Chapter 1002. Boundaries of the Desert


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If we talk about the most dangerous places inhabited by fierce creatures, the Sahara will definitely be in the top three.

Hunters aspire to such dangerous abodes of magical creatures for one simple reason – so many magical treasures are hidden there. And the more dangerous the place, the more values can be found there.

The Sahara desert belongs to the forbidden zones, where the hunters do not get so easy.

The environs of the Sahara are shown in red on the maps: the density of magical creatures there is equal to the density of marine magical creatures at depth. One movement – and immediately a pack of animals crawls out.

The very same part of the desert is painted in purple, which means that the density of the presence of magical creatures there exceeds the density of the red zone three times !!!

The more creatures in one zone, the less resources for their survival, so constant battles take place between the kinds of magical creatures themselves!

Simply put, there are so many horrific legends about such places!

Not so many legends go about the Sahara desert itself, or rather about its gut. Usually legends say that someone once managed to return from there alive, but today there are not even a few hunters who dare to tell the same thing. This is a dead zone, and besides the purple color of danger, they say that in the very center of the desert there is also a black zone!

Mo Fan will never forget the zombie abyss in Xi’an, which is the forge of the dead, the most hellish of all the hellish places – it also belongs to the black zone.

In the center of the Sahara there is a black zone, about which nothing is known, since there were not yet any magicians who dared to enter there.

It was for this reason that when they heard that they had to go to the desert with a rescue mission, the expressions on the faces of the children changed dramatically.

Is it funny? They are sent there to save someone, although they themselves actually go to certain death!

“The leaders said that we could refuse to fulfill this mission, but those who refused would be noticeably curtailed upon the next allocation of resources,” said Nan Jue.

“I prefer not to go there,” said Ju Jimin first.

“I don’t want to go there either, this place is …”

– Captain, what do you think?

Many unwittingly looked at Ai Jiang Tu, waiting for what decision he would take.

“We have to find traces of the team only in external circles, no one tells us to go deep into the desert,” added Nan Jue.

By this, she urged the guys to risk going on a mission, especially as the conditions of the leaders did not leave much choice.

“I want to go, I need money,” said Mo Fan decisively.

After talking with Zhao Man Yang about the spherical spiritual seed of the lightning element, Mo Fan was excited to make more money, especially since the reward for this work was very good.

– Sorry, of course, but this issue needs to be solved right here. Let’s separate: those who want to go to the desert, let them form their own separate team right here. “We will not argue with you about money and resources, after you die, they will not be useful for you,” said Guan Yu.

Going to the Sahara was not part of their plans. Upon arrival at the sea, Guan Yu has his own methods for making money, and the fight against desert living creatures is too dangerous.

– So, let’s do it in the old fashioned way. Nan Jue, you will lead those who want to go, but I will be responsible for the others, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

At such doubtful moments, the team is always divided into consonants and dissenters. At the same time, when everyone was free to make a decision himself, the separation occurred without unnecessary problems.

Ai Jiang Tu, being the team captain, naturally, should look after the team, so he decided to go along with Guan Yu and the others.

As a result, five more joined Mo Fang: Jiang Shaoxu, Jiang Yu, Zhao Man Yan, Mu Ning Xue and Nan Jue, about the same number of people decided to stay with Ai Jiang Tu and go on to perform other tasks.

Everyone now needs resources, because the most important thing is to perform in Venice with dignity!

– I tell you, Mo Fan, even if you don’t have enough money, let’s not go to the Sahara! Said Zhao Man Yan.

He believed that having a friend like Mo Fan is tantamount to dying at a young age with him!

Although, if you think about it, the magic association of Africa was ready to pay big money for this work ….

“Nan Jue said that our work would be in the outer perimeter of the desert,” said Mo Fan.

– How to say…. I heard that to meet a commander-level creature in any part of the Sahara is not considered something unusual, ”Zhao Man Yan replied.

“I don’t think that the sand monsters of the commander’s level will run after us to the edge of the Sahara, there will be only small monsters, no big deal.”

Entering the desert, you realize that all that you now see is sand – endless piles of sand.

Absolute silence, no wind, and the sky without a single cloud ….

The group went to the dunes, following the direction indicated by the magical association of Africa.

In fact, these were only the outer environs of the Sahara desert.

The most terrible in the desert are not only the magical creatures that inhabit it, but also the fact that the desert has no clear boundaries, so getting lost there is easier than ever.

Absolutely any person who entered the Sahara Desert, can be lost, losing reference points. You never know whether you are heading in the right direction or going deep into the sands.

Orienteering in the desert is much more difficult than making your way through the thickets of the forest. Around one sand, and even the sky with the scorching sun does not help, and all the marks placed along the way, can be blown away by the wind at any moment!

It’s clear that even the African national team is likely to get lost there.

The longer you stay there, the higher the chance of not finding a way out, so even the highest level mages do not risk appearing there!

– The last time the lost team got in touch was here. From here to the desert about three kilometers. As the leaders say, the team faced a strong sandstorm and therefore decided to go towards the desert. I think they moved in a southerly direction and have not yet had time to go deep into the Sahara, ”said Nan Jue.

– And what should we do now? We can not follow their tracks into the desert? Jiang Yu asked.

– We will move forward to sweep through the territory. The distance between each of us should not exceed one kilometer, only in this way we will be able to enter the territory of the desert, and then return back, ”answered Nan Jue.

The idea was very simple: since there were just six of them, it meant that they could cover a range of five kilometers. The person at the end will be standing outside the desert, and the other four will go inside. Every five minutes you need to give a magic signal so that everyone can see it.

The edge of the desert turned out to be clearer than expected – the sand on the edge of the desert was more red.

They did what Nan Jue said before. She herself remained at the tail of the row, and the rest entered the territory of the eternal sands.

“I will stand here, and you can go forward,” Mu Ning Xue told Fang Moo.

Behind Mu Ning Xue was Jiang Shaoxu, who was standing on a sand dune for one kilometer.

Mo Fang got the hardest. Who told him to brag about his courage? He had to go a distance of 4-5 kilometers from the borders of the desert, and neither Zhao Man Yan nor Jiang Yu could do this.

“This is a damn place, is it really that awful?” – said Mo Fan, stamping on the sand.

The sand was still red in color, having walked 400-500 meters, Mo Fan looked back.

At that moment, he was involuntarily thrown into a cold sweat.

Where is Mu Ning Xue?

He went very close, why did he not see Mu Ning Xue?

At that moment, a stream of sand rose near Mo Phan with the wind, which then lay down in another place.

Mo Fan only after that saw that the girl had moved to the left of him.

Not. Wrong. Mu Ning Xue seemed to be standing on that dune the whole time, so it was he who changed direction?

From these thoughts, Mo Fan’s head went around.

He passed only 500 meters, and his direction had already gone astray by 45 degrees! This desert is really scary!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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