Chapter 1 Chu Family


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Chapter 1 Chu Family

[FINAL UPDATE]\[23/04/2020]

West Wind City, Water House.

The sky is still slightly bright, the blazing sun is rising, and many people have already gathered in front of the water house. Their eyes are looking forward, and the eyebrows are mixed with thick laughter.

There, there was a very worn carriage, next to the carriage, a teenager in a plain cloth.

The boy is not very old, about sixteen years old, and his face is a bit childish, but his pair of eyes is dark and deep, staring at the house of the water, flashing a sharp bright glow.

“This boy seems to be Chu Family Young Master Chu Xingyun. It is said that Innate is weak and sick, and is a kind of waste. He came to my hometown to do it?”

Inside the Shuijiamen, several cyan clothes little servants poked their heads, curiously looking at the clothed teenagers next to the carriage.

“I heard that he came to raise a relative, and he stayed at the door early, watching the posture, and most of them was the beauty of Miss Da.”

“Missy?” Several little servants squatted, their eyes filled with strange colors.

Miss Shui Qianmei is named Shui Qianyue, five-year-old Xi Wen, seven-year-old Wenxi Xifeng City, ten years old abandoned from Wu, cultivate only three months, then communicated the world, condensed the Fourth Grade Martial Spirit.

Today, the age of sixteen, is said to have entered the Body Tempering Ninth Level level, such innate talent, not only in the water home, in the West Wind City is considered a legend, no exception.

More importantly, Shui Qianyue is not only innate talent, but also has the capacity of a closed moon, and is the number one beauty of Xifeng City.

If the water family publicly recruits relatives, it is enough to be a young man from the east to the west of the city.

“I heard Chu Xingyun’s six-year-old inheriting cultivation. At the age of ten, he condensed the Martial Spirit. Moreover, it was the most wasteful First Grade Martial Spirit. Even a few of us were inferior.”

“A young master of the family’s waste, no money, no strength, no strength, and dare to play Missy’s idea, really toad lusting after a swan’s flesh, ridiculous!”

A few little servants were full of sarcasm, as if they were deliberately, and they were clearly passed to Chu Xingyun’s ears, but he turned a deaf ear and still stood upright and waited quietly.

At this time, a sturdy water home Bodyguard came out and dismissed Chu Xingyun with a disdain, saying: “Patriarch has orders, please ask Chu Young Master to get into the details.”

“Lead the way.” Chu Xingyun spit out a plain voice, causing a sigh of relief on the face of the Waterman Bodyguard, but the body was subconsciously sideways, with Chu Xingyun walking into the gate of the water house.

All the way, soon, Chu Xingyun came outside the water Patriarch hall.

His eyes swept away, but he saw a figure standing in the main hall. The water house Patriarch Shui Chongxian sat in the main position and the atmosphere was serious, so that the whole space was frozen to the extreme.

Such a picture, if it is looking for the ordinary person, has not yet stepped into the main hall, I am afraid I will be scared of look pale.

But see Chu Xingyun, standing up like a dragon and stepped like a tiger, directly into the main hall, not to say, but also went straight to the water Chongxian.

“I’ve let you wait for a long time.” Chu Xingyun said with no humbleness, his face was not only flustered, but also extremely calm.

“This Chu Xingyun, who used to be weak, saw me, even the atmosphere did not dare to take a breath, why today has such a big change, it seems to have changed personally.” Shui Chongxian brow slightly wrinkled, apparently I was amazed at the performance of Chu Xingyun.

But soon, this silk disappeared and disappeared. Shui Chongxian regained the original calm expression. “Starting from the day of my longevity, there are still several months, Chu virtuous nephew this time, I am afraid it is a little early.”

“Water uncle misunderstood, this time I came to the water home, not to celebrate the birthday, but to come to the pro.” Chu Xingyun indifferently said.

“Tidy?” Shui Chongxian flashed a hint of cool color.

Chu Xingyun nodded, Lang said: “Sixteen years ago, the water family suffered vendetta, it was my father make a move to help the water home to tide over the difficulties. After this, the water family took the initiative to propose a marriage, as long as the two children At the age of sixteen, you can complete the marriage contract.”

“It turned out to be this!”

Shui Chongxian pretend to be stunned and whispered back: “virtuous nephew, the covenant of the year, was indeed set by the water family, but at this moment your father is still alive and dead, even the traces have nowhere to be found, or wait for him to come back safely. It’s not too late to talk about it.”

“The meaning of the water uncle is that my father will not return in a day, this marriage contract can not be completed?” Chu Xingyun gaze slightly, changed the calm look just now, has become a bit aggressive.

“virtuous nephew, you misunderstood what I meant.” Shui Chongxian smiled, but Chu Xingyun’s look was colder, his eyes sank, and he continued to ask: “What dare to ask the water uncle, no, you know my father. The whereabouts?”

Chu Xingyun’s voice is like a needle, full of penetrating power, and directly makes Shui Chongxian the whole person in the same place.

He lifts the head and found Chu Xingyun’s eyes, so cold, cold to the bone marrow, let him have the feeling of falling into the hail, actually can’t say a word, breathing difficulties.

“A good guy who is full of nonsense!” Just as the water was plunged, a arrogant voice sounded.

Under the barely fell, a shadow appeared in front of everyone.

This is a beautiful young girl, 28 years old, with a delicate face. When she grows up, she must be a woman at the water level. However, the eyes of the young girl are full of arrogant colors, which destroys the overall beauty.

This woman is the pearl of the water in the palm – Shui Qianyue.

When I saw Shui Qianyue, the expression on Chu Xingyun’s face did not change at all. The voice was still weak: “What I said just now, all words and words, all obey the promise, without any falsification, this love is that your water family owes me Chu. Family.”

Hear this, Shui Qianyue exudes a sense of indifference, directly oppressed Chu Xingyun, said with a sneer: “Chu Xingyun, I am a rare sight of the West Wind City in a hundred years, innate talent wonderful high, this life is destined to become叱咤turmoil’s peerless powerhouse, the man who can make me feel good, must also be peerless grace and elegance, and you are weak, weak and sick, but a thorough waste is not worthy of me, you die!”

The language fell, the whole hall became silent, and almost everyone nodded secretly.

With the innate talent like Shui Qianyue, the future achievements will definitely be limitless!

The person who can win her favor must be a stunning Talent character, Chu Xingyun, who is obviously a hundred thousand miles away.

In the face of Shui Qianyue’s cold words, unexpectedly, Chu Xingyun’s face is not a trace of embarrassment, his eyes are still so flat, and even, in that dull, mixed with contempt.

That’s right, it’s contempt!

It is as if Nine Heavens Divine Dragon looks down on the humble ants, the condescending contempt, despising Shui Qianyue’s words, and despising Shui Qianyue’s ridiculously ridiculous gesture.

“You seem to be a little self-made Duoqing?” Chu Xingyun turned his head and looked at Shui Qianyue with a mockery, said with a smile: “When did I say that I am coming to mention the object of you today?”

“I…made Duoqing?” Shui Qianyue’s body trembled, and the whole face became red because of this sentence. The two red lips were shaking up and down, full of shame and anger.

However, in addition to these two emotions, her heart is full of doubts.

You know, the water family has one and only one big lady.

Chu Xingyun doesn’t marry her, who is it?

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