Well, after a long time I’m posting, but this is to inform everyone that the site will remain inactive for a while. Untill unless my college admissions are done. I’ve gotten admission to a foreign college in MBBS (medical), so busy with all formalities and everything is fucker up by corona lockdown, so untill everythingContinue reading “INACTIVE SITE”

Chapter 2255. Poisonous shamans.

– What … what are you talking about! The tall student panicked. “Yeah, Hansen was already caught, and he gave the whole list of names.” So there’s no more reason to pretend! – said Zhao Man Yan. A tall student has changed dramatically in the face. Hansen caught ?? This guy was hiding the best.Continue reading “Chapter 2255. Poisonous shamans.”

Chapter 2254. Are you really students?

– Ahhhh !!!! The monk yelled heartbrokenly. Trained killer fighters like them are really immune to pain. But when a dark blade pierced his eye, the monk almost lost consciousness from the pain. Blinding the monk, the dark warrior stretched out his arms to his neck, intending to strangle him. – What it is? StopContinue reading “Chapter 2254. Are you really students?”

Chapter 2253. An insidious adversary.

Stardust began to sink and thicken around Mo Fan’s feet. The tiny grains of earth turned into dusty boots. The magical shoes that Mo Fan used in Shanghai have long fallen into disrepair. He constantly did not have money, so he did not update them. Not so long ago, Mo Fan discovered that using StardustContinue reading “Chapter 2253. An insidious adversary.”

Chapter 2252. Dark executioner monks.

– Scorpio-spider barrier! The Blue Bat said coldly. Six monks began to strangely diverge in different directions. They did not move on two legs, but crawled through the pipes like spiders! They sank down on all fours and began to move quickly. If Mo Fan had not seen their faces, he would have thought thatContinue reading “Chapter 2252. Dark executioner monks.”

Chapter 2251: Theologian Woo Ku

Below was a cesspool, in which was the opium poppy they were looking for, which scented such a scent that anyone who appeared in this place seemed to get into a medieval censer. The noise began to come around. The magician turned his head and saw six people in monastic linen robes of brown color.Continue reading “Chapter 2251: Theologian Woo Ku”

Chapter 2250: Black Church Dungeon

“You have a criminal.” Director Celine offended you, well, sort it out with him, why bother the whole university with blood ?! Doesn’t this add you extra work? – asked Mo Fan. – To kill one guilty person or a whole group of guilty parties – is there a difference? Said the Blue Bat. MoContinue reading “Chapter 2250: Black Church Dungeon”

Chapter 2249: Judicial Celine

* Howl The sound came from far away. Mo Fan went forward – a strange sound became more and more distinct. “Is there a waterfall here?” – Mo Fan walked with four wolves. Wolves walked ahead, showing him the way. They were getting closer to the waterfall. The ninth outpost was located precisely at thisContinue reading “Chapter 2249: Judicial Celine”

Chapter 2248. Calm University.

It is not known what terrible effect this rain could produce. Wasting no time, Mo Fan went to the ninth outpost. The ninth outpost is about ten kilometers from the eighth. People from the black church destroyed the eighth outpost. They expected that it would disappear under a thick layer of rainwater and that peopleContinue reading “Chapter 2248. Calm University.”

Chapter 2246: Mass Adoration

*Noise From the outside we heard strange sounds. Mo Fan always listens to such a phenomenon when the sound seems either familiar or unknown, because this very often can be a harbinger of terrible events. He tried to open his eyes, but his eyelids did not seem to want to break apart. After a moment,Continue reading “Chapter 2246: Mass Adoration”

Chapter 2244: Ninth Mountain Outpost

*Knock Mo Fan was about to take a nap, but someone knocked on the door. Being a teacher is not so simple – there are always students who “seemingly by chance” appear at your door, and with all this, you must remain calm and not discredit your own reputation. – Teacher, teacher, I remembered! –Continue reading “Chapter 2244: Ninth Mountain Outpost”

Chapter 2241: To your dorm?

Cook and his people understood very well that they were in the center of a big city. If they only once released a destructive magic outside the prepared concert hall, then punishment would have fallen on them immediately. Banla’s magical association would immediately send all their powers to destroy them. Zhao Man Yan turned backContinue reading “Chapter 2241: To your dorm?”

Chapter 2240: Escape with Water

“At most they have about five minutes.” There is one object on my body that sends out a safety signal every certain period of time. Even if the item is turned off or does not signal, this all the more means that something is threatening me. There are so many people here, I’m worried thatContinue reading “Chapter 2240: Escape with Water”