Chapter 10 Qin Yuyan


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“Shut up!” Hearing Chu Xingyun’s words, Qinshan suddenly shouted angrily.

His expression was odd, not angry or indifferent, but flashing with some fear.

With a wave of his hand, the door of the elegant room was pushed open. More than a dozen knife-wielding escorts came in and surrounded Chu Xingyun, staring at him like a big enemy.

“Dan medicine quality is not high, can not let people clearly say that this is the style of Baibao Building?” Chu Xingyun’s face was even more sarcastic, and his eyes did not take a look at the potions on the table.

“Prince Chu, this business, we do not do Baibao Building, but also ask you to leave quickly, if you dare to continue to abuse, don’t blame me me me for turning my face. Qinshan seems very anxious, so that a look, let the guard Chu Xingyun bang out.

“Qinshan, bring this boy here.” At this time, a clear and ethereal female voice, a long transmission, so that Qinshan whole body trembled, all body hair are upright.

“A suckling boy, who just talks nonsense, asks Miss Rain Smoke to soothe her anger.” Qinshan said flatteringly, while saying, signaling Chu Xingyun to roll out of Baibao Tower.

“Bring him over!” The woman’s voice resounded again, and this time, it was obvious that she was a little impatient.

Qinshan dared not say more, but nodded his head.

“Son, wait a minute. You’d better not talk nonsense. Otherwise, nobody can save you.” Qinshan gave Chu Xingyun a vicious stare, and then took him outside to a secret room.

Pushing open the door, the first thing to be seen is a tall six-legged bronze Danding tripod, under which a flame rises and smoke rises, filling the whole secret room with the aroma of red medicine.

In front of Danding Ding stood a woman in red neon dress, hair bun, bright eyes like bright moon, pink lips, white snow like skin, a pair of attractive peaks in front of her chest, and a proud outline.

This woman looks only 22 or 23, but the temperament she emits is inviting, like a ripe peach, which is difficult to control.

Qinshan bowed down and dared not look directly at the lady in red. He said respectfully, “Miss Yuyan, the person you want, I’ve brought it with me, and I’m waiting at the door.”

“When he comes in.” Qin Yuyan’s mood was random and he looked at Chu Xingyun. He could not help feeling a little strange.

Outside the door, the young man is still young, is in a period of vigor and vitality, but his body, but there is no impetuous feeling, on the contrary, is calm, very calm.

When Qin Yuyan looked at Chu Xingyun, Chu Xingyun also stared at Qin Yuyan. She was shocked. This woman, who was so enchanting, naturally emitted a ray of charm on her body. She had been fascinated by other men for a long time.

“This woman is by no means an ordinary person waiting!” Chu Xingyun was wary and stepped directly into the secret room.

Qin Yuyan walks towards Chu Xingyun. Every step, the part in front of his chest will tremble. It is simply beautiful.

She hugged her hands around her chest, and her tone was somewhat indifferent: “You said just now that the quenching agent I made was less than 40% effective, and that I was not qualified to call myself a senior alchemist, can you prove that?”

“Miss Yuyan, as I said just now, this kid is just talking nonsense. He just wants to slander my Baibao Tower. As Miss Yuyan’s second-class alchemist, a little quenching agent, he is not caught by hand?” Qinshan said in a hurry.

“The woman was a second-class alchemist?” Chu Xingyun suddenly appeared.

The way of alchemy requires a lot of talent. Few people can become an alchemist.

At present, this enchanting woman, young, but to reach the level of secondary alchemist, is extremely rare, the future is unlimited, no wonder Qinshan will be so respectful to her.

“I asked you to talk?” Qin Yuyan stared coldly, frightened the six souls of Qinshan without ownership. His eyes fell on Chu Xingyun and he said, “You said, if you don’t give an explanation today, you don’t want to go half a step out of Baibao Building.”

The voice was cold and threatening.

However, Chu Xingyun was not afraid of it, and his face was pale: “Quentin Dan is a first-class Dan medicine, and only three kinds of spiritual materials are used, but the proportion of each kind of spiritual material is extremely strict. Moreover, before refining, spiritual materials must be soaked in dew to remove impurities thoroughly, otherwise, even if they are successfully refined, they will contain many impurities.”

“I’ve never heard of dew soaking to get rid of impurities.” Qin Yuyan frowned. She had been in contact with Dandao for three years. She had read a lot of books and had broad insights. However, she had never heard of Chu Xingyun’s method.

“Haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If you don’t try, how can you know right or wrong?” Chu Xingyun strode to the table, waving ink, throwing a Danfang in front of Qin Yuyan.

“According to the proportion of the above materials, a quenching agent is refining again. Remember what I said, dew soaking can remove impurities in one step.” Chu Xingyun said to Qin Yuyan with a stern voice.

“Unconsciously, do you know who Miss Yuyan is, and you dare to order her!” Seeing this scene, the whole Qinshan people jumped up and shouted at Chu Xingyun.

However, Qin Yuyan waved his hand, nodded and said, “Okay, I will follow the steps you said. If it succeeds, I will not pursue it any more. If it fails, I will never spare it.”

“Have fun youself.” Chu Xingyun shrugged his shoulders.

Seeing Chu Xingyun’s chest is full of arrogance, Qin Yuyan feels more interesting. With Danfang, he is ready to start making Danyao.

“Wait!” Chu Xingyun’s voice suddenly sounded, shouting Qin Yuyan.

Qin Yuyan turned around, a little cold: “How? You want to repent?”

“The gentleman said that it is difficult to chase a horse. I will never regret it for no reason, but it will take some time for you to make the quenching agent. During this time, may I borrow your danding?” Chu Xingyun pointed to the six-legged Danding Ding behind Qin Yuyan.

“Do you want to make medicine too?” Qin Yuyan feels a little incredible.

She knows clearly that Chu Xingyun’s practice is only a triple day of quenching. Such a minor modification, even the lowest quenching agent, can not be produced.

Chu Xingyun did not reply to Qin Yuyan. He calmly said, “The spiritual materials I use will be supplied to you at the market price. As for this six-legged danding, it is a high-grade ordinary utensil. How about using it once and twelve thousand silver?

Qin Yuyan gazes at Chu Xingyun. From Chu Xingyun’s eyes, she feels a fervor. It is like a Master of Dandao who has lived in seclusion for many years. When she sees Danding again, she can’t wait to refine it.

“Well, you can use the spiritual materials here at will.”

Qin Yuyan looked over and said to Qinshan, “Qinshan, you are guarding outside. No matter who comes, you are not allowed to enter. I’d like to see what kind of medicine he can make!”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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