Chapter 1001. Rescue Mission in the Sahara


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Mo Fan nearly burst into tears when he heard the price. Involuntarily, the magician looked at Mu Ning Xue, who at that time was amused with a little girl.

Mu Ning Xue gave him a huge amount of money, but even so, Mo Fang’s resources were leaving like water through her fingers.

“This is the spiritual seed of the element, if it can help to reach the elemental sphere and it’s worth 800 million … by what year can I collect the spiritual seeds of all elemental spheres ?! Shouted Mo Fan.

And if he can somehow sort things out with one spiritual seed of one element, then what to do if he has six elements altogether? Okay, not a lot of sense from demonization, five elements?

– Which element of the spiritual seed do you plan to purchase? If you do not want to reach the sphere, then for this money you can buy a very good seed with a good effect. Spiritual seeds without a sphere effect are also very useful, they will be able to properly pump your magic, which in fact will not be much less than the magic of the element sphere, said Zhao Man Yan.

– It is necessary spherical spiritual seed! Ordinary magic is too different from the elemental sphere! – answered Mo Fan.

After the battle with the executioner, Paley Mo Fan realized how effective and useful the element sphere was. It not only enhances its own magic, but also can suppress the magic of rivals!

– Then what element interests you? I will help you decide on prices.

“The element of lightning,” Mo Fan replied without hesitation.

In the magic element of fire, he has a powerful assistant in the face of a little fuck. After the incarnation of the heterka, the flame becomes really very powerful, and although the elemental sphere of fire is never reached, the little heterodox told her daddy that after it noticeably grows up, the sphere of fire will be subject to it.

Therefore, Mo Fan is interested in feeding his pet as best as possible, because then the scope of fire will be reached.

Thinking that he couldn’t constantly crawl out only at the expense of the fire element, especially after a battle on the water, Mo Fan decided to noticeably strengthen the lightning element by reaching the sphere in this element.

As for the dark magic of the element of the shadow, his spell of the power of the night is in effect equivalent to the elemental sphere.

If he gets a lightning sphere, he will be able to fight alone with a monster of the commander-in-chief level.

– Lightning … the spiritual seed of the sphere of lightning is much more expensive than other elements. Mo Fan, be ready to sell the last pants, said Zhao Man Yan.

– …

“Or maybe you can buy the galactic vein of the call and make a breakthrough in this element?” Said Zhao Man Yan quietly.

“I think there is some wisdom in your words, you need to adapt to the situation,” said Mo Fan.

While these two were discussing, Jiang Yu approached them with a mysterious expression: “You know, that skeleton on the coast of Tinoaya was already studied.”

– And what is the result? – asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was very interested in this matter, as he saw with his own eyes how the black sea dragon turned into the same skeleton in a short time!

“This monster belongs to the highest category of sea mammoths, a little inferior to the commander’s animal level, I can’t even believe that only bones could remain from such a huge horrible creature,” said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan was just numb!

Level, close to the level of the commander!

This means that in the vicinity of Tinoaya there was only one larva-sea monster left, which swam away in an unknown direction!

If you think about it, it becomes scary at the thought that such a small larva can turn into a huge monster!

Does this mean that there are other larvae in the world that can turn into more powerful creatures?

“They say that a skeleton was also found on the islands near Tinoaya,” said Jiang Yu.

“And what kind of skeleton was found there?” – asked Mo Fan.

“Yes, nothing special, just a human skeleton,” Jiang Yu replied.

Mo Fang’s goose bumps from these words.

There was golden sand beneath a blue-blue sky. Only a light breeze broke this picture of calm.

On the sand there were several green tents, above which a water curtain was released, which formed a magic barrier.

Suddenly, there was a sound, and a woman in short green tight-fitting leopard shorts appeared from the tent, and she glanced around.

– Faster, get up! Hurry, this is a sandstorm! – the woman shouted, addressing to all who was in tents.

Soon a crowd of people ran out. Seeing the impending storm, they all began to scream.

“No, we can just be destroyed, we have to move south, I remember, there is a stable sand structure that can help us to endure this disaster,” said the man, which looked like a team captain.

– South??? Are you kidding me? This is the most terrible place on Earth!

– If we stay here, we will definitely not survive, we must move! – said the captain.

And although they all heard a large number of scary tales about the Sahara desert, there was no other choice.

Under the pressure of the situation, the team decided to head to the desert by the decision of the captain.

The desert is considered even more dangerous than sea space. In a few days of a sandstorm there may already be a completely new desert in this place !!!

The magical fortress of the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

The magical fortress of the Cape of Good Hope is the highest association of African magic. It is like an ancient fort that guards the cape, being in peace and quiet.

– How could this happen? Did they not instruct them not to enter the Sahara by any means? Said the old man with the black mustache, pissed.

– They are faced with a natural disaster – sandstorm. They needed to look for a way out, so they decided to head in the direction of the Sahara, the guard in white clothes answered, his head bowed.

– Idiots, idiots! The Sahara is much more dangerous than a sandstorm! Now the connection with them is lost, how can the national magic team do such nonsense ?! We sent them to train, and not to seek their own death! – shouted the old man with mustaches.

“Your anger will not solve anything now either,” said the guard.

– Say what you can do now! – said the elder.

– Our rescue team takes time to go to the Sahara. According to reports from the magical associations of neighboring countries, the Chinese team is on the way. The best option is to ask the Chinese national team to go to the rescue, and then wait until the arrival of our rescue squad, until not all traces are visible, the guard said.

– You are not enough people already lost in the Sahara? – I heard the terrible voice of the elder.

– There is no other way out. I have already contacted the people responsible for the Chinese team. They say that if we agree to pay for this work, then they can think about really sending their team to the salvation of our guys … – said the guard.

– Haha, also have to pay? These little people do not understand a damn thing in the desert, after a while it will be necessary to send more rescuers and search for them! Said the old man with a mustache.

– So we ask them for help or not? I am most worried that by the time our rescue team reaches the desert, all the tracks of the guys will be swept with sand, and then our chances of finding them will noticeably decrease, ”said the guard.

– We need their help! Now go and talk to the Chinese side! – the old man with a black mustache already hoped for nothing. In such a terrible place like the Sahara without a connection and without a trace – yes, the team will never be able to get out of there!

– The cost of their work is very high.

– Yes, what’s the difference? Pay them as much as they say, and let them hurry! I do not want our team to lose their lives before they reach Venice! Said the old man menacingly.

– There is!

After leaving Portugal, Mo Fan with the team went to the side of Egypt to get acquainted with the Arab customs.

Who knew that, before reaching Egypt, they would receive an urgent task!

– Rescue mission?

– Leaders straight and said that we should go to the Sahara to rescue?

– E * at! Do we really have to enter the desert? This place is as dangerous as the Amazon region! I will not go!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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