Chapter 2239: Now I definitely stay!

They prepared everything in advance! It’s good that there is a chance to leave – they set a trap in a crowd of people, so they dare not harm! Chance looked around: all the people sitting in no way resisted the conduct of the conductor; on the contrary, they began to look at her oneContinue reading “Chapter 2239: Now I definitely stay!”

Chapter 2238: Conductor’s Attack

The Bolshoi Bolshoi Theater is located in its very center, east of the central park at the side of the Pantheon Mountain. There were few demonstrators in the central park, but there were still a lot of people. It was necessary to break through the crowd with sweat, because of those present, only a smallContinue reading “Chapter 2238: Conductor’s Attack”

Chapter 2237: Here’s a Concert

Speaking with Chance, Zhao Man Yan realized that she was very sociable. They walked and talked – the girl unconsciously responded with all her gut. Together they walked on the white sand. And although they knew how it would end, if they reached the hostel, they still moved on. “I was very glad to meetContinue reading “Chapter 2237: Here’s a Concert”

Chapter 2235: Bride Zhao Youqian.

Mo Fan moved to the training ground. As soon as he left the hostel, he immediately ran into the dressed up Zhao Man Yan. The guy ran a hand through his golden hair, revealing a beautiful forehead. He put colored lenses in his eyes to look even more attractive. Zhao Man Yan often used cosmetics,Continue reading “Chapter 2235: Bride Zhao Youqian.”

Chapter 2233. My stone is indestructible!

Nelson turned cancer red. He was humiliated before such a crowd of students, how then can he lead lessons? He must restore his dignity by all means. He no longer thought about the issue of combining the elements, but began to apply one by one. First he wins, and then conversations! His wind element wasContinue reading “Chapter 2233. My stone is indestructible!”

Chapter 2232: Enemy with a Celestial Seed

Nelson was enraged – who is standing in front of him ?! Destructive magic is divided into two types – explosive and long. Nelson’s lightnings belong to the second. His ranks are so hardy that no one in America could put up a decent defense against them! But who is this Chinese teacher ?! HeContinue reading “Chapter 2232: Enemy with a Celestial Seed”

Chapter 2231: Don’t face the dirt

Nelson took a step back, and the next instant the lightning sparkled in all directions from him – they were so fast that it was even impossible to examine their trajectory. It turned out that the discharges were aimed not directly at Mo Fan, but to the place next to him – the magic wasContinue reading “Chapter 2231: Don’t face the dirt”

Chapter 2229: Battle of the Teachers

“I am a member of the presidium of the student council, and even the teachers dare not lecture me,” said Hertz Cass, his face dark with anger. “Richie will figure it out with you in an open tournament.” Being a teacher, I am too lazy to lead empty arguments with you, step aside, I willContinue reading “Chapter 2229: Battle of the Teachers”

Chapter 2228. Disruption of the lesson (part 2)

– I think that all students of Okhos will cope with the accumulation of elemental energy. When you first dealt with the sphere, you probably felt that a large amount of energy was floating in the air. Using a sphere allows you to collect the energy of a certain element in your own body. ThisContinue reading “Chapter 2228. Disruption of the lesson (part 2)”

Chapter 2227. Disruption of the lesson (part 1)

At the theoretical lectures of Mo Fan, there were still few students. But Mo Fan did not worry about this. He realized that conducting lectures separately was not at all profitable, and combined them with lessons in magical zoology and fighting. He entrusted all theoretical rantings to Mu Bai, and took upon himself the battlesContinue reading “Chapter 2227. Disruption of the lesson (part 1)”

Chapter 2226: Many elements, you can go all out!

“It can hardly be cured.” Hertz Kass possesses natural talent, although he says that this force is not subject to control, but he is simply too lazy to control it – Sejal left the hostel and announced to everyone. “Chairman Sejal, Hertz Kass is a member of the student council, but he raised his handContinue reading “Chapter 2226: Many elements, you can go all out!”

Chapter 2225: Tricky Fox – Hertz Cass

In the confrontation of the Black Church, you should never reveal yourself, which means that the three magicians were forced to continue to fulfill their roles as excellent teachers at the University of Ochos. Pretending as if nothing had happened, Mo Fan again took Lily to awaken. The girl’s awakening was much easier than oneContinue reading “Chapter 2225: Tricky Fox – Hertz Cass”