.”

“If you really want to fight, no matter, I am in the end of the Wufu to accompany the in the end!” Huayun River stepped forward, lifted the broken virtual gun flat, eyes filled with thick inttent intent.

Only then, he has learned the ins and outs of the whole thing from Yang Yan’s sound transmission.

This Yin as if made by heaven, shameless, in order to capture the life of Chu Xingyun, actually dispatched so many Expert, even Heavenly Spirit Second Level days, but also make a move, clothed down the killing.

After this incident, the coldness in his heart was even worse. He also let Liu Wei’s entire group hide his identity and use murder as a threat. He forced Yun Teng Chamber of Commerce to hand over the pill recipe and wanted to use it to mess up the Chamber of Commerce. Forced Chu Xingyun to appear.

These two seemingly unrelated things, behind the scenes, are Yin as if made by heaven.

As Hua Yunhe just said, Heavenly Dao Samsara, the retribution is not limited. If Yin was if made by heaven without crossing the Killer, now, it will fall so far.

It’s a pity that Yin’s if made by heaven is still obsessed with obscurity.

“Chu Xingyun, you have to maintain this way. Now it seems that the whole thing, you are not able to escape from the military, you must jointly make a move, this will kill Mo Zuo!”

Yin as if made by heaven screaming and roaring, eyes wide open red eyes looking at everyone in front of me, treble: “Yunmengwuwu discipline notice, immediately start, but anyone who is Lingwu Wufu, kill without mercy, never stay alive !”

The language falls, Yin as if made by heaven. The Wufu elder stands behind, the figure plunges up, and they call out the own Martial Spirit. The crazy battle intent condenses on the body and rises into the sky.

As Wufu elder, they have already filled the killing intent with Chu Xingyun. They don’t care about the right or wrong of the whole thing. They just want to kill Chu Xingyun and wash the shame for Yunmengwufu.

As for the thing of the military, there are also many people who stand up. Their thoughts are the same as that of the think elder. They all think that the excitement of Chu Xingyun will only make Yunmeng Wufu constantly shamed.

Therefore, as long as Chu Xingyun dies, the whole thing will be completely over, Yunmengwufu, do not have to bear the nickname.

“Yunmengwufu, it is really arrogant, today, I have to look at, how can you have the ability!” Snow danced softly, as Feixue, slowly fell behind Chu Xingyun.

After her, Ye Huan, Yang Yan and some Wufu disciples, all striding out.

Today, the encirclement of the big dreams of Yunmengwufu has already damaged the reputation of Lingxiaowufu. Now, Yin’s if made by heaven is still going to kill, and never leave alive.

Who can bear this madness?

Time, the atmosphere of the entire space has become extremely rigid, battle intent, cold, all kinds of breath rushed to the clouds, as if to completely mess up the entire world.


Suddenly, Yin as if by by the brow of a brow.

In his vision, a flowing light suddenly plunged into the sky.

As the flow light became closer, an ice frost lion’s illusory shadow appeared in the illusory shadow, and a black robe old man stood. Everywhere, the void was completely frozen and frosted. Close together.

“Frost Wings Martial Spirit!” Yin as if made by heaven gave birth to an ominous omen.

Hōng lóng lóng !

At the same time, the earth begins to tremble. Under the gaze of everyone, a figure flies from a distance. They are filled with chilling gas, and the number is nearly one hundred. All of them are holding cold blades and emitting murderous intention of gloomy and cold.

These figures, wearing black long gown, cuffs, sculpted heavy clouds, with a gust of wind, the sleeves flew, the clouds above the living things, beginning flow.

“Tang Yuyu, this matter is my brother’s grievances, there is no relationship with you Liuyun Tiewei, you suddenly appear, what does this mean?” Yin as if by by heaven The voice is still cold, but the look is slightly eased.

In front of this old man, named Tang Yuyu, is the leader of the cloud, and the cultivation base, also entered the Heavenly Spirit.

Yunmengwufu, has been completely fighting with Lingxiao Wufu, irreconcilable until death, if the cloud and iron defending and coming in, the situation will become chaotic, Yin as if by by heaven, do not want to see this scene.

“Chu Xingyun has saved the life of Third Prince. It is the benefactor of my Family of Peace. Today, someone wants to kill him. I want to make a move to save the Imperial Family. Otherwise, it will become a cold-blooded person?” Tang Liangyu has a smile on his face, but the chill on his body has already locked everyone in Yunmengwufu.

Not only him, there are more than a hundred people who have no expression on their faces, only the meaning of killing.

When you are, Yin as if made by heaven is silent.

The two big martial arts killed, Yunmeng Wufu does not necessarily lose, moreover, his purpose is to kill Chu Xingyun, and it is not too difficult, the opportunity is quite large, but at this moment, there is more than one cloud.

Regardless of the overall strength of Liuyun Tiewei, this is the light reputation of Tang, it is not a fuel-efficient lamp. Under the make a move, Yunmengwufu will definitely fall into a predicament and be smashed by both sides.

However, Yin as if made by heaven is difficult to swallow this bad breath!

He tried his best to arrange these plans. The final result was a loss of soldiers. Even Yunan Xuan Tian fell into the hands of Chu Xingyun. When he thought of it, his eyes were full of killing intent.

“The owner, we can’t kill Chu Xingyun, or withdraw it.” At this time, a military elder sighed.

Yin as if made by heaven cold-eyed, just want to anger, but found that in addition to this Wufu elder, the rest of the elder, discipline, face is full of ruined color, and even some people have spawned a retreat, beginning fear Regression.

This situation, as if it is an invisible sharp edge, straight into the heart of Yin as if by by heaven.


I saw him suddenly raised his head, screamed in the sky, there was anger in the voice, unwilling, but more is still killing intent, cold killing intent.

His son, who died, his decent and dead, even lost the treasure of the town for hundreds of years, but he could not kill the murderer, but also left with his tail.

This, simply lost his face as if by by heaven, at the same time, also lost the face of Yunmengwufu.

From then on, Yunmengwufu will surely become the laughing stock of the world people, and he is as if by by heaven, but also the laughing stock in the laughing stock.

Such a shameful shame, he can’t bear it!

“Chu Xingyun, I am as if by by heaven, I swear to God, one day, I will smash you a corpse!”

An incomparably angry violent voice spit out from the mouth of Yin as if by by heaven, and it rang through the whole piece of void, and it was passed to every lane of the entire imperial city, every corner.

The crowd looked at the past, but saw the body of Yin as if by by heaven continually twitching, the five senses twisted, the heads emanate, just like a street beggar, became extremely embarrassing.

What is even more shocking is that the hair of Yin as if by by heaven has turned into a silver white color at a speed visible to the naked eye!

He, Yin as if made by heaven, the head of Yunmengwufu, Heavenly Spirit Third Level, the super powerhouse, now and now, because of the hatred of Chu Xingyun, angry and white hair!


Chu Xingyun asked again, the voice echoed, and the face of Yin as if by by heaven was ugly.

In fact, in his heart, it is also unbelievable.

Mo Zuo’s strength, Yin as if made by heaven, is clearer than anyone. If you want to escape, almost no one can kill it. Once you push Yunan Xuan Tian, you will face Heavenly Spirit Fifth Level. People are enough to protect themselves.

But in the end, their entire group, but completely lost, and Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, fell into the hands of Chu Xingyun, this is really strange, it is incredible.


At this time, Yin as if made by heaven suddenly flashed a divine light.

I saw a cold arc of his mouth, facing Chu Xingyun: “That you said, you have never made a move to Mo Zuo and others, and the set of weights on your body is also from elsewhere. It’s not Yunan’s Yunmeng Xuan Tian, so, if you do, can you dare to take that set of heavy shackles?”

“Don’t dare.” Chu Xingyun shrugged and his eyes fell on Chuhu.

Chu Hu immediately clear comprehension, stunned Yin if if by by a glance, under the attention of everyone, Yun Yun Xuan Tian 铠 took out.


Take Chuyun’s dream of Xuan Tian’s moment, a path of blue light blooms, move towards all directions slowly, these blue ray of light, like smoke and fog, lingering in this void, it is particularly eye-catching.

“Sure enough, Yunmen Xuan Tian 铠!” For Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠, Yin as if made by heaven is familiar with it, almost in the blink of an eye, he can judge it, this set of heavy, must be Yunmeng Xuan Tian is correct.

In a moment, Yin as if made by heaven, the black rifle in the hand, once again whispered, the gunmangling light, constantly lingering on him, like a viper that chooses people, ready to move a move, to kill Chu Xingyun on the spot .

“In the presence, the Yinfu master is most familiar with Yunmeng Tian Tian, and is the only person who has used Yunmenuan Tian Tian. I would like to ask, is this set of heavy weights in my hands, is it the cloud dream lost by Yunmengwufu? Xuan Tian 铠?”

Chu Xingyun’s expression of Yin as if by by heaven is not afraid, but a slight smile, with a bit of fun.

As he said, Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, few people have seen, except Yin as if by by heaven, no one has ever used it.

If Yin as if made by heaven speaks directly, saying that the heavy weight in Chu Xingyun’s hands is Yunan Xuan Tian, and accepting it directly, it is a bit unreasonable and cannot be convincing.

Yin as if made by heaven, can’t afford this person!

Therefore, Chu Xingyun directly took out Yunmenuan Tian Tian, and there was no worry in his heart.

“A good trick, Chu Xingyun, I really look down on you, but you missed it!”

Yin as if made by heaven’s face was first condensed, and then he suddenly showed a touch of grinning hideously, proudly said: “Yun Tian Xuan Tian 铠, is the treasure of the town of my dreams of Wufu, the dynasty of the dynasty They must all engrave a mark in Yunan Xuan Tian.”

“Imprint?” Chu Xingyun hearing this, eyes deep flashed a trace of surprise.

This horror, very concealed, but was discovered by Yin as if by by heaven, the look is more proud, continue: “This mark, no shadow, invisible, once branded, it can never be erased, Only the person who cultivate the hand method can be engraved, but in the real world of the flowing cloud, only me can understand this unique hand method.”

“I am immediately urging this hand method. If the set of weights in your hands resonate, it means that this is Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, it is your iron murdering to seize the treasures!”

The voice fell, Yin as if made by heaven did not pause, hands out, pinched into a path of 晦涩Hand Seal, body, there is a mysterious atmosphere filled out, with lightning speed, covering the cloud dream Xuan Tian 铠.

“Get up!”

A cold drink, spit out from the mouth of Yin as if by by heaven, I saw his pair of eyes with rapt attention, the palm suddenly moved towards the void, the breath is like a stream, as if according to a certain law, begins to reverberate With.

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

Time passed by, Yin as if made by heaven, the breath of the body is stronger, simply like shocking waves, but the cloud dream of Xu Xingyun in the hands of Xu Xing Tian, but there is no movement, there is no such thing Resonance.

“How is this possible?” Yin as if made by heaven. The eyes are trembled, and there is no smugness on his face. Only the horror is unbelievable.

“How is this impossible?”

Chu Xingyun spread his hand, tonelessly said: “From beginning to end, this set of heavy weights in my hand is not Yunan Xuan Tian 铠, inside, naturally there will be no unique mark, even if Yinfu Lord you motivate day and night It is also impossible to resonate.”

During the conversation, Chu Xingyun’s face was full of helplessness. In fact, his heart was ridiculous.

At the moment of getting Yunan Xuan Tian C, Chu Xingyun discovered the existence of these imprints, and easily removed the imprints without leaving a trace of traces.

With his hand method, it is Yin as if made by heaven. I am afraid that even the forged Grandmaster, such as Xuedang, is hard to find, and only the legendary gods can discover the clues.

It is precisely because of this, Chu Xingyun, will be so refreshing to take Chuyun dream Xuan Tian 铠!

“This armor must be Yun Tian Xuan Tian 铠, you must secretly move your hands and feet, erase all the branding, as for the left left entire group, is your next Killer, you can’t lie to me!” Yin as if made By heaven is constantly roaring, but he said that this is hard to convince, even the cloud dreams of the Wufu, feel a little far-fetched.

“Yin House Lord, you just said that this branding method is the top secret in top secret. Once it is branded, it can’t be completely eliminated, but now you say that I erased the brand, this is It’s a bit savage.”

Chu Xingyun sighed, full of innocence: “In my opinion, the disappearance of Yunan Xuan Tian is mostly from the hands of Mo Zuo. After he got the countless treasures of the powerhouse cave mansion, he was happy and wanted. The Yunmeng Xuan Tian was also swallowed up, so make a move kills Yin Ruochen and others, and then entrains the private escape, and God unconsciously leaves the Flowing Cloud Imperial Dynasty.”

“And you Yunmeng Wufu, suddenly lost the treasure of the town, even a group of elder, but also no news, people stunned, that Liu Yiyi saw that I also have a defensive class King Item, it is wrong Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠.”

As a result, Chu Xingyun once again looked at the crowd and made the crowd feel awkward. They all felt that this talk was very reasonable.

In Qiyunfengshan, Liu Wei was completely defeated and was seriously injured. It was not impossible to admit mistakes at a time. More importantly, Yin as if by by heaven multiple make a move inspections could not prove the heavy weight in Chu Xingyun’s hands. It is Yunmeng Xuan Tian.

In such a scene, as long as it is a discerning person, he will stand on the side of Chu Xingyun and feel that Yin if if by heaven is unreasonable.

Hū hū hū !

Yin as if made by heaven Looking at Chu Xingyun in front of him, because of anger, the whole face has become extremely embarrassing, breathing, and more and more eager, that pair of eyes, is the endless killing intent.

At the moment when he wanted to make a move, the figure of Huayun River came out again, carrying a golden broken gun, and immediately stopped all the way.


On the dark rifle, the murderous aura of gloomy and cold flowed, flew past in the sky, and actually brought a burst of air, mournful, so that everyone’s body trembled, just like seeing Netherworld abyss The scenery.

However, facing Killing Strike of Yin as if by by heaven, Chu Xingyun had no expression on his face, and the body was still motionless, so he stood still and stared at the front.

Hōng lóng lóng’s voice sounded, only the dark rifle had not touched the body of Chu Xingyun, a dazzling golden light, suddenly bursting in the void, like a golden dawn, rushing toward the black rifle.


Completely different breath collisions, straight up the violent strong wind, sweeping away, let the two people involuntarily retreat a few steps, was completely shocked by this breath.

In front of Chu Xingyun, Huayun River, a cyan clothes, suddenly appeared, holding a broken virtual gun Martial Spirit, looking at the front of the imaginary cold, people do not move, but the fierce momentum, but in the entire space.

Yin as if made by heaven’s body retraced, fell back to the original position, staring at Huayun River, coldly snorted and said: “Huayun River, today’s business, is my personal grievance with Chu Xingyun, you did not Qualification management!”

“Chu Xingyun is the core disciple of my 霄 霄 武 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Where do I put the face of Wufu Wufu?”

Huayun River is facing the Yin as if made by heaven furiously shouted, with a cold air in the voice.

“You talk to me?”

Hearing this talk, Yin as if made by heaven actually laughed, laughter mad, let his whole face become more awkward, sigh: “This Chu Xingyun, in front of countless people, kill me Yunmeng There are more than ten elders in Wufu, and Liu Wei is annihilated by sword light. Even the bones are not left. In addition, he also took away the treasure of the town of Yunmengwufu, trying to take possession of himself. !”

“These two things, any one, are a shameful shame for Yunmengwufu. I really can’t think of a reason, let me not kill him!”

Every word of Yin as if by by heaven is mixed with endless anger and killing intent, making the look of Huayun River dignified.

Indeed, these two things, the impact is too great, can almost shake the foundation of Yunmengwufu, replaced by any one, can not stand, it is no wonder that Yin as if made by heaven will become so mad, violent.

“Yin House Lord, this talk you just said seems to be a bit of a strong word.”

Just as Huayun River was entangled, Chu Xingyun stood up slowly.

He first gave Huayun River a reassuring look, then immediately faced the face of the ass of Yin as if by by heaven, whispered: “This half a month, Liu Wei entire group hide identity, many times to me Yun Teng Chamber Of Commerce make a move, not only killed forty-eight lives, but also confuses the nine Chamber of Commerce, which is intended to force the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce to hand over all pill recipes.”

“This behavior not only ignores the rules between the five great military powers, but also completely unbalances the forces of the imperial city, attracting many disputes. According to the rules, their entire group will suffer endless pursuits. I will use the Yunteng Chamber of The identity of the owner of Commerce makes a move, killing it completely, is this wrong?”

Chu Xingyun is not afraid of Yin as if by by the cold killing intent, the words, the word 铿锵, but a kind of stunned state, actually let Yin as if by by heaven.

“As for the treasure of the town in your mouth, I have heard it. It seems to be a three-line King Item named Yunmeng Xuan Tian. As you said, this is the town of Yunmengwufu. The treasure, supposedly in Yunmengwufu, there are countless Expert protections, how can it suddenly fall into my hands?” Chu Xingyun frowned, looking at Yin as if by by heaven’s gaze, with a bit of sarcasm.

At the time, everyone turned their eyes and fell on Yin as if made by heaven.

There were very few people who were present at Tianfeng. They were not very clear about what happened today. It was a bit strange to say through Chu Xingyun.

Yunmeng Xuan Tian is the treasure of the town of Yunmengwufu. Normally, even the elder of Yunmengwufu rarely sees it. How could it suddenly appear in the hands of Chu Xingyun.

Feeling the doubts of everyone, Yin as if made by heaven clenched the fists, hate the voice: “After half a month ago, I found a powerhouse cave mansion in Yunmengwu, this cave mansion existed hundreds Years are not the same, so I asked Mo Zuo and a few emperors to make a move, let them secretly sneak into the cave mansion to find treasures, my only son is Yin Ruo, also among them.”

“So, I took Yunmenuan Tian Tian to him and gave it to him to protect his safety. However, the third day after they left the Imperial City, they completely disappeared, and there was no audio!”

Speaking of this, Yin as if made by heaven 戟 pointed out, facing Chu Xingyun snarled: “From this point of view, this is definitely the poisonous hand of you, killing first, then taking the treasure, privately swallowing Yunmeng Xuan Tian Hey, otherwise, before Liu Wei’s death, how could he call Yunan Xuan Tian’s name!”

This discourse, almost all the spearheads are pointed to Chu Xingyun, so that Chu Hu and others look at the eyes, this Yin as if made by heaven, actually distort the facts, so shameless.

“Yin, Lord, you really can see me.”

Chu Xingyun is still laughing, but the voice is full of ridicule.

Yin as if made by heaven hearing this, the eyes spewed out of anger, however, before he made a rebuttal, Chu Xingyun looked at the crowd, loudly said: “Yinfu said the powerhouse cave, existence for hundreds of years There are countless treasures in it, so in order to be prudent, he dispatched a lot of powerhouse experts and even took Yunmenuan Tian Tian.

“As far as I know, Mo Zuo is the deputy head of Yunmengwufu. The cultivation base is strong, and has reached Heavenly Spirit Second Level, so powerhouse, and with Yunmen Xuan Tian 铠 such a supreme treasure, dare to ask Who can kill it in the Imperial Dynasty?”

Chu Xingyun said as he looked at Huayun River and asked: “The owner, under your full power make a move, can you kill Mo Zuo?”

“If there is no reservation, you should be able to kill it, but if Mo Zuo mobilized Yunan Xuan Tian, I have no way to start.” Hua Yunhe’s answer, not hidden, directly confessed.

Everyone listened, but they did not stop.

They all know that Yunan Xuan Tian 铠 is a defensive class King Item, which is almost invincible under the power of Heavenly Spirit Second Level.

Chu Xingyun satisfactorily regained his gaze and re-visited Yin as if by by heaven. He sighed: “Even the Huafu Lord is blunt, he can’t kill Mo Zuo, and I Chu Xingyun, cultivation base, but Earth Spirit First Level Nothing more, even if the strength is increased ten times, it is far from being an opponent, how can it be murdering to seize the treasures?”


This situation, too shocking, Rao is such a peerless powerhouse, also sucked a cold qi.

King Item is the King in the instrument, precious and extraordinary.

Looking for the entire stream of Imperial Dynasty, the number of King Item, no more than ten fingers, Chu Xingyun’s manners, it is too bold, said to send it, as if in his eyes, this Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠, just ordinary things .

“Young Master, this is too expensive, I can’t afford it.” Chu Hu repeatedly waved, he can get a Magic Item, they are already very happy, a King Item, and still three King Item, he simply think I dare not think about it.

Chu Xingyun did not take back the meaning, said with a smile: “For me, Yunan Xuan Tian 铠 is of little significance, is a dispensable thing, but for you, it can both defend the enemy and improve Cultivation base , one move, two gains , again, Xiao Hu, you have been with me for so many years, have been standing still, a King Item, you deserve it.”

Hearing this talk, Chu Hu suddenly lifts the head, a pair of eyes, already a bit moist.

In the end, he bit his teeth and took Yunan Xuan Tian over. He said very seriously: “Young Master, you can rest assured that this “Prison Tiger and Mountain” will definitely be cultivate to perfection, never let you Disappointed!”

Everyone stared at the Chuhu, and looked at the cultivation technique secret book in his own hands. He couldn’t help but clench his fists. In the eyes, the bright glow flashed and filled with the look of perseverance.


Suddenly, Chu Xingyun suddenly remembered what, the language front turned, asked the snow to the air, said: “Snow old, I let you arrange the three spirits, how is the progress now?”

“The three spirits are really profound. I have studied for more than half a month, and I have barely realized that I have already arranged all the eyes. Within a month, I should be able to complete it completely.” Snow was a bit of a martyrdom.

“One month, the progress is OK.” Chu Xingyun paused, commanded: “After the arrangement of the three spirits, I personally make a move to the spirit, as for the spirit of the spirit, Xue Lao does not have to look for, give it to me. can.”

The so-called enlightenment is the process of activating the spiritual array.

The spirit array can be divided into three major elements, the formation, the array, and the heart.

The formations are rooted, stacked on top of each other, forming a line of eyes, and the core is the Core of the Spirit.

Chu Xingyun’s Kai Ling’s mouth is the key to activating the spirit array. It must be in the heart of the circle, providing an endless spiritual power for the entire spiritual array. At the same time, it can also coordinate the spirit array and let the spirit array run endlessly. .

“Are you finding the right thing to do with the spirit?” Snow asked, and the three spiritual arrays were all shocking, the things that were needed, not the things. Otherwise, they could not play the spirits. Real power.

“That is nature!” Chu Xingyun is quite mysterious, and it is not clear that the face of the snow is full of curiosity, and the heart is full of expectations.

“Chu Xingyun !”

Just at this time, outside the courtyard, a shouting voice suddenly came.

Everyone looked down the sound source, but they saw that the iron had no intention of rushing from a distance. The speed was fast, and they rushed straight into the hall, gasping for a big mouth, and the performance was very urgent.

“Iron elder, what happened?” Chu Xingyun felt a bit wrong.

However, his voice has just fallen, and there is a lingering discourse of endless anger. Beginning in Lingxiaowufu, spread over and over again, saying: “Chu Xingyun, speeding out and dying!”

Hōng lóng lóng !

Accompanied by this voice, there is also a thick terrifying breath, skyrocketing, the scarlet-red sunset is scattered, and even the entire Lingxiao Wufu, are beginning to shake, if the earthquake.

“This voice seems to come from Yin as if made by heaven.” Yang Yan suddenly said, let the atmosphere of the hall solidify, everyone’s eyes are looking at the iron unintentional.

“The whole thing is long, let’s talk while walking.” Iron is unhelpful to say, from beginning to end, all staring at Chu Xingyun, his face, floating up and smiling.

Everyone looked at each other, and after a moment of indulgence, they rushed toward the gate of Wufu with the unintentional footsteps of the iron.

On the road, Iron did not care to say the whole thing.

It turned out that what happened to Qi Yunfeng had been spread throughout the imperial city under the publicity of everyone, and Yin was if made by heaven. Naturally, I knew this.

At first, he didn’t believe it. He felt that it was just a nonsense. Until he saw the headless body of more than ten Wufu elders, Yin as if made by heaven was completely angered, and all the people of Yunmengwufu were called up. The mighty trend is surrounded by Lingxiao Wufu.

“Yin as if made by heaven When I came to Wufu, my demeanor was a bit mad. When I opened my mouth, I said that I would take your life. In desperation, the owner asked me to find you, lest this matter become more and more troublesome. “The iron unintentional voice reveals a bit of dignity.”

What happened today, he also heard about it, shocked Chu Xingyun’s strength, but also quite helpless.

You know, Liu Wei is the third person in Yunmengwufu. He is only half-step and can enter the Heavenly Spirit.

If Liu Wei really becomes a Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, then Yunmengwufu will be able to suppress Lingwu Wufu and become the first Wufu.

However, Liu Wei died and died in the hands of Chu Xingyun.

In addition, there are more than a dozen Wufu elders, who also died together. This is a huge blow to Yunmengwufu, and it can even be said to be a heavy blow.

“If you just died Liu Wei entire group, it’s better to say, I am afraid that at this moment, Yin as if made by heaven that old bastard, already knows the death of Yin Ruochen and Mo Zuo, otherwise, it will not be so violent, directly rate people Enclose the Lingfu Wufu.”

Chu Hu whispered, making the iron unintentional body tremble, almost fell from the air, eyes holding Chu Xingyun, actually can not say a half sentence, just a constant smile, expression is extremely funny.

“The whole thing started because of me. I will shoulder it. I don’t have to worry about the iron elder.” Unlike the various expressions of everyone, Chu Xingyun performed very calmly.

Because, at the time of Chu Xingyun make a move, he expected to think of this scene.

For the expected things, why should he be astonished, only calm.

The distance between the courtyard and the gate of Wufu is not far away. When Chu Xingyun entire group came to the gate, the atmosphere here has become completely stiff, even with a trace of air, it has become extremely heavy.

They are all in the dark, the people who are black and pressed, one by one and one right, divided into two parties, but the number of any one is not thousands, close and numerous, just the breath, as if to cloud Completely shattered.

On the left, it is the person of Yunmengwufu.

Yin as if made by heaven standing in the first place, the face somber is like a evil spirit.

He coldly glanced at the front, his eyes trembled, suddenly looked at Chu Xingyun’s position, and shouted loudly: “Chu Xingyun, you finally came out!”

The language, Yin as if by by the body of the body will rush over, hand, a black rifle emerged, can not help but say, directly move towards Chu Xingyun’s head stabbed, imposing!


This dark-green jade bead is a heavenly holy spirit bead.

Since the formation of the natural holy beads and the Spirit Beast eggs, both of them have great benefits. The heavenly holy spirits continuously absorb the Earth Spirit, and the Spirit Beast eggs can also be nourished by the day and night.

At the moment, on the surface of the Spirit Beast egg, a path of black imprint appears in the beginning. These imprints, like the antiquity script, are difficult to understand, even Chu Xingyun can’t understand.

However, the appearance of these black imprints did not allow the Spirit Beast egg to be hatched, and the vitality inside was still weak. If it was not able to transmit some life fluctuations, I am afraid it would be considered a dead egg.

“This is the Spirit Beast egg that can swallow the spirits?” For a moment, everyone’s eyes looked at the Spirit Beast eggs, full of wonder.

A drop of spirit liquid, equivalent to five spirit stones, is worth a lot.

In front of this Spirit Beast egg, it can actually swallow the spirits day and night. In the first half of the year, it will spit out 200,000 drops of spiritual liquid. Anyone who has it will probably become a rich man.

“didn’t expect, such a barren land like Hidden Dragon Peak, there is such a heavy treasure, it is no wonder that Young Master, you have tried your best to block the entire hidden dragon peak, it is for this thing.”

“Since antiquity has been sealed, this Spirit Beast egg is by no means a thing.”

“And whether it can be hatched or not, even if it is always in this state, it will be of great benefit to us.”

As the crowd looked at the Spirit Beast eggs, they talked loudly, and the atmosphere was particularly hot. As for the heavenly holy spirit beads, they were completely ignored. They did not look at it.

This scene, suddenly let Chu Xingyun didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, if known by the Holy Immortal, their Zhen Clan to the treasure, actually ignored, no one cares, do not know what kind of expression.

“cough cough !”

Chu Xingyun cleared his throat and let everyone calm down. He said: “Spirit Beast’s egg is indeed a treasure, but this mysterious jade is not a real thing, it has an amazing effect!”

After all, Chu Xingyun took out the bottle gourd, which was filled with spirits, and frantically sent the spirits to the front of the heavenly holy spirit beads.

“Coag!” Chu Xingyun spit out a word, suddenly, the heavenly holy spirit sturdy sturdy force, madly absorbed the Earth Spirit in the spirits, one drop after another, so that everyone looked a little dumbfounded.


The spirit liquid dissipated, and a sigh of holy spirit appeared in the void, Chu Xingyun flicks to shoot with the finger, handing the spirit of holy spirit to Chu Hu, quite mysterious: “After absorption, immediately close eyes to adjust interest.”

“Good!” Chu Hu did not know what Chu Xingyun meant, but without any hesitation, directly inhaled the spirit of holy spirit.

Hōng lóng lóng’s voice sounded, Chu Hu just absorbed the spirit of holy spirit, his body, then a surge of pure power, flowing in the body of the Meridians, complete the big circulation operation again and again.

“This… what’s going on?” Chu Hu asked Chu Xingyun, his face was full of stunned colors.

Chu Xingyun explained: “I don’t know the origin of this mysterious jade. I only know that this bead absorbs 10,000 spirit stones and can release a scent of holy spirit. If Martial Artist absorbs this holy spirit In the nine days, the cultivate speed will increase tenfold, and you can ignore all cultivate bottlenecks!”

The heavenly holy spirit beads, from Xianting, is the treasure of Zhen Clan of the Holy Immortal, which has a profound impact.

Therefore, Chu Xingyun did not say the origin of the heavenly holy spirit beads, but chose to conceal. This is not to say that he believes that Chuhu and others are just like this. The less people know, the safer they are.

If you miss the sound of the wind, not only the Chamber of Commerce, but also the Imperial Dynasty, and even the Northern Wasteland, will be devastated.


The crowd’s heart trembled, and was shocked by Chu Xingyun’s sentence, which made the cultivate ten times faster, and it was extremely terrifying, and this holy spirit was able to ignore all cultivate bottlenecks.

If you are absorbing a sigh of pure spirit at the time of the break, then within the next nine days, cultivate will be unimpeded, which can be said to greatly increase the chance of breakthrough.

“A glimpse of the spirit of holy spirit, you need to absorb 10,000 spiral stones, so consume, it is also a bit horrible.” At this time, Qin Tianyu suddenly started talking.

Ten thousand spirit stone, not a small amount, is enough to buy a five-level spirit.

If you use the spirit of holy spirit for a long time, the spirit stone consumed is huge, and the family power of common can’t bear it. It has to be exhausted.

“Spirit stone, after all, is only a foreign object, and strength, the only thing is.”

At this time, the Tiantian conflict, which has been silent for a while, said: “At first glance, 10,000 pieces of spirit stone are exchanged for a scent of holy spirit. It is indeed extravagant, but the spirit of holy spirit is invaluable to your cultivate. After all, people with low cultivation base, even if they have more spiral stones, are nothing more than killing sheep.”

This is very straightforward, so that the crowd is bleak.

The current Yunteng Chamber of Commerce is the First Chamber of Commerce. After receiving the five Chamber of Commerce, there are countless trade routes. It has connected other Imperial Dynasty, and the annual net profit can reach millions.

But the strength of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce is a weak point.

The Tianfei Chong just said that the sheep to be slaughtered, in fact, is in the shadow of the Chamber of Commerce!

“蔺Senior is right, strength is the root. The basic purpose of creating the Chamber of Commerce is to provide endless resources so that I can quickly improve my strength, spirit stone, power, for me. It is like dirt.”

Chu Xingyun added that the crowd had a feeling of hairy openness. They looked at each other and just wanted to talk, but they saw Chu Xingyun take out a book from the storage ring and hand it to everyone.

“Prison Tigers and Hawthorns?” Chu Hu flipped through the books in his hands. The bright glow in the eyes flashed, suddenly raising one’s head for a moment. Behind him, there was a vaguely illusory shadow of a tiger, making a roar of heaven.

In addition to him, the same is true of others. The shadow of Martial Spirit is floating in the void, and the breath of the body is rising, and the Heart Method in the book is involuntarily running.

“These cultivation techniques are selected by me according to your actual situation. The Rank is not high. It is only at the Heaven Rank middle-level level, but if the cultivation is complete, it is comparable to the Good Fortune Martial Study.” Chu Xingyun continued Explain.

“Heaven Rank? These cultivation techniques, all are Heaven Rank Martial Study?” Yang Yan’s skin was twitched.

As the elder of Lingxiao Wufu, he is very clear that there is only one Heaven Rank cultivation technique in the entire Lingwuwufu, and it is only the Heaven Rank low level.

Chu Xingyun, feel a move, take so many Heaven Rank cultivation techniques, and say that after the cultivate is completed, it is comparable to Good Fortune Martial Study!

This is tantamount to a Nine Heavens thunder, falling into the minds of everyone, screaming, even the hands holding the books, begining to tremble, as if the things in front of you, not a cultivation technique, but a mountain, heavy Dawanyu.

“Little tiger.”

Chu Xingyun’s voice is not limited. He looks at Chu Hu and says: “The “Prison Tiger and the Mountain” in your hand is a esoteric Good Fortune Martial Study, but after my revision, it has become simple and easy to understand. This cultivation technique can absorb the utmost temperament of Between Heaven and Earth, cultivate to the highest realm, incarnation can be a prisoner, and even if your Martial Spirit Rank is not high, you can make a difference in the future.”

At the same time, Chu Xingyun took Yunmen Xuan Tian 铠 out, warned repeated: “This cloud dream Xuan Tian 铠 is a defensive class King Item, contains a heavy gas, you must be pregnant day and night, so that your cultivate It will be of great benefit.”

Said, Chu Xingyun handed Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠 to the front of the Chuhu, so that the Chuhu body trembled, almost directly fell to the ground, pair of eyes round, breathing, but also heavy as a cow!

Yunmeng Xuan Tian is a three-line King Item, and it is the treasure of the town of Yunmengwufu.

However, Chu Xingyun casually said a word, he handed it over to Chu Hu, and from beginning to end, his eyes didn’t blink.


The sun set behind the western hills, the twilight through the gaps in the branches, leaving a mottled light shadow in the courtyard.

Oops –

The portal of the cultivated chamber opened and Chu Xingyun came out of it.

At this time, he did not have the slightest color of weakness on his body. He stepped up and lifted his foot, and his body was full of exuberant breath. It was like a thousand-year-old meteorite, which made people feel unable to move.

“It seems that you have recovered well.” Hao Tian rushed outside the door and saw Chu Xingyun’s moment, and immediately stepped forward.

I saw him looking up and down Chu Xingyun, and the eyes were twinkling with the divine light.

Every King Item, when born, must bear the Thunder Tribulation.

Every time you take a Thunder Tribulation, King Item, it will condense a divine mark, and this divine mark contains the power of heaven and earth. Only when the divine mark is completely activated, can you play the real thing of King Item. power.

Today, Chu Xingyun meets Liu Wei and activates the force of the divine mark three times. It is replaced by an ordinary person. I am afraid that I have already collapsed and died. Even the Heavenly Spirit powerhouse will have extremely serious wear and tear.

However, Chu Xingyun, after only a few hours of rest, completely recovered, and he also found that the cloud evil energy in Chu Xingyun’s body is endless, rolling, and obviously has a breakthrough trend.

“Alright.” Chu Xingyun smiled, his eyes moved all around and asked, “Chu Hu, how are they? How can they disappear?”

“They just took medicine pill and are adjusting interest rates in the hall.” Yan Tianchong pointed to the direction of the hall.

Chu Xingyun nodded, stepped out and walked slowly toward the hall.

When he came to the hall, Chu Hu and others had already adjusted their interest, and they were discussing in a low voice. Snow, Yang Yan, Zhang Fan, etc., all arrived, sitting in the hall.

“Young Master!” Chu Hu saw Chu Xingyun, hurriedly stepped forward, and saw Chu Xingyun’s body fully recovered, this was a long sigh of relief, no longer worried.

“What are you talking about?” Chu Xingyun casually found a position to sit down and asked.

Chu Hu’s face solidified, and after a glance at the crowd, he said: “After today’s events, we feel that the strength of the Chamber of Commerce is lacking, so we are going to build a cultivate chamber in Qiyunfeng for daily cultivate.”

The incident took place not long, but it has not yet reached half a month, but the attack on the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce is extremely heavy.

If Chu Xingyun arrives in time and turns the tide, the consequences are simply unimaginable.

Therefore, Chu Hu and others want to build a cultivate secret room in Qi Yunfeng, in order to enhance the strength of everyone. After all, the whole Chamber of Commerce, can not rely solely on Chu Xingyun, everyone must be able to bear the heavy responsibility.

“After accepting the five Chamber of Commerce, our Chamber of Commerce is also stable, and it should indeed improve its strength.” Chu Xingyun showed a hint of appreciation, palms waving, and took out three Storage Rings.

Upon seeing it, Chu Hu and others squatted and immediately shed a trace of spiritual power and entered the storage ring.

But at this moment, the faces of the people suddenly changed. First, they were puzzled, then they were horrified. In the end, they were full of sluggish colors. They stood in the same place and could not return to God.

“Young Master, this, what’s going on in the end?” Chu Hu pointed to the three Storage Rings in front of him, and the sound became vomiting.

Not only him, but Yang Yan and Xue Dan, who were used to winds and waves, were also surprised to say nothing, staring at Chu Xingyun, his eyes full of curiosity.

These three storage rings, each one, are all three square feet, and the space is amazing.

But within each space, there are piles of things, or Earth Spirit materials, or forged stone, even the precious blade is not in the minority, everything is there, so that everyone can see dazzled.

The most shocking thing is that the spirit stone in the storage ring is more, almost piled up into mountains, one after another, as if the storage ring is hard to burst!

“Well, this is a long story.” Chu Xingyun took everyone’s expression into the eye and smirked, and then he casually said what happened half a month.

“A good cloud dream Wufu, the means are so mean, actually have been to catch the Dragon Peak!” Chu Xingyun’s voice just fell, Chu Hu suddenly stood up, his face rushed a trace of anger.

When Chu Xingyun talked about this incident, Yun Qing was light and the voice was peaceful, but in the place, anyone could feel the meaning of Yun Mengwu’s killing of Chu Xingyun.

You know, Liu Wei’s strength is nothing but the Half-step Heavenly Spirit, and it is not really a Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, but his appearance has made Yunteng Chamber of Commerce into a difficult situation.

And that Mo Zuo, the cultivation base has reached Heavenly Spirit Second Level, the strength is better than Liu Wei, and Yin Ruochen and others, while under a move, I am afraid that the entire Tibet Dragon Peak will become sore Hundred holes.

“Mo left the entire group, are all hidden treasures, even Yunmeng Xuan Tian 铠 are in them, after they die, Yunmengwufu is beginningning panic, so will dispatch Liu Wei and others, secretly targeting our Chamber Of Commerce.”

Qin Tianyu finally understands, sings with a smile: “Yunmengwufu twice make a move, not only lost a huge amount of resources, but also damaged so many Expert, now Yunmengwufu, only Yin ass If made by heaven One person alone will support the overall situation, and it will be difficult to become a Climate again.”

“You can’t live by yourself, this is their retribution!”

Yang Yan coldly snorted, but his eyes looked at the massive Earth Spirit material. He said: “The number of these spiritual materials is close to 200,000. Even the sixth-level spiritual materials are no longer a few. With these Spirit, I will definitely be a six-level Pill Refining Master !”

During the talk, Zhou Qing Ning and Zhang Fan belonged to the two people, and they were very excited.

Chu Xingyun’s pill recipe also has a lot of six grades of pill recipe, but the sixth grade is too rare, almost impossible to meet, even if it is Ling Xiaowu, there is not much.

In front of us, the appearance of these massive spiritual materials is like Oasis in the desert, enough to make all Pill Refining Master crazy!

“You brat, leaving the Imperial City for only half a month, stepping into the Earth Spirit, and getting so many treasures, it is really enviable.” Snow sees the eighteen six spirits in the storage ring Hey, the emotion is constant.

In front of the eighteen six 煞 煞 傀 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 锻 hand

When Chu Xingyun said that these eighteen spirits can be promoted continuously, become the Heavenly Constellations, and even the more powerful Yin-Yang coffin, the snow is completely shocked, and the forging hand method of own has a new understanding. .

“The resources in front of us are precious, but they are not rare.” Chu Xingyun’s voice was calm, but it was that some people in the place had collapsed and looked at them.

At this time, in the hands of Chu Xingyun, a baby-sized dark-green jade bead suddenly appeared.

Under the jade beads, it is a golden Spirit Beast egg. During the two, the atmosphere is condensed, and the flowing light cycle seems to form a kind of resonance, which is extremely mysterious.


It is not difficult to establish Branch in the major cities, but it is not difficult to connect the Branches to form a business route, let alone extend the business road to other Imperial Dynasty.

Chu Xingyun has received the Chamber of Commerce, and all the business routes of the Chamber of Commerce will be owned by the Chamber of Commerce, even the other commercial roads of Imperial Dynasty.

On this sale, Chu Xingyun apparently lost 300,000 spirit stone, but in fact, it greatly improved the development speed of Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. It can open more than ten trade routes in a short period of time and increase profits. Many times!

“What about you?” Chu Xingyun looked at the remaining four.

The faces of these four people were full of tangles. They looked at Chu Xingyun and looked at the crowd of Chamber of Commerce. Finally, they took a step forward and said: “We are four, and we are willing to join Yunteng. Chamber of Commerce.”


As soon as the words came out, the hearts of the crowds violently jumped, and they were full of horror as the heads of the five Chamber of Commerce.

But not long after, the surprise in their eyes disappeared, and begining nodded.

The ultimate goal of the Chamber of Commerce is for the benefit.

At this moment, the five Chamber of Commerce choose to join the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, not only can write off the previous grievances, but also become an ally of Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, get 30% profit.

For the five Chamber of Commerce, the benefits are amazing, and they have completely got rid of the predicament of today. No one can refuse.

“The Chambers of Commerce are full of intrigues and even secretly killing them. It’s impossible to work together, but the emergence of the Chamber of Commerce has integrated all Chamber of Commerce. As a result, I’m afraid of annual revenue. Can reach a million!”

“Now, in the entire Imperial City, except for the four Chamber of Commerce, all Chamber of Commerce have chosen to join the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce. Under such a trend, in the near future, other Chamber of Commerce of Imperial Dynasty They will all be famous.”

“If this is the case, the revenue of the Chamber of Commerce is hard to estimate and can even emerge in Northern Wasteland.”

The more I think, the more I discuss it, the more people look at Chu Xingyun’s gaze. Even some small family forces have a lot of things to move. I want to work with Yunteng Chamber of Commerce.

“This Chu Xingyun, never press the card, and the first sergeant, actually easily accepted the five Chamber of Commerce, if Qin Tianfeng knows this, I am afraid that he will vomit blood on the spot.” Yang Yan stared at the front, suddenly pouted with a smile.

Everyone knows that Qin Tianfeng has tried his best to unite the nine Chamber of Commerce and want to block the development of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, but in the end, it is a dowry for the Yunteng Chamber of Commerce.

The five Chamber of Commerce, who have chosen to join the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, willingly join, which speeds up the development of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce and makes the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce even more powerful!

“Qin Patriarch.”

At this time, Chu Xingyun suddenly looked at Qin Tianyu, but did not speak, but saw Qin Tianyu faintly smiled, replied: “I will deal with the five major Chamber of Commerce, if there is no accident, within two days, can be integrated “”

“Good.” Chu Xingyun nodded with satisfaction. Qin Tianyu is the owner of Qin Family. He has deep experience in the Chamber of Commerce and can give him complete peace of mind.

After a while, the crowd gathered in the Yunteng Temple finally finally sprouted away.

Everyone’s face is full of sighs.

Before that, almost everyone felt that today, Qi Yunfeng will be dyed red by fresh blood, but the final result is turn hostility into friendship.

I have to say that Chu Xingyun’s strength, amazing, wrist and heart, is even broader, even the five Chamber of Commerce are completely surrendered.

In the crowd, Shui Chongxian also walked out, but his eyes turned back to Chu Xingyun from time to time.

At this moment, his thoughts can no longer be described as regrets. All sorts of flavors are very uncomfortable.

At the moment when the five Chamber of Commerce surrendered to Chu Xingyun, Shui Chongxian even wanted to stand up and bow down with Chu Xingyun to admit his mistakes, thus getting help from Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, jumping up and becoming a person.

Now, this feeling is getting stronger and stronger, and it almost affects Mind of Shui Chongxian.


At this time, Chu Xingyun suddenly looked at this side, letting Shui Chongxian’s heart tighten, and his mouth slightly raised a slight arc, laughing at Chu Xingyun.

However, just as he was preparing to export, Chu Xingyun looked away and did not stop too much on him, as if he had never seen it before.

This scene made Shui Chongxian’s face change uncertain, and there was no more thoughts. He lowered his head and left without a word.

“This water Chongxian is really a profitable figure. When I saw the Young Master, I didn’t say anything, even the eyes didn’t look at it. Just now, but for Young Master, you nod your head and laugh, mostly for our Chamber of Commerce has a greed.” Chu Hu saw the scene just now, while talking and waving his fist, he was very unhappy.

When Chu Xingyun saw it, he laughed and said: “If you are arrogant or profitable, it has nothing to do with us. You don’t have to pay too much attention. After all, there is no connection between the water family and us. There is no need to be angry for them.”

When I said this sentence, Chu Xingyun’s face was not ridiculous, and it was as plain as a well.

From Chu’s mouth, Chu Xingyun already knows that the water house did not participate in the past, just knowing some insider nothing more.

Therefore, when I saw Shui Chongxian, Chu Xingyun had no hate in his heart. Just staying for a look, he moved away and was very calm.

Feel the detachment of Chu Xingyun’s body, Chu Chu, if he realized something, nodded, the unpleasant color on his face gradually disappeared, and finally it became calm.

After the crowd left Qi Yunfeng, Chu Xingyun entire group also returned to Lingxiao Wufu.

Chu Xingyun first helped Chu Hu and others diagnose the injury. After the medicine pill was fitted, it entered the cultivate chamber.

In today’s World War I, Chu Xingyun activated the divine mark’s power three times, almost exhausting all the strength of the body. Once in the Blood Pond, it is like an endless vortex, madly absorbing the vitality of the Blood Pond.

“With my current strength, full power make a move, enough to beat the people of Half-step Heavenly Spirit, but if you are right on the real Heavenly Spirit powerhouse, it is still worse.”

“This level is far from the opponent of Wu Jingxue.”

Chu Xingyun floated on the water surface of Blood Pond, and his eyes flashed a bright glow.


A glimpse of the spirit of holy spirit emerged, condensed into a dark-green flowing light, directly into the body of Chu Xingyun, turned into the most pure power, flowing in the meridians, and eventually returned to Linghai.

Chu Xingyun, on the other hand, closed his eyes with the trend, and entered the cultivate state while healing the healing potential, without wasting a trace of time.


“Chu Xingyun, don’t deceive too much!”

Sukong only felt a depressed mood in his heart and rushed to his mind. He almost vomited blood: “The price of a Spirit Spirit flying in an Earth Spirit is less than 100,000 spiral stones. You let me hand over three Earth Spirit flying Spirit. Beast, go to 200,000 spirit stone, are you a fool?”

He said, he looked at the Lord of Chamber of Commerce, and said loudly: “You, Yun Teng Chamber of Commerce push us to this extent, if we don’t make a move to fight back, in the future, where are we? Living a road?”

The voice was full of incitement, but unfortunately, the rest of the Chamber of Commerce did not return.

Among the nine Chamber of Commerce, Qin Family Chamber of Commerce is the strongest, and just now, Qin Tianfeng has long fled, and the remaining eight Chamber of Commerce, the dragons have no head, how to fight against Yunten Chamber of Commerce .

You know, Yunteng Chamber of Commerce, not only Chu Xingyun and the eighteen six-soul spirits, from beginning to end, Yang Yan think people do not do it, if they lead to melee, they will die!

“I said, I don’t want to tear the face with you. Everyone can turn hostility into friendship. That is naturally the best. Of course, if the White River Chamber of Commerce is not willing to hand over 300,000 spirit stones, it would be fine, I don’t. Mind to do it again.” Chu Xingyun’s voice is dull.

At the entrance, the eighteen six-soul spirits are beginning to approach, and the beasts of the emptiness in the sky have gradually become resplendent, and the blazing fire reflects the face of Sukong, flashing and flashing, as if falling at any time.

“Damn!” Sukong looked at Chu Xingyun’s cold eyes. He knew that today’s things, the White River Chamber of Commerce can’t escape safely, it is necessary to make a big blood.

After thinking for a moment, Sukong made a desolation and laughed, took out the three silver Command Token and squatted in front of Chu Xingyun.

Upon seeing it, Chu Xingyun immediately put three Command Tokens in his hands, and the spirits bloomed, and the move towards Command Token surged.


Three muffled sounds came, and immediately, Chu Xingyun’s mind was fretting and shouted against the void: “Come on!”

I saw that the Silver Command Token trembled, and a wave of undulations came out. Soon after, in the sky above Qi Yunfeng, three golden-winged black hawks appeared, making a loud scream.

These three Silver Command Tokens, called the Royal Beasts, can resonate with the tamed Spirit Beast as long as the Martial Artist fills in the spirit, and with this resonance, you can easily control the Spirit Beast.

The three gold-winged black eagle over Qi Yunfeng is naturally the three-headed Earth Spirit flying Spirit Beast.

“Earth Spirit flying Spirit Beast can travel thousands of miles a day. Whether it is to pass information or consign the spirits, it can help a lot. If you can make a move in a crisis, use 200,000 spirit stones for three heads. It can be said that it is a big deal!” Chu Hu looked at the outside, and his heart was hot.

Even Yang Yan and Qin Tianyu, etc., are all wearing a happy color, and the three-headed Earth Spirit flying Spirit Beast can not only defend the enemy, but also travel easily. It is not harmful to all aspects of the future.

“How? Can I leave the Chamber of Commerce?” Sukong’s heart was bleeding, and his speech was a little trembling.

“Of course.” Chu Xingyun faintly smiled, the mind was fretting, and the eighteen six-soul spirits immediately let a road come, so that the people of the Chamber of Commerce in Baihe safely left the Yunteng Hall.

Chu Xingyun collected the three royal beasts and then looked at the remaining seven Chamber of Commerce.

At this time, Luo Chuanfeng and Li Yunhai stood up almost at the same time, handed a handful of two storages to Chu Xingyun, there are not many, there are 300,000 spiral stones.

The two members of the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Commerce, the financial strength is far less than the Qin Family Chamber of Commerce, 300,000 spirit stone, almost two years of full profits, once come out, the two Chamber of Commerce must Will be in trouble.

But even so, they don’t want to bargain.

Just now, the horrors of the Chamber of Commerce in Baihe, they all looked in the eyes, did not take advantage of the cheap, but was exploited by Chu Xingyun, and more to go to the Earth Spirit flying Spirit Beast.

In view of this, the two men gnawed their teeth and took out 300,000 spirit stones.

“Come on your understanding.” Chu Xingyun smiled and put away two storage rings, and once again looked at other Chamber of Commerce people, the voice did not have the slightest mood fluctuations, lightly said: “Now, it is your turn to be five.”


The five people trembled and looked at each other with full of bitterness.

Among the nine Chamber of Commerce, the Qin Family Chamber of Commerce is the strongest, followed by the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber of Commerce. The five Chamber of Commerce are only middle-level.

300,000 spirit stone, almost all of their heritage, once surrendered, Chamber of Commerce will become extremely staggered, and even the entire family will be in trouble.

“Chu, President, I am willing to join the Chamber of Commerce. From then on, the Chamber of Commerce is the leader of the horse. I don’t know, can this deduct 300,000 spirit stones?” The person who spoke is the beautiful kitten. The head of the Commerce.

This talk One said, everyone is look at each other in blank dismay, Splendid Chamber of Commerce willing to join the Yunten Chamber of Commerce?

From the establishment of the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce, the nine Chamber of Commerce showed a strong rejection, even at the price of the spirits, but also to suppress the Chamber of Commerce, highlighting the prestige of own.

Now, one of the nine Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, has chosen to surrender!

“Nature can.”

Chu Xingyun replied straightforward, bluntly said: “The beauty of the Chamber of Commerce is good. There are Branches in all the big cities. Now I have started to build Branch in Commerce. You can join us and speed up the various ways. The construction of the Branch of Ayutthaya.”

Speaking of this, Chu Xingyun looked at the owner of the Cambrian Chamber of Commerce and suddenly smiled and said: “But everyone who works with me in the Chamber of Commerce, the profits are all five or five, but given that you have a beautiful Chamber of Commerce Wrong first, profit distribution, changed to Sanqi, you Splendid Chamber of Commerce accounted for 30%, how?”

“Ah? Three, 30%?” Hearing this talk, the Lord of the Chamber of Commerce suddenly stunned and was a little shocked.

The reason why the Chamber of Commerce joined the Cloud of Chamber of Commerce is to repay 300,000 spirit stones, but Chu Xingyun said that the 300,000 spirit stone does not have to be repaid, only need to change the profit distribution.

This, simply like a good thing, but also accurate and flawless on the head of the Chamber of Commerce.

You know, Yunteng Chamber of Commerce is the First Chamber of Commerce. Any Chamber of Commerce works with it. The profits will be multiplied several times. This 30% looks less, but it is more than the Splendid Chamber of Commerce. In the period, there will be much more.


Splendid Chamber of Commerce, the main took a deep breath, the first two steps, and then facing Chu Xingyun slightly, said: “Chu president, the previous thing, I was blinded by lard, if offended, still Please bear with me. In the future, I will be full of Chamber of Commerce, and I will definitely be full power to assist Chamber of Commerce.

In the room, the Lord of the Chamber of Commerce is full of sorrows, and there is no trace of hatred on the face.