Chapter 1005. Desert wild foxes!


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* yy yy yy yy!

Sitting in a sandy grotto, they could hear the sound of a sandstorm like crying. No one knew how long this could last.

– Mo Fan, are you out of your mind? He brought the cards! Nan Jue was gone, we got lost, and even ended up locked in this sandy grave! Do you think someone will want to play? – Jiang Yu seriously reprimanded Mo Fang.

– So you will not join in any way? – asked Mo Fan.

“Exactly,” Jiang Yu nodded insistently, “I won’t join.” You are better.

Jiang Yu threw away his cards. After losing, he even tore away a small fragment of the spiritual seed from the heart. But this rogue Mo Fan will lose half at once and will not blink! If Jiang Yu plays, he will surely go broke.

Without Jiang Yu, Mo Fan immediately won and received almost a whole seed. It’s almost 800 thousand! What a savings on food for fiery fucking!

– Fuck d, do not hurry! Show the cards.

– The king is the eldest! – Mo Fan smiled.

– E * your mother !!

– Damn it! I lost everything! Mo Fan, you are a scoundrel!

– By the way, the wind seemed to calm down.

– Won and want to dump? Do not even think! Give it away. I will win.

The storm really subsided. They hoped that Nan Jue could have returned to her place, so they didn’t play anymore.

…… ..

Having spent a lot of strength, they still managed to break through a thick layer of sand. Looking out, the magicians discovered that they were now on top of a sandy hill.

– Wow! Everything changes so quickly here! This place in one fell swoop was a few tens of meters higher! – Zhao Man Yan looked around. Now this place is completely different!

The relief around has changed beyond recognition. As if the storm moved them to another place!

Now all the sand dunes and depressions were completely unfamiliar to them. Everyone was uncomfortable.

The air was full of sand. A few more hours passed before the desert finally subsided. Everyone hoped that Nan Jue would soon appear about a kilometer away from them and send them a signal. But there was no hint of a silhouette in the district.

“It doesn’t seem to sit here any further,” Jiang Yu looked around indecisively, “You yourself saw this terrible storm, it literally created a new desert!” Perhaps we are already much further from the exit from the lost lands than one kilometer. Perhaps Nan Jue did not go anywhere, we changed our position.

– Maybe. There is nothing in the district. Initially, Nan Jue was even closer than a kilometer, and now for sure the distance has increased. “It’s not exactly visible within a radius of five kilometers,” said Zhao Man Yan.

– That’s exactly because of people like you two, a lot of teams disappeared here! Convince the rest that there is no point in waiting any further and going even further. I heard about the events in the Sahara. It is said that the only sure way to not disappear in the lost world of the desert at all is to stay in one place! You can not do a single step, the only way you can not lose your starting position. If you take even a step, these lands will lead you into the wilderness of death, and even the highest level mage will not dare to come to your aid. And then you really will be buried forever in this desert – Jiang Shaoxu reprimanded two guys.

Not moving means not moving. When you don’t know the right way to travel in the lost world of the desert, every step is dangerous. Jiang Shaoxu will not let these ever-doubting guys make things worse. This is no joke after all! To survive in the lost world of the desert is very difficult!

– We will wait further. No matter the wind, rain, thunderstorm or sandy hail – we will not take a step! Otherwise, lose the chance for salvation, ”said Mo Fan.

Judging by the serious tone of Jiang Shaoxuy, they really have no other choice. Jiang Yu, the magician of the element of chaos, also could not find a solution.

It remains only to wait. Bored and patiently wait. As Jiang Shaoxui said, if you take even one step, you will immediately find yourself in the insidious trap of the lost world of the desert!

…… ..

Sitting in one place from dawn to dusk, they waited two long days.

Monotony, thirst, stuffiness, panic thoughts, – these two days stretched endlessly. Several times someone wanted to step back, but each time he remained in place, under the strict gaze of Jiang Shaoxu.

Food and water supplies were getting smaller. With increasing excitement, it was increasingly difficult to stay within the framework of common sense. This desert was not only a magical labyrinth, but also a real psychological test. If the team is not solid enough, then such a long wait could greatly affect the relationship of the magicians.

It’s good that the five of them knew each other for a long time and got along well. For all the time they exchanged a few words, and the rest of the time they sat and waited.

– Damn, we will continue to wait? Said Zhao Man Yan with a tortured expression on his face.

– Yes, we will wait. Didn’t you hear what Jiang Shaoxu said? – answered Mo Fan.

“Can you look at that hill first, and then answer me?” – Zhao Man Yan pointed to one of the dunes. In the distance, vague silhouettes appeared one after another.

Mo Fan peered into the distance. A chain of silhouettes appeared on a remote dune. They then disappeared behind the dunes, then reappeared at the top, approaching the wizards.

If these were ordinary sand foxes, then it would not be worth worrying. But these sand foxes were much more than ordinary foxes. They reached the size of an adult cow.

Their tails were more than two meters in length. Some foxes walked with their tail down and he was dragging on the sand, some, on the contrary, raised and dismissed their tails, like huge snakes.

Even from afar were visible their huge fangs and claws. Green eyes sparkled. Finally they found the prey!

– Desert wild foxes! – Jiang Yu was well versed in creatures and immediately identified who it was.

In other deserts, these creatures live alone, because with their strength it is not difficult to win a piece of land. And this whole herd, damn it! Besides, it seems they migrate. Unprecedented phenomenon!

Foxes often select alien territories, driving away other magical creatures. Now they were obviously looking for a new place …

– Is it difficult to cope with them ?? – asked Mo Fan.

The foxes were obviously heading here, and judging by their hungry eyes, they were going to attack people. And the magicians could not even budge!

“They are hard to beat,” Jiang Yu said with a sour face.

– Can we still leave here? – asked Zhao Man Yan.

– We can’t leave. Kill these animals, and replenish their stocks of food! – brave Mo Fan.

Mo Fan has always been warlike. How nice that these animals appeared in the middle of this dull, moody desert! It is possible to dispel boredom, to warm up, and to practice magic, to get the souls of monsters, and if you are lucky enough to get rare skins, bones and claws. Then you can sell them for good money. Isn’t that good?

– Fight! We still can’t get out of here, – Jiang Shaoxu was unmoved.

Mo Fan, Jiang Yu, Mu Ning Xue and Zhao Man Yan took up positions ready to meet monsters.

In a normal situation, they would have passed by, and no one would have touched anyone. Oh, it would be better if these foxes did not migrate at all. And now they were going to their grave!

“Uh … don’t you think there are too many of them?” And I think that they are not at all in search of a new place, ”Jiang Yu quietly whispered after a while.

Because of the dunes continued to appear monsters. Now they have become much more!

Foxes did not go straight, but gradually divided into groups and distributed among the dunes.

“They seem to surround us,” said Zhao Man Yan.

Desert foxes occupied several dozen sand dunes around the tent and looked intently at them. But for some reason, it seemed that they did not come for them.

“Um … have you looked back?” – suddenly said Mu Ning Xue.

– Back, back. What can there be inter … Bl * d! – Mo Fan choked in mid-sentence. All the sand dunes behind them filled in red silhouettes.

Crazy Scorpions !!

Red mad scorpions !!!

All were focused on desert foxes, their number was beginning to frighten. Of course, no one even noticed how so many red poisonous scorpions appeared.

Scorpios did not crawl, but appeared right out of the sand! They became more and more. Their red army flooded the whole desert! From such a spectacle on the skin ran a chill …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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