Chapter 1003. Vanishing Nan Jue


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Continuing to go ahead, Mo Fang had to turn around every hundred meters to see where Mu Ning Xue was, so he understood that she was not too far from him.

By the way, this desert was really a mysterious place. Turning around every hundred meters, Mo Fan was surprised to realize that Mu Ning Xue was not in the place where he expected to see her. It seemed to the mage that the girl was standing behind him, then parallel with him.

In fact, Mu Ning Xue did not move. She stood on the dunes, occasionally releasing a whirlwind, thus notifying the magician that she was still in the same place. And the farther the distance between them became, Mo Fan saw the silhouette of Mu Ning Xue getting worse. If it were not for these identification marks, he would have completely lost sight of her.

Unbeknownst to him, Mo Fan had already walked one kilometer, everywhere there was endless sand that seemed red. Mo Fan felt lost.

In addition to the blue sky, it was difficult to distinguish what was around. Mo Fang even thought that he had returned to the dune on which Mu Ning Xue was standing, because all these damn dunes were the same. If it were not for the signal that the girl gave, then Mo Fan would really believe that he was just circling in one place.

No wonder so many people were losing the direction in which they needed to move. When there are no identifying signs and signals, then the person as if enters into total darkness, losing direction.

The yellow color of the desert, endless sands, descending and rising sand dunes – all this repeated again and again, passing the stretch of the track for the stretch, the picture before the eyes was unchanged. And there was no difference between this journey in the desert and walking in the dark. It was possible to lose direction to such an extent that you yourself do not understand whether you are walking in a straight line or turning circles.

But the worst thing was that the radio is constantly working with interference. When Mo Fan went 500 meters deep into the desert, she began to work terribly if they hadn’t agreed with the crew members about the signals in advance, it would have been completely lost in this world of dunes.

Mo Fan calculated the approximate distance, then taking Mu Ning Xue for the center, he began to search in this space.

While driving through the desert, Mo Fan found something.

It was a steppe fox who cowardly followed Mo Fan. And when the magician looked in the direction where the fox came from, he noticed something else pale green buried in the sand.

Reaching there, Mo Fan sorted out the top layer of sand, pulling out a pale green tent.

It felt like a strong wind blew up and tore this tent. As if someone had just recently lived here.

Of course, this tent could be brought here by a sandstorm, and people are actually in a completely different place.

However, now you can at least be sure that the African team is somewhere here. About half a day ago the connection with them was lost, they could not go far.

“There is a torn tent here, I haven’t found anything else.” Eh, I hope this is considered to be a quest. Otherwise, the real rescuers would have come and would not even have found this tent if I hadn’t got it out from under the layer of sand – Mo Fan raised the sticks that supported the tent and built something similar to a flag.

After Mo Fan fashioned this identification flag, he went back to Mu Ning Xue. It seemed to him that the girl was on the side of 6 hours (in the desert they were guided by the clock), and she gave an identification mark from the side of 12 hours, that is, there was a deviation of 180 degrees, which was very strange.

As soon as Mu Ning Xue saw Mo Fang, she immediately said: “This desert is really mysterious.”

“It’s not just mysterious, it’s some kind of crazy place.” “I am very well oriented in space, but I never went in the right direction,” answered Mo Fan.

“Go back to Jiang Shaoxuy,” Mu Ning Xue replied.

A kilometer away from here, Jiang Shaoxu gave signals through the magic of light.

Having found Jiang Shaoxu, it will be possible to find Jiang Yu.

In fact, the location of each mage is lined up in Mo Fan’s brain as if it were a chessboard with figurines in different positions. In fact, the magicians were in one straight line.

“To tell the truth, I don’t want to linger for a second in this damn place.” It seems to me all the time that Jiang Yu is changing its location, said Zhao Man Yan.

“It seems to me too, but we are all standing in one place and not moving,” Jiang Shaoxu replied.

“Why doesn’t Nan Jue give us signals?” Didn’t you agree to do this every five minutes? Jiang Yu asked.

When they reached Zhao Man Yan, everyone gave a signal, but Nan Jue did not respond.

“10 minutes have already passed …” said Zhao Man Yan in a whisper.

In the end, its location was closest to the lost world and the fact that Nan Jue did not follow the rules and did not give signals for 10 minutes, put fear into the hearts of magicians.

Everyone kept hoping that Nan Jue would give a sign, but it took as many as 15 minutes and nothing happened!

– Could she fall asleep?

– She could not make such a childish mistake and fall asleep! Most likely, something happened to her! Said Mo Fan confidently.

Nan Jue and Ai Jiang Tu were military men, they always strictly follow the rules. If it was persuaded to give a signal every five minutes, then they did it with an accuracy of a second.

But for 15 minutes there was no signal, it meant that something really happened there.

– We urgently need to reach her point and check! Although this place is located outside the Sahara, it is still very scary! Said Jiang Shaoxu.

All together nodded in agreement and ran towards Nan Jue.

After about 300 meters, Mo Fan noticed that Jiang Shaoxu was standing still, not moving. He wondered if she really wasn’t moving.

– Look ahead, what color is the sand – yellow or red? – Jiang Shaoxu said to everyone in the ear, using the magic of the spirit.

As soon as Jiang Shaoxu said this, everyone immediately noticed the color.

Mo Fan looked around, in front was smooth golden-yellow sand, like a lake illuminated by the late afternoon sun. If you look further, you could see a towering sand dune. Mo Fan remembered that they were passing this sand dune when they were walking from Jiang Yu to Zhao Man Yan!

– Your mother! We went in the wrong direction! Said Jiang Yu loudly.

– The direction is correct. I remember that Nan Jue was from this side, the last time she gave signs, I specifically remembered, ”Zhao Man Yan said confidently.

“Go upstairs, look from the height,” said Mo Fan.

Zhao Man Yan summoned magical wings, flying high into the sky. From a bird’s eye view, the desert was clearly visible. But from this kind of body Zhao Man Yang was covered with goosebumps.

From this height, he saw the desert for many kilometers in the area, but why didn’t Nan Jue anywhere ?!

The fact that they lost Nan Jue – it was still flowers, but the fact that the sand seemed red, it was really scary!

Zhao Man Yan did not leave his place anywhere, he was one kilometer away from Nan Jue.

Going down to the ground, Zhao Man Yan’s face was unrecognizable.

“Nan Jue is not visible …” said Zhao Man Yan.

No one had time to understand anything, as Zhao Man Yan said: “I looked from a height, the sand at a distance of several kilometers of red. We have already fallen into the lost world of the desert! ”

After these words, it became hard for everyone. Jiang Yu, not believing, called on the Rakshasa so that he could identify where they really are.

In the end, the Raksasa was also unable to give any answer!

“Then … where are we now? …”

– We are lost, and if people outside the lost world do not give us the exact direction, then we will not find the way. The question is not which of the four directions will be true. The question is that there is no identification mark, that’s why we are lost, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

– This place is cursed!

– Shut up, I already have goosebumps.

Mo Fan turned to look where Jiang Shaoxu was.

Jiang Shaoxu did not move, she specifically remained in that place, as it was closest to the entrance to the lost world of the desert, so that everyone could return to it without hindrance.

In this lost world, the most terrible thing was that you take a step forward and do not understand where you are going – forward or backward. And it seems to you that you are going along the wrong road, you want to return to another, reliable path, but you can no longer find it …

Everyone hastily returned to where Jiang Shaoxu stood. It was clear from the wizards that they were restless and hard in their hearts.

First, where did Nan Jue go? Why didn’t she give signals? Mages were lined up in the shape of a dragon, the tail disappeared, and they fell into the lost world of the desert.

Secondly, what should they do? Go ahead or still stay at this place?

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