Chapter 1008. The magic of high-level calling – huge silver rhinos!


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The moon shone high in the sky, illuminating with its cold light the sandy battlefield. Long-drawn howling foxes flew with the wind around …

Hundreds of animals grew, increasing in number and surrounding uninvited guests. The creatures seemed to hate the magicians, and now their main goal was Mo Fan and the rest.

The aura of high-level magic is very strong, and the beasts understand that these people should not be allowed to let it out for anything!

“Jiang Shaoxuy, and you cannot tell them, using the magic of the spirit, so that they go to fight in another place, that we definitely will not interfere in their disassembly, or let them fight, and we will just stay here?” – asked Zhao Man Yan.

Jiang Shaoxu looked at him as mentally retarded.

It is no longer possible to use the magic of the spirit, since before that she had already tried to do this to pacify the hostile fervor of beasts. Mages have already managed to kill more than a hundred of their brethren, and they just will not lead to the magician’s admonitions!

“It will not work, I will fight back, we are bound hand and foot,” Mo Fan told him.

Mo Fan said this on purpose so as to hint at Zhao Man Yan to protect him better.

Without waiting for the response of Zhao Man Yan, behind the magician’s back, magnificent flaming wings began to flare up, the light of which lit up the sands.

These wings have enormous power, so literally in a few moments can turn Mo Fan into a sizzling fiery shell!

The flames of the wings immediately spread to the desert foxes nearby, why seven or eight individuals literally burned alive, and the high temperature of the region caused the rest to scatter in different directions.

These cunning creatures are really very smart: they waited, and when Mo Fang’s fiery breathing subsided, they immediately began to attack him, releasing their claws!

A lot of sharp claws already glittered around Mo Fan, it’s good that Zhao Man Yan arrived at this moment with his protective light magic.

“I will destroy you all!”

Mo Fan shouted it loudly and loudly, and his wings had already turned into thousands of fiery phoenix feathers that were heading towards the foxes!

The fire phoenix caught up with ten beasts, and his numerous feathers only helped him in this pursuit.

At this time, one fiery cloud began to rise above the sands … now the foxes had no way out, because in a few moments they turned to dust …

“Mo Fan, behind you …” Jiang Shaoxu warned.

Mo Fan took a breath. He turned and found two powerful poisonous fire scorpions that were already several meters away from him, intending to attack!

* Myaayayayuuuuuuuuu

A dark little silhouette slipped in front of his eyes like a wind, shredding these scorpions into pieces!

– Respond quickly, thank you, cat! – with an involuntary smile said Mo Fan, looking at the little night raksha, descended on the sand.

The eyes of the night rakshasa looked at Mo Fan, they were so round, as if they were looking at a fire around a guy.

– Well, how do you want to be compared with my girl? – asked Mo Fan.

“Määyau,” the night rakshash arrogantly lifted his face.

– coming. If I use incarnation, then all my other elements will slow down noticeably, and there are too many opponents! Get out, come out! – said the magician.

A small fire hat was instantly blown out, engulfed in a brown flame of a fire threat, its hot breath carried over a radius of one hundred meters, bringing down the power of the commander-in-chief beast to sly desert foxes.

In normal times, a hot dog behaves like a little girl: like a little doll she sits on her daddy’s shoulder, frolicking.

Only here during the battle she takes on a more frightening appearance, becoming like a real fire starter.

She was almost as tall as Ling Ling.

Of course, against the background of the silent night rakshasa, it is too noticeable, and its power has already reached the strength of the animal commander-in-chief.

The night rakshash is also very strong – an animal with a pretense of the commander-in-chief’s power, but still it is a little under-fit to this level, so if he makes a leap in development, he will definitely be on a par with the commanders-in-chief!

The night rakshass now belongs to the “secondary” commander-in-chief, he can easily disperse the creatures of the leader’s level, but he cannot fight with the real commander-in-chief yet.

Heterca already at the level of commanders.

Little Hetera just waved her hand, and a fiery lotus immediately appeared on the sand, which instantly covered every creature with a sizzling flame.

Mo Fan fought separately from his pet, alternately releasing the magic of various elements along with other guys.

Zhao Man Yan, Jiang Yu, Jiang Shaoxu held positions, waiting for the beings to come closer.

Mo Fang is a little different: he himself can go straight into the crowd of opponents, overwhelmed by his hot temperament and fighting spirit.

Of course, Mu Ning Xue with his elemental sphere can also easily fight, being directly in the crowd of creatures, only, unfortunately, among the sands her magic of the ice element is not as effective as usual.

That is why she did not rush into battle, but kept together with the other three guys, while Mo Fan beat hard.

Mo Fan took over the extermination of desert wild foxes.

Poisonous scorpions belong to the elemental creatures of fire, therefore, in order to fry them with a good flame it is necessary to spend a lot of strength.

The fire party and the night rakshass were on a separate side – they, like Mo Fan, fought right in the crowd of opponents.

– Mo Fan, miss, I want to open the invocatory space! Shouted Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan didn’t react at first, but then suddenly remembered how, in one of the offices of the state security, he ran into high-level summoning magic and turned his head in fear.


As a result, from the space seemed a whole herd of huge silver rhinos, whose growth exceeded 20 meters – just like a high-rise building! Their bodies were covered with thick silver shells, and around the district there was such a roar that piles of sand shook with this tramp!

Mo Fan’s face changed dramatically, and he immediately hastened to turn into a bird of shadow.

It is good that Jiang Yu, thinking about other members of the team, warned Mo Fang about this, otherwise he would first put fear in his pants, and then he would be simply trampled!

High level summoning magic is a summoning of a whole herd of huge creatures far from a low level. Desert foxes immediately frightened, knowing what awaits them.

Seeing the reaction of desert foxes, Mo Fan even envied such magic.

The high level in the call can drastically change the degree of combat ability of the magician – in any case, desert foxes are no longer eager to attack the magicians!

“Apparently, they are very weak in the conduct of the battle, I will try to increase the general panic among them with the help of the magic of the spirit,” said Jiang Shaoxu, seeing the reaction of animals around Jiang Yu’s high-level magic and deciding to add fuel to the fire.

– Then hurry up, these animals will not stay here for long! – said Jiang Yu.

The duration of the summoning of a herd of huge silver rhinos directly depended on the reserves of magical energy of Jiang Yu, which was exhausted extremely quickly.

Jiang Shaoxu began to dispel a panic in the heads of desert wild foxes, causing the latter, seized by fear, to descend.

This fight could go on forever … It is much more difficult to kill animals at the level of the leader of the pack, than to bomb the servants, now by joint efforts the magicians were able to kill only about four hundred animals, and even longer they simply will not survive …

– It seems to work! Jiang Yu, hold on a little longer! – said Jiang Shaoxu, continuing to spread spiritual waves …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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