Chapter 1000. The Spiritual Seed of the Elemental Region


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Soon the ice began to gradually melt, the boundless white sea regained its azure color.

Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue stood on the shallow reefs, the guy used the magic of an electric mine, and the girl used the magic of a murderous ice-bow, but their physical strength was at its limit.

If they tried to resist the dragon in the usual ways, they would hardly be able to defeat him. Rather, the dragon would make the magicians turn to flight.

After a good rest, Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue gradually regained their strength.

It is a pity that they do not have more yachts. The city is still very far away, it is not clear when they can get there.

It is worth rejoicing that they managed to take the vaccine from the body of the larva – the dragon. When they return to Tinoaya, the terrible problem of the curse of the drowned man will be solved.

– People will no longer die because of the curse of the drowned? Asked Bobby.

Ling Ling looked up, seriously replying: “Animals are constantly evolving, evolving. I am afraid that, having a vaccine, people only for a while will be able to isolate themselves from the curse of this invisible larva. But the species of parasites existing in the sea was not completely destroyed. They can still parasitize in the bodies of people, parasitize in sea monsters … How many more strong monsters like the black sea dragon still exist, no one counted. Perhaps one day, a population of larvae can parasitize even more powerful creatures, and then the vaccine we extract will have no effect anymore. ”

The words Lin Lin introduced Mo Fan to deep reflections.

If we take into account all living beings, including man, they all go through different stages of evolution, gradually becoming stronger and more developed.

It can be said that monsters “motivate” people to be stronger, and people endlessly struggle with monsters, exterminating them. In other words, in this world, in spite of who you are, a monster or a man, it is impossible to completely destroy your enemy. You can destroy only those who stopped in their development and is not suitable habitat.

Perhaps many years ago, people in the eyes of powerful monsters were just livestock that they killed when they wanted and fed them. And only magicians dared to indulge in force with monsters. But maybe one day humanity will be destroyed by demons such as a larva or other strongest monsters!

If there are no fearless people all over the world who are ready to sacrifice their lives to save thousands of other lives, then the human race can disappear without a trace, remaining only a page in the book of history that another civilization turns over.

No genus of larvae can be completely destroyed. But the vaccine Lin Lin obtained will be able to help people avoid the curse of the drowned man for many years to come.

Getting the vaccine is the most that they were capable of in this situation, but in the future, at the critical moment of hidden danger, there will be people like Lin Ling, who, under the influence of his father’s thoughts, will follow his vocation!

Mo Fan would also like to become the same person, but all that worried him now was whether his reward for the vaccine’s curse of the drowned man increased …


Soon, Mo Fan received news from the Hunters Community, he was told that he was promoted and can now enjoy exclusive rights in the Community and receive exclusive news.

After some time, Mo Fan read a newspaper, on the front page of which it was written: “The Union of Hunters“ Clear Sky ”found a vaccine against the global epidemic, receiving a huge monetary reward!”

Ling Ling has now gained fame in Clear Sky. But most of all she worried about the fact that now everyone will know about her age, which will raise an even greater wave of interest in her.

Just think, 50-60 year old gray-haired hunters tried to understand the origin of the curse of the drowned man, in the end, a 10-year-old girl and 20-year-old magicians solved this problem, didn’t the old hunters lose their face?

As for money, why did they need a little girl Ling Ling, she completely passed them on to Mo Fang, who always let them down to the wind.

The guy who owns two elements from birth, you have to spend a lot of money on the development of each element. Fortunately, the position of a hunter gives Mo Fanyu more advantages than ordinary magicians!


– Mo Fan, just do not tell me that while you left the team, did you solve the problem of the curse of the drowned man? – asked Zhao Man Yan.

– Have you found out everything yet? – Mo Fan raised eyebrows in surprise

The media has just begun to publish news related to the drowning curse, and Zhao Man Yan already knows everything.

– You yourself think, now only you and Ling Ling work fruitfully in “Clear Sky”, who else could take up this business? – responded Zhao Man Yan.

“Ah, yes, yes …” said Mo Fan.

“Clear Sky” has a good reputation, this is true, but now most often orders are taken only by Mo Fan and Ling Ling. The rest of the hunters are old cunning people, the business is too simple – they don’t take it, too little money – they don’t do it again, they need to go far – again they don’t want to do any business …

Therefore, Zhao Man Yan said is true – now only Lin Lin and Mo Fan are working fruitfully in “Clear Sky”!

Of course, there are many people in the Union of Hunters, for example, there is Len Qing – a member of the magical court, there is an old Bao, but Mo Fan never saw them accept orders.

– When you get a big reward, I start to envy you! Said Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yang’s family was rich enough, but money also does not appear by itself. If his family gives him 300 million, then we can say that they throw them to the wind!

– Why envy, you always have money. And if I were not a hunter, then where would my livelihood come from? – saying this, Mo Fan squeezed a fiery – red crystal in his hands, he fed them a little hetero, not sitting on his shoulder.

The little girl was chewing and chewing happily. Her little face glowed with happiness.

The little girl was glad, and Mo Fan suffered. He glanced at Zhao Man Yan, letting him know that he had to spend a lot of money on her food.

– Your girl will be grateful to you in battle for feeding you deliciously! Said Zhao Man Yan.

The little girl must show good fighting ability in New York, so that everyone envies Mo Fan. But having such a strong contractual animal, you need to spend a tidy sum!

– The next stop is the international magic market. Now you and I have money, don’t you want to go and see what they sell there? – put forward the idea of Zhao Man Yan.

Money in the hands of the magicians lingered not for long, Mo Fang did not have the habit of putting them in the bank. As soon as he received them, he immediately lowered him to increase his power. Same money if it is, then it is necessary to spend it!

– Are spiritual seeds sold there? – asked Mo Fan.

– I think yes. Is there enough money for you? – responded Zhao Man Yan.

– If you sell the resources distributed in our team, then approximately 500 million will be released, because you can buy spiritual seed for them? And if there is still not enough, then you can sell the controlling ring, which I gave you. Then there should definitely be enough money, ”said Mo Fan.

– Do not sell the controlling ring, because you own several elements. Let’s first see if the money is not enough, then we will figure out where to get them. This money is enough to buy the usual spiritual seed, but if you want to buy the spiritual seed of the elemental region … Then it will be more difficult … – said Zhao Man Yan.

Mages have already received a reward. Mu Ning Xue knew that Mo Fang needed spiritual seed to increase her power, so the girl gave all her reward to him.

Mo Fan felt embarrassed, after all, it was Mu Ning Xue’s arrow that killed the black dragon. But she said that if she needed something, the next time he would also have to help her.

But even if we take into account that he now has 7 billion 500 million, it was still not enough to buy good spiritual seeds.

Mu Ning Xue was a high-level magician, all she needed right now was cultivation, where you don’t have to spend large sums of money. Therefore, Mo Fan must use this money wisely, increasing his power!

In addition, the husband and wife should not be embarrassed, who needs money, let him take it. After all, life is long, how little everything can turn around!

– Zhao Man Yan, tell me the approximate prices of the spiritual seed, I want to find out what’s what. – asked Mo Fan.

– First, the price of spiritual seed starts at 300 million. The cost can go up to 500 million, depending on the item. Secondly, there is the ordinary spiritual seed, and there is the spiritual seed of the elemental domain. The price of the spiritual seed of the elemental region starts at 600 million. The highest price of this seed is about 800 million. In my opinion, you can now afford to buy the usual spiritual seed, but don’t even think about the seed of the elemental region … ”said Zhao Man Yan.

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