Chapter 1007. Magic of the shadow of the initial level of the sixth step!


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“If you want to destroy me, I will destroy you first!” Said Mo Fan, moving to meet two poisonous fire scorpions.

When scorpions began to attack him, in the eyes of Mo Fan, one could see the glitter of fire.

At the same moment, a column of fire appeared from the shifting sands of the desert, which began to grow sharply before our eyes, throwing two scorpions into the air while shedding them.

And although the bodies of scorpions can withstand fire, the flames of Mo Fan’s magic were so powerful that even these creatures of fire could not withstand it! Mo Fan led his right hand forward, directing magic directly at his opponents.

The silvery magic of space squeezed the scorpions so hard that their insides immediately appeared: their protective armor shells simply cracked, and the blood was now dripping down.

Having dealt with scorpions, Mo Fan, unwittingly, calculated the approximate level of combat capability of the Sahara desert creatures.

Two crowds of creatures appeared, whose numbers approached a thousand …. It’s good that desert wild foxes intervened in the battle, if only people were the target of these creatures, then the magicians would be destroyed in a matter of minutes!

– Mo Fan, come back faster! – heard the voice of Jiang Shaoxuy.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw a girl standing on a sand dune. Three foxes and five fire scorpions fought there, but at some point Jiang Shaoxu became their target!

– Stay there, do not move, I’ll deal with them! – gave orders to Mo Fan.

They now stood in their places hoping to find the boundaries of the desert, so in no case should Jiang Shaoxu be lost!

He immediately turned into a black shadow. Using the mantle of his shadow, his magic looks even more sinister, Mo Fan moved off without making the slightest sound.

Having drowned in the sand, Mo Fan used all the spiritual entities that had been accumulated in his dark talisman to enhance the magic of the shadow!

By the way, the current spell Mo Phan “absorption by the shadow” was already on the fifth stage.

And with the use of the mantle of the shadow, one can say that his spell has increased one more step!

Of course, even without a shadow mantle, the effect of the spell is very strong, but in this way it simply receives the effect of rapid movement.

Now all the magic of absorption by shadow, released by Mo Fan, has noticeably increased, becoming equal to the magic of the sixth step!

This magic of the sixth step is called the “bird of the shadow.” The speed of magic is still limited, but it can no longer be compared with what it was before. Mo Fan, at the same time using the mantle of the shadow, literally turns into a bird, which can easily evade attacks, and if you also release the magic of space, then the magician is not afraid of any hail of bullets and shells!

Of course, if Mo Fan releases the power of the night using the shadow mantle, his magic will increase by two steps at once, and it will already be equated to the magic of the initial level of the eighth step!

In the eyes of people, even the magic of the fourth step is already something outstanding, but it is the element of the shadow that differs in that it can continuously improve, reaching new heights, and the magic of Mo Fanya of the initial level of the eighth step is really something unseen before!

In fact, Mo Fan thought about pumping out the magic of a medium level shadow, however, unfortunately, the effect of using the shadow mantle is more obvious on the magic of the initial level, whereas the shadow spikes cannot bleed so clearly.

Transformed into a bird of shadow, Mo Fan split into four sides (by the way, if the magician wants, he can create an additional three shadows to bring down the opponent to the table).

After a short period of time, Mo Fan came to Jiang Shaoxu, covering the area with his dark breath.

Mo Fan waved his wing, and one could see how the dark energy concentrates and turns into high-speed spikes!

Huge thorns instantly shot down three fire scorpions, which is why they now lay on the sand completely immobilized.

Desert foxes waited at this time …. At some point, their dark silhouettes quickly began to scatter in different directions, which is why the eyes also ran, trying to keep track of them. Farther away, the foxes, firing their claws, began to attack with a death grip!

Jiang Shaoxu, owning an element of light, immediately released magic, trying to resist the creatures.

And although three foxes did not present any particular danger now, you should always remember that there are thousands of similar creatures in these surroundings!

– Thorns of the shadow!

– Thunder!

Mo Fan, having immobilized the creatures with spikes of the shadow, finished them off with lightning magic.

He was well aware that these were creatures of the level of the pack leader, and if they were not killed immediately, then it is likely that they will quickly recover and begin to attack again!

Unfortunately, the lightning element does not have the same stifling effect, as, for example, the poison element. It takes effort to kill animals with lightning.

Of course, spiritual lightning would now be most welcome.

Spiritual seed could increase the power of a lightning strike more than twice. Now, Mo Fan’s rumble of thunder was the fourth step, and the Qianjun seed is no longer enough to kill creatures at the level of the pack leader.

During this time, Mo Fan helped the girl deal with eight animals. The dark talisman loves mass murders most of all – then he has the opportunity to absorb the souls of the victims, turning them into spiritual entities.

“Mo Fan, your shadow magic in the entry level has already reached what level?” Why is she so fast? Zhao Man Yan asked, unable to bear it.

“The fifth step, but with the use of the shadow mantle can reach the sixth,” answered Mo Fan.

– E * at! Yes, in order to enhance the magic of the initial level to the fifth step, at least one hundred million is required! Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan had no idea what treasure was hanging around his friend’s neck.

The dark talisman can not only collect souls at the level of a servant and complete them into spiritual entities – he can also process souls at the level of a pack leader, turning them into spiritual essences worth 20 million!

Any magic for jumping from fourth to fifth level requires the spiritual essence of the level of the pack leader.

To reach the fourth stage, the seven stars of Mo Fan required spiritual entities of the servant level, whereas for breaking through to the fifth stage, the essences of the leaders of the packs were already needed.

Anyway, not every magician can spend more than one hundred million on the seven spiritual entities of the level of the pack leader in order to pump through the magic of the initial level!

Hearing the cries of Zhao Man Yan, Mo Fan did not answer.

Did this all happen at his own request?

Spiritual beings, equipped with a dark talisman, can not be extracted from it and sold. All that Mo Fan can do with them is to let them develop their own magic.

Mo Fan’s element of fire is constantly pumped through the presence of a small heater, so this magic is so powerful that it even stands apart in its inner world. Mo Fan himself is constantly worried about this and is looking for ways to develop lightning magic.

From this point on, he will begin to use all his spiritual essences of their talisman to enhance the stars of lightning, after strengthening the printing of lightning to the fifth step, it is possible to increase the rumble of thunder, too, to the fifth step … How much will his magic increase if he also buys the seed of the lightning element ???

Eager to pump the magic of lightning and seeing how many creatures the level of the pack leader was running around, Mo Fan stepped forward with an important look.

These creatures of the Sahara are not only much stronger than other animals beyond its borders, but the quality of their souls is also much higher than the souls of ordinary magical creatures. About fifty souls form one spiritual entity. It is required to strengthen the 49 stars of thunder rolls with the spiritual entities of the level of the pack leader … the market value of such a breakthrough is about a billion!

“I have enough magical energy, only a flaming fist has a tremendous impact force, which is why waves of vibrations spread around the area, collecting even more animals here …” thought Mo Fan.

After killing one desert fox with thunder, it will be difficult to control the movements of other creatures, and destructive lightning will also only increase their number!

“Apparently, they know that it is difficult for us to fight here, and therefore they are attacking from all sides,” said Jiang Shaoxu.

Prior to this, magicians did not risk releasing high-level magic, fearing the accumulation of even more sand creatures, but now that there are so many creatures at the level of the leader of the pack around them, without high-level magic, they will simply disappear!

– I am still too young and do not want to die in this godforsaken place! Said Mo Fan sternly.

– We have to fight!

– Too many of them. Scorpions more than a hundred and foxes as much! We are blocked on both sides! We should stand aside and aim only at scorpions and desert foxes in order to prevent someone else from attacking, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– It makes sense….

– What are we chatting about? Go kill!

– Yes, go ahead !!!

– I will take over these!

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