Chapter 1009. Going beyond the boundaries of the desert


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The wandering gaze of a man who was sitting on the back of a winged animal went off into the distance, where the sands of the Sahara meet with water.

“Teacher Devon, did you hear what I just said?” – asked a female magician of about 30, turning to him.

– BUT? What did you just say? – The magician just came to himself.

“We have heard the news that strange sandstorms are observed on the outskirts of the Sahara, which, according to staff, are not at all similar to those of natural origin,” said the sorceress, who wore glasses.

– Is there something amazing in this? Sahara itself is not an ordinary place, so we will not look for reasons. Now we have to move on to rescue people, ”said another magician, on whose head was a white cotton piece.

– In truth, if the team is headed not by Teacher Devon himself, we would never agree to enter this endless desert labyrinth, because he once was able to get out of there!

A magician named Devon still said nothing.

In truth, he himself did not want to go there, really did not want to!

“Look down, it seems there is a person there,” said one of the team, which all rushed down.

It turned out that an unconscious man was lying on the sand. Judging by the shape of the body, it was a woman.

Devon said something quietly to the winged pet, and this beast, flapping its huge wings, slowly sank down into the sands.

A female magician with glasses approached this girl, carefully testing her breath.

“Still alive, it seems … she’s Asian, did the magical association send you in search of a member of the Chinese team?” – said Scar.

Scar took out water to water a girl that had not yet recovered.

After a sip of pure fresh water, Nan Jue began to slowly regain consciousness.

After she regained consciousness, the girl naturally began to look around, knowing that her original location had changed.

Obviously, Nan Jue was immediately confessed about Mo Fang and the rest of the guys.

She stood on the outskirts of the desert and gave the children signals, but now that she lost consciousness, it was clear that the magicians got lost in the sands.

– I have to go! Said Nan Jue, rising. She tried to run, but her body was still very weak, and she was just shaking from side to side.

– Do not rush, tell us first what happened? Why were you unconscious here? Scar asked.

“A beast appeared on the outskirts of the desert, he attacked me … sorry, could you take me there?” My friends on the team are still there, and I cannot fight this beast alone, ”Nan Juee pleaded.

– Do not worry so much, our teacher Devon is a magician of the highest level, and he is like no one else perfectly oriented within the boundaries of the desert. “If your friends have not yet managed to go deep into the desert, nothing will happen to them,” said a man with a white turban on his head.

The highest level mage Devon still kept silence. His face was gloomy, as he himself knew that he was not.

Silvery rhinos of the highest level magic Jiang Yu along with the magic of the spirit Jiang Shaoxu had the necessary effect: desert wild foxes were scared in earnest, having ceased to attack.

The magic of the spirit was also reflected in the poisonous fire scorpions, which now went to the dunes, but they were not going to retreat.

– Well and what is it? Intermission in the middle of a fight? – said Mo Fan, who saw that the animals on both sides of him literally froze, not even thinking of dumping.

“Probably, their commander-in-chief decided that there was no point in such a carnage.”

Animals from all sides did not think to fight again, to retreat was not included in their plans either, in the district only their low roar was heard, because of which Mo Fan and the others felt in disarray.

At this moment, out of nowhere, a humming sound began to rise over the sands, the sound of which more resembled the sound of an ancient Chinese plucked instrument. It turned out to be a magic signal that indicated the direction to the children.

Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Yu almost cried from this signal!

Saved! Saved! Nan Jue finally announced!

– Come, go soon! These two crowds of beasts will soon begin to fight again, ”Jiang Shaoxu screamed.

Five people rushed to run, that was piss. However, when there were still only a few hundred meters, the sands around the children went bumps, and from there, one after another, poisonous fire scorpions began to appear.

There were also dark-gray lightning that foretold the pursuit of desert foxes.

– Pi * dec! Jiang Shaoxu, are you sure that there was any sense in your magic? Why do I have the impression that they are going to destroy us? Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

Desert foxes and poisonous scorpions are now sweeping behind them – just the picture that they definitely did not want to see!

“I … I myself do not know why they rushed after us so quickly,” Jiang Shaoxu replied.

Mo Fan was in the tail, so at first he used lightning magic to somehow block these creatures, and then he activated the mantle of the shadow completely, completely detached from the team.

– Soon!

– Retreat!

Mo Fan led the way and the magic of space literally threw four foxes into the air.

– I think I see Nan Jue!

– Glory to the gods! Mo Fan, do not get involved in the battle, quickly get away! – shouted Zhao Man Yan.

Desert creatures surrounded the children, as if they had unleashed their huge den. In the end, having received injuries of varying severity, the magicians hurried to the outskirts of the desert.

The sand was already beginning to cast a golden color, which meant – the outskirts of the desert was near.

The guys first saw Nan Jue, and then made out several of the magicians next to her. These mages stared at the children intently, but their faces changed dramatically when they saw two more huge crowds of desert beasts rushing after them!

Nan Jue, having seen this picture, was also stupefied. How could they get out of there and even drag such a crowd of creatures at the level of the pack leader behind them ?!

– What’s happening? Has it not been said that these animals can only be in the territory of their element, we are already outside the desert, why are they still pursuing us?

– Hurry, run!

Nobody wanted to get involved in this meaningless battle, so everyone just turned around and ran.

The highest level mage Devon released the magic of the wind. The dark blue wind flow literally picked up the rest of the magicians, speeding them up noticeably. If the others had not released their magic at that time, they would have blown away even faster.

The wind helped the guys, and now at last nobody was chasing them. Only now everyone was able to calmly sigh.

– What happened? Shouldn’t it be safer on the edge of the desert? How did you manage to drag two whole flocks of animals? Okay, there would be one, but two … – Nan Jue strictly asked.

“You think we ourselves wanted this?” In order to stay in our previous positions, we had to release magic! And if you still did not release your signal, we would have perished among these sands, said Jiang Yu.

– All this time you did not leave your seats? – with surprise in her voice asked Nan Jue.

– Yes, even when we saw the sandstorm, we still did not dare to leave, and, apparently, not in vain, because you still pulled us out.

Devon, listening to the dialogues of the guys, ceased his silence: “You did the only right way. In the desert, the only sure method to stay alive is not to move from the point where you have to stand, otherwise the probability of not seeing the signal direction is great. ”

Everyone unwittingly looked at Jiang Shaoxuy, that all the time she continued to stand at her point, waiting.

“Have you seen other mages?” Scar asked.

– I saw only fragments of their tents somewhere at a distance of 5-6 kilometers away. I couldn’t see anything else, ”answered Mo Fan.

“I think they are somewhere in that area.” We are responsible for the rest, you still stay here, rest a bit, but don’t go far – we may still need your help, ”said Skar.

The most important thing is that there is a clue, without this there is nothing to do in the desert. Without a given basic direction of search, the mission to save people becomes just a waste of time.

“I hope that they, like you, adhere to some guidelines,” said the highest level magician Devon.

“By the way, did you just say that you saw a sandstorm?” – again asked Scar.

– Yes, and it was some kind of very strange storm ….

– Sandstorms are common, you should not pay them much attention. The weather here is always terrible, but here’s the amazing beast Nan Zue saw — what is that all about? Eyes in the sand? – asked the magician in a white turban.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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