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Chapter 97: Root killing

Diego jumped off the spot and turned his hateful eyes to me. “You evil demons…… Did you bring me back to life to explore the secrets of the College of the Brave? “Hmm, Diego” The moment I uttered the word, I was already approaching Diego and piercing its left chest. “Ha… Ha, ha…! He spitsContinue reading “Chapter 97: Root killing”

Chapter 96: 2,000 years of hatred

Misha transferred in front of the temple. Me and Misha are connected through the Magic Line of. Where the far-sighted Devil’s Eye cannot be reached, it can also be seen through her Devil’s Eye. For a moment Misha looks around, but there is no sign of Eleonor. – This way. A faint communication (Leaks) arrives.Continue reading “Chapter 96: 2,000 years of hatred”

Chapter 95: The glow of life

“… kill the demons, let them…? Said Ellen in dismay. “… kill the Demon King of Atrocities…? Jessica squeaks, as she was floated by the fever. “…………… kill me? It is heard through < Thought Communications (Leaks) > that the girls in the fan union whine like a saying. Hmm. A little bit. Right. NeedContinue reading “Chapter 95: The glow of life”

Chapter 94: Anos-song support song chorus No. 3

“… what do you think it means to be alive? When Ellen asked that, Fan Union replied. “” “Yes, that’s Master Anos! “… What do you think life means? Again to the question, Fan Union replied. “” “Yes, that’s Master Anos! “… So you think he’s like Anos? On the last question, Fan Union answered.Continue reading “Chapter 94: Anos-song support song chorus No. 3”

Chapter 93: magic of Love

Swallow by the Dark Thunder Emperor (Girasud), turned into a black ash. There, I speak. “How long have you been pretending to be dead? Because you’re showing gaps without using anti-magic, why don’t you just call me? Then, the black ash is enveloped in the visible light. Trying to blow up the ashes, Redriano stoodContinue reading “Chapter 93: magic of Love”

Chapter 92: Fire ruler

Sasha and Laos were facing each other on a round trip to an underwater city away from the square. “I’m a witch of ruin, and rumor has it that you have demon eyes that destroy everything.” Let both fists wrap holy flames around them, says Laos. “Hmm. You know. What’s wrong with that? Sasha smiles.Continue reading “Chapter 92: Fire ruler”

Chapter 91: Two holy swords

The Laos, who were directly struck by black lightning, blew from the square to the other side, crashing into the building and finally stopping. They become black and fall to the ground, making it difficult to continue even the earliest battle. But at the next moment, its body is wrapped in visible light. Recovery magic.Continue reading “Chapter 91: Two holy swords”

Chapter 90: The barrier of 108

The Redrianos head to the dry lake. “Hey… you guys…” Diego barely squeezes out his voice, still unable to hide the surprise color. “It’s okay, Dr. Diego. I’ll use that.” Says Redriano. “Wait, I won’t allow you to imitate me.” “Can’t you just keep your mouth shut and make fun of me?” Laos pounding hisContinue reading “Chapter 90: The barrier of 108”

Chapter 89: Anos team start

Step out slowly and head to the College of the Brave. Ray, carrying a unique sword Sigshesta, lined up beside me, and Sasha wrapped herself around the undying garment and came to the other side of it. Misha lines up silently next door. Mass follows the eight fan unions. I’ve complained with my gaze toContinue reading “Chapter 89: Anos team start”

Chapter 88: Student’s wish

“Dear Lee Best, No response from any unit.” At Demon King Castle, Lee Best’s subordinates are anxiously anxious that < Thought Communications (Leakes) > will not pass. “How would you like it? If < Thought Communication (Leaks) > doesn’t make it through, it could be during the fighting or it could have already been done.Continue reading “Chapter 88: Student’s wish”

Chapter 87: Barrier of Lake Seimei

“Now we will begin the College Confrontation Exam with the Brave Men’s College Selection Class’ Jergacanon ‘vs. Demon King’s College 3rd Regeneration Class and Lee Best Squad. Fight with dignity so as not to tarnish the honour and pride of your ancestors.” Diego signals the start of the exam. We were on the shore ofContinue reading “Chapter 87: Barrier of Lake Seimei”

Chapter 86: Academic Competition Test

The day after that… We were visiting Lake St. Minh outside the walls for a college-specific confrontation exam. Students at Demon King’s College and Brave Men’s College are going to check magic gear and other things for the counter-examination. Students from both schools, totally offended by yesterday’s events, are releasing a tingling atmosphere with eachContinue reading “Chapter 86: Academic Competition Test”

Chapter 85: Severe

There was a tingling air in the auditorium. With earlier troubles, royalist students are completely hostile to the College of the Brave, and they are even angry that they have been shamed over there. Does the class end up in my ear? Only Diego’s low voice sounded pale, remaining in a heavy atmosphere such asContinue reading “Chapter 85: Severe”

Chapter 84: Confusion of the braves

Turn your heels back, I’m going back to my seat. A female student from the fan union raised her voice with a lucid look. “Oh, it’s the highest, after all, Master Anos. Ah! “Yeah yeah, when you want me to, you’re gonna do it! Follow me for another lifetime!! “Me too. Ooh! But is heContinue reading “Chapter 84: Confusion of the braves”