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In the foggy forest, Chu Xingyun plunges deep into the forest.

Just after a melee, Li Yi’s ruthless make a move, his body has been extremely weak at this moment, but in order to avoid another round of siege, Chu Xingyun must leave this region as soon as possible.

In the depths of the foggy forest, although it is full of Spirit Beast, it is equally dangerous, but Chu Xingyun is more willing to face these 狰狞Spirit Beast than the insidious people like Li Chen.

As night fell, the foggy forest shrouded by the night gradually calmed down.

Chu Xingyun found a hidden tree hole and stepped into it, immediately entering the inner space of the Samsara stone.


The body is soaked in the Blood Pond, and endless vitality flows into the body, repairing the body’s injuries at an extremely terrifying speed.

Chu Xingyun opened his eyes, and when he thought about what he had experienced today, he was filled with a cold chill.

“Li Chen, Li Yi, I hate this hatred.” Chu Xingyun squinted his eyes and his voice was cold.

Today, if Shui Qianyue is surrounded by him, Chu Xingyun will not be so angry. The hatred between him and Shui Qianyue is too deep. It is normal for the other party to do everything possible to get rid of him.

But Li Chen and Li Yi, Chu Xingyun did not know, let alone hate.

These two people, for the so-called remuneration, are everywhere for him, not only to accompany the killing, but also to say that black and white are reversed, so that Chu Xingyun bears shameless reputation and is cold-eyed.

The new hatred and hate, while being filled with in my heart, really makes Chu Xingyun angry!

“This make a move, they did not get any cheap, but also lost a few people in vain, the heart must be full of grievances, in the future single days, will definitely make a move again.”

“That’s good, let this game continue, who is the deer, not necessarily!”

Chu Xingyun’s eyes chilled, jumped out of the Blood Pond, and immediately sat down and entered the cultivate state.

During the day, Chu Xingyun continued to go deep into the forest and continually hunted Spirit Beast; at night, he was looking for a hidden place to enter the Samsara stone.

This kind of life is boring, but it is extremely fulfilling.

In a twinkling of an eye, it is the fifth day of the five new Wufu disciplines entering the foggy forest.

Half of the assessments have passed, and most of the new sections have not gone deep into the forest. Instead, they have found a place to sculpt with Spirit Beast and wait for the last two days.

Of course, there are also some new sections that love adventure and continue to go deep into the foggy forest.

At this time, in the depths of the forest, there are three new sections slowly moving. They carefully look around and look particularly cautious.

A hurricane suddenly swept away, letting their faces condense, looking back, but saw a huge black bull rushing wildly, wherever the ancient tree was hit into two pieces, the strength is extremely terrifying.

“Black iron is very bullish!” The eyes of the three men passed a trace of surprise.

The cultivation base of this black iron bull has reached Spirit Gathering Fourth Level days, and its defense is amazing and powerful. Even the Martial Artist of Spirit Gathering Fifth Level will feel extremely tricky.

The three faces were ugly, and they did not dare to collide with the black iron bulls. When they were ready to escape, they found that the black iron bulls did not kill them, but swept from the side.

What surprised them even more was that behind the black iron bull, there was a figure flashing fast, and the speed was extremely fast, and people were somewhat unclear.

“Wind and Thunder!” a cold voice, spit out from the mouth of the figure, and immediately, the three saw a few Wind and Thunder sword light cut through the air, move towards black iron bulls.

These sword lights, as if they were long eyes, completely blocked the black iron bulls’ evasive route.

The sword light descended, and the black iron bull was immediately mourning, like the hard skin of the black iron tearing open, spewing out a large piece of fresh blood.

Looking at the figure again, I jumped from the trunk and hit the front of the black iron bull. I actually took the long sword in my hand and raised my fists high, bombarding the head of the black iron bull.


The boxing wind burst, and the trees around it shook slightly. Then, under the horror of the three people, the black iron bull was smashed, and the huge body fell softly and there was no life.

“Black iron bulls have always been known for their defense. This guy, with just one punch, will kill him to death?” The hearts of the three men were full of shock, and the pupils were tightened.

Just beginning, this figure of the sword technique, has already made them stunned, very fierce, can easily tear the hard skin of the black iron bull, causing no small harm.

Therefore, they all thought that this person must be a Talent Sword Cultivator, and the sword technique is unparalleled.

But the scene just now, but subverted their thoughts, that person, do not rely on the sharp sword technique, just use a pair of meat fists, it will easily kill the black iron cattle.

“Sword technique and physical fitness have reached such an amazing degree. Is there such a character in the newly-distributed of the five major military houses?” The three men finally came back and looked around, wanting to see this. Human style.

It is a pity that the man has already left, leaving only a cold iron corpse of black iron bulls, telling the amazing scene just now.

This figure is naturally Chu Xingyun.

At this moment, he stood on the trunk and looked at the corpse of the black iron bull. The corner of his mouth showed a smile of satisfaction.

After the pain of this single days, he has successfully stepped into the Spirit Gathering Second Level realm, and his strength has once again improved, and it is easy to kill the terrifying Spirit Beast such as Black Iron Bull.

However, Chu Xingyun is more pleased with the strength of own than the progress on the cultivation base.

With the help of life source blood essence, he has completed the First Level realm cultivation of “Destroy Body Tempering 诀”, and only needs one opportunity to enter the Second Level!

“The Dead Tempering 诀” is divided into Ninth Level realm. The more you go up, the stronger you are. If I can step into the Second Level realm, I will be able to fight again if I meet Li Yi again. Fight!” Chu Xingyun thought of Li Yi’s ugly face, and there was coldness in his body, stepping out and continuing to look for Spirit Beast to hunt.

At the same time, on an open space in the foggy forest.

Li Chen and several new disciplines gathered together and looked into the distance, seemingly waiting for someone.

Xiū xiū xiū !

A few voices broke through the air. In a few moments, in front of them, there was an extra group. These people were contaminated with animal blood, and the spirits rolled over, which seemed to be a bit of iron.

“The four people are killing one person. Instead, they are chased and killed. Li Chen, you really make me look at each other.” Among the pedestrians, a gloomy and cold youth came out, and there was a strong sarcasm in the voice.

“You didn’t tell me in advance that Chu Xingyun has a long sword of Magic Item level. If I prepared in advance, I would have killed him.” Li Chen’s face somber, hurriedly defended himself.

“Is it?” The gloomy and cold youth sneered, seemingly not convinced of Li Chen, still mocking.

Li Chen was biting his teeth and just wanted to get angry. The pedestrian walked out of a pretty shadow, wearing white clothed, eyes like charm, and it was Shui Qianyue.

“Our goal this time is to assassinate Chu Xingyun, not to provoke an infighting. This Chu Xingyun is very weird. Every once in a while, the strength will be greatly improved. You must make a move immediately, and you can’t drag it anymore.” Shui Qianyue eyes are dignified.

Hearing this, Li Chen and the gloomy and cold youths closed their mouths, and everyone looked at each other. Immediately, they suddenly moved toward the depths of the forest, and there was no trace in the blink of an eye.

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