Chapter 1006. Tribal War


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Poisonous dark red scorpions were visible on the dunes. From the bodies of these scorpions came fire, despite this, they brought with them fierce cold. Obviously, these guys were not at all friendly!

“Poisonous fire scorpion is a very dangerous creature!” Shouted Jiang Yu.

The number of desert wild foxes and poisonous fire scorpions was huge, and by their strength it was possible to determine that the foxes and scorpions were not servant-level creatures. Perhaps even some creatures of the leader level of the pack were not as fierce as these desert monsters!

– What the hell is going on? – spinning between armies of scorpions and foxes.

“They can’t unite and attack us together?” Jiang Yu asked.

At that moment, Jiang Shaoxu loudly replied: “We are not the target of desert wild foxes, just like we are not the target of poisonous fire scorpions!”

Mo Fan looked closer and realized that Jiang Shaoxu was right, desert wild foxes were opposing scorpions. And from the very beginning they agreed on a battle with each other right here!

“The Sahara is really a very scary place, a tribal war is about to break out!”

– Yes, they do not even pay attention to the five of us!

– I think that after all we need to leave here. Let’s give them space to fight, otherwise we will now join the tribal war! Said Zhao Man Yan.

Their number exceeded thousands. As Jiang Yu said, the desert wild foxes were the level of a hundred leader, so even 10 thousand servant-like creatures could crack like seeds.

At the same time, poisonous fire scorpions were also a large tribe, both in strength and in number, they were not inferior to desert wild foxes. Five magicians, located between two tribes of monsters, felt crazy tension!

A sandstorm rose, even the color of the sky began to change. The animals roared, and the five mages between them looked helpless.

Being between the two rival camps, Mo Fan waited for the two armies to fly in and blow them apart, not noticing the magicians, as if they were small worms.

“If we become participants in their battle, then we will not be condemned, since both the warring camps will start killing not each other, but us!” Therefore, we must rather get out of here before they start a war, otherwise we will become sacrificial animals before the start of their battle! Said Zhao Man Yan.

“I also think that we should not stay here,” Mu Ning Xue shook her head.

– No no no! First I use the magic of the spirit to redirect their gaze. Then they will start the fight, not noticing us, ”said Jiang Shaoxu.

Everyone supported Jiang Shaoxu, there was no other way out …

The girl closed her eyes, starting to use the spiritual waves. If only desert wild foxes and poisonous fire scorpions begin to look at each other with the help of the ghostness of the spirit element, then the wizards will be able to avoid massacre.

Only – only Jiang Shaoxu began to disperse the spiritual waves, as they were immediately dispersed by the hatred of both parties.

Jiang Shaoxu’s face turned white and she looked at both warring parties in a frightened way.

– Well, how? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

“There are too many of these animals, their hatred for each other has come together.” My magic element of the spirit was broken by their hostile thoughts! – answered Jiang Shaoxuy.

“Okay, let’s get out of here, before they kill us here!”

– No, we will stay here and protect this piece of land! Neither desert wild foxes, nor poisonous fire scorpions dare to enter this territory! Shouted Mo Fan angrily.

Knowing that he was going to have a fierce battle, Mo Fan had already called on the agile wolf.

In fact, now the agile wolf could cope with only five foxes or scorpions, because, after all, they were the level of the leader of the pack.

– Why do we need to stir up this water, this is a tribal feud …

– In fact, the first time I see such a war of tribes, I do not even know what such a battle looks like. But the Sahara – this is the Sahara, we have not even had time to penetrate deep into the desert, as we were surrounded by warring tribes. Without a high level magical power, you can die right here! Said Jiang Shaoxu.

“It seems to me that high level magic will not help us much either.”

At this point, the confrontation of desert wild foxes and poisonous fire scorpions reached a critical point, the scorpions began the offensive. Huge car-sized scorpions quickly jumped on the sand, leaning heavily on the place where desert foxes were, raising clouds of sand into the air.

– Do not go here, do not go! Your mother, we have not called you here! – Mo Fan raised his head and saw two huge scorpions approaching them.

Scorpion claws were huge. They moved very quickly and could smash the dune on which Mo Fan stood in a couple of seconds.

– Control!

Mo Fan’s eyes changed color to silver. He took control of poisonous fire scorpions and moved them to where the desert wild foxes were.

At first, it seemed to the scorpions that these people were just some small animals and they did not pay any attention to them. But who knew that these “little animals” would repel scorpions!

* Shhhh

Poisonous fire scorpions made a sound calling their comrades to destroy these humans who interfered with the battle.

Soon the closest squad of scorpions went to Mo Fang to solve this problem.

There were 7-8 scorpions in this detachment, their claws were very strong. Like a well-coordinated mechanism, they stuck their paws into the sand, which caused sand to fly apart in different directions, and deep holes remained on the surface of the earth …

Moving in a very quick step, the scorpions uttered a battle cry. They came to these dunes, so that, raising their tail, sting properly these people!

Scorpios released red stings. Wanting to sting the agile wolf, they were behind Mo Fang’s back.

An agile wolf would not be able to withstand so many poisonous fire scorpions!

– Leave it to me!

Zhao Man Yan fearlessly stepped forward using the blessing of light.

The wall of light appeared on all four sides, the spiritual seed of light and the vessel of wooden fish came together, so the magic of the average level of Zhao Man Yang became very strong. Scorpions could not penetrate through this wall of light with their stings and hit the magicians.

Poisonous fire scorpions immediately opened their mouths and released fire flame.

Barkhan caught fire with a poisonous flame. But the flame had no heat, it was not hot at all, on the contrary, the cold from this fire penetrated to the bones!

“What kind of fire are they if they bring cold with them!”

– The defense of the element of water is just here useful!

“This fire has no heat, so why do you need water?” Keep on using the magic of light!

– Do not use anything, I will go and deal with them, and you save our position and do not move anywhere! – Mo Fan was very quick-tempered and annoyed.

But what difference does it make that they have a fire there and why is it not hot at all, you just need to destroy them and be done with it!

Mo Fan jumped high, at this moment his body seemed to be pierced with black and purple lightning. Following this electrical discharge, Mo Fan created the electric field of the lightning seal and two scorpions ended up in this field.

Lightning prints paralyzed creatures, and soon the fast-moving discharges hit the dense scorpion shells!

Two scorpions moved, lying prone on the sand, smoke emanating from them. Mo Fan did not look at them. But only he wanted to start a massacre with other poisonous fire scorpions, as he discovered that these two creatures had disappeared, leaving deep sand pits!

– Not dead? – Mo Fan was not a little surprised. The vitality of these creatures exceeded all expectations of the magician. Usually, battling creatures at the level of the pack leader, lightning 4 levels was enough to kill them!

– Mo Fan, carefully, under your foot! – shouted Mu Ning Xue.

Mo Fan lowered his head and only then noticed that the sand under his feet began to move. The magician began to look around, he saw that quicksand had formed a huge pit more than 10 meters deep. And these quicksand carried Mo Fan right into the center of the sand pit, and inside her two scorpions were already waiting for the guy, as if they were the spiders that created the trap for the fly.

Mo Fan unwittingly raised his eyebrows as a sign of surprise, these scorpions kick back!

These were only two poisonous fire scorpions, but it was already very difficult to cope with them. This meant that in the internecine war between foxes and scorpions, wizards would not have a sweet time!

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