Chapter 1010. Is the Sandy Evil Spirit the Strongest?


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We can assume that they have completed their task. To avoid falling into the desert trap again, they moved away from the lost desert world and set up a tent again. The team needed a break to rest and heal their wounds.

When asked about her disappearance, Nan Jue told them that she had been attacked.

– I saw a strange creature, around his body like a lot of stones and sand. He was like a sand demon and made sounds similar to human speech. His eyes were also human. He was focused and very angry. It seems that it was the spirit of the deceased, thirsting for revenge. With each of its movement sand whirls appeared. He pursued me for a very long time and I had to go far from my place. The most strange thing is that he did not try to kill me, but simply pursued. I was completely exhausted, – Nan Jue recalled with fear the incident.

The creature was very strong. Nan Jue understood that if it wanted to kill her, it could only wave her arm and direct the force of the sandstorm that surrounded him directly at her. That would be enough. But the demon never did so, driving Nan Jue away.

“This world is full of strange phenomena,” said Zhao Man Yan.

“Are you sure it was human speech?” Jiang Yu asked seriously.

– Sure. But I don’t know what that language was, ”Nan Jue replied.

– Is the elemental evil spirit? – thought Jiang Yu.

– What is it?

“Do you remember the monk from the Yanmin temple?” That damn ghost from a wooden fish totem vessel?

– How can you forget it, that spirit was very angry!

– After the death of a monk, his soul settled in a powerful vessel. There she turned into an evil spirit. If the soul of a dead person dwells in any vessel full of elemental energy, then it is quite likely that it will turn into an elemental evil spirit. Most likely Nan Jue met the elemental evil spirit – the sandy evil spirit. Now it is clear why a sandstorm has overtaken everyone in these lands, for sure it is his work! – Jiang Yu convincingly explained.

Having met Yanim’s spirit from a totem-shaped vessel in a Japanese temple, Jiang Yu diligently studied all the information related to ghosts and evil spirits.

Listening to Jiang Yu, Nan Jue glanced at Mo Fang and said in a low voice:

“If so, then is the mother of the fiery hot woman, the ardent witch Jiang Feng also a spontaneous evil spirit?”

Despite the fact that these creatures are spirits and have great power, in many ways they still behave like humans. As Jiang Yu said, the elemental evil spirits in the past were magician people. After death, their soul wanders in search of a new refuge, and having found it, it is reborn in a new form!


In short, this case was settled and there was nothing else to worry about. A wizard of the highest level, well acquainted with the lost world of the desert without any problems, coped with the sandy evil spirit.

Mo Fan lay in a tent and carefully counted the loot.

He killed so many creatures of the level of the pack leader. Now there were five entities in his talisman. This time he will spend it to strengthen his lightning element stars.

You need to get two more entities, and then his magic of the print of lightning will reach the fifth level.

Mo Fan wanted to start cultivating, but he heard the whistle of the wind, unusual breathing was everywhere.

Mo Fan and the others jumped out of the tent. They were horrified to find that the yellow sands in front of the lost world of the desert rose and raged, forming a sandy mudflow. Seeing this, everyone was horrified!

– It seems this stream will reach us soon! Shouted Jiang Yu in panic.

– We leave, we leave! We need to get out of here!

Realizing that the stream was moving toward them, everyone gathered their things without hesitation and ran towards the Mediterranean.

They ran one, two, three kilometers … My heart is about to jump out of my chest! And the sand flow has become even closer !!

This sand disaster was several times more powerful than the previous one! It seemed that the flow blocked the sky and the earth.

– Take a look !!

The sky towards the sea was still blue, but from the back above the desert the whole sky was yellow with sand!

At the top of a high sandy wave was visible a silhouette, arrogantly towering in the sky.

It was like the creature that Nan Jue described. He was covered in a train of sand, his eyes were consciously looking at them and were full of hatred. The sand waves were his masterpiece, he was the leader of a powerful sand force, and she was an integral part of it!

Nan Jue saw a creature standing on top of a wave. Her heart pounded wildly.

This sandy evil spirit was even worse than the one she met. Such a force can only be a creature above the level of the commander! Even the commander could not call such a powerful sandy element as this sandy evil spirit did. Sand waves captured an area of several tens of kilometers!

They ran without stopping until the sea seemed ahead.

It seems even the sea will not stop it! Soon the whole sea surface will be filled with sand!

The coastline was originally a beautiful sandy beach, but because of the storm all the sand rose into the air and settled in shallow water. As if the whole Sahara rushed into the sea, trying to expand its territory and move the water back!

– Bl * d! What is this monster? He is very strong!

In the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Mo Fan sat on the calling water beast Jiang Yu and waited for the others.

Because of the sandstorm, the coastline moved further and further. This damn spirit is to blame!

They still remembered the mad eyes of the spirit, in the midst of a yellow sky …

“They … they couldn’t get out?” – Jiang Shaoxu said calmly, looking at the desert stretching in the distance.

– It seems like a good thing that we are divided.

– How terrible! I will never again go to the Sahara in my life. Even the highest level mage could not get out.

They did not know whether they were lucky or the group of rescuers were very unlucky. Sand disaster spread throughout the desert, got to their safe place, and even overwhelmed part of the sea!

The roar of a sandy evil spirit did not bode well for those who could not escape.


On this trip, the Sahara Desert became a real test for all. Despite the great profits, they will never return to this desert!

And the tribal feud of desert creatures, and sandstorms – all this left an unpleasant aftertaste in their soul.

A group of mages went along the coastline towards Egypt to meet with the local team.

Upon arrival in Egypt, the mentors gave them an appropriate reward, and the Magic Association of Africa in turn called several local residents to interrogate what had happened in the desert.

Judging by their nervousness, no one from the group of students or the group of rescuers headed by the magician of the highest level – none of them has ever appeared.

If you recall, the sandy evil spirit attacked only after the arrival of the local …

“It seems that the highest-level magician is somehow connected with that person who has become a sandy spirit …” said Nan Jue.

A few days have passed since the ambassadors of events in the desert, but they still could not stop thinking about it.

“Who knew that the arrival of rescuers would provoke such a disaster!” – Jiang Shao Xu sighed.

“What level do you think this spirit was?” I think this is the strongest creature that can exist! – asked Zhao Man Yan.

“Most likely this is a mid-level or high-level commander,” Mo Fang said.

– Why? – he tried to try.

Everyone unwittingly looked at Mo Fang, sharing the interest of Zhao Man Yan. All tormented by the same question. The sandy spirit of the Sahara turned out to be one of the most powerful creatures on Earth! He could control an area of several tens of kilometers and covered about ten kilometers of sea space with sand!

“I saw the peak of the power of the commanders, this sandstorm should be one step lower,” Mo Fan replied easily.

– Do not fool us! We are serious! It seems that all over the world there is no stronger than this sandy evil spirit!

– If you think so, you are deeply mistaken! I tell you, in our country there are at least two people capable of precipitating this sand spirit! – answered Mo Fan.

– And who is it?

Mo Fan mysteriously smiled. When he saw Mu Ning Xue’s questioning look and realized that she also wanted to know the answer, he could not stand it.

– I can only say that one lives in Hangzhou, and the other in the ancient capital.

– Hangzhou ?? You do not mean that giant snake, which appeared once on the market? I heard that he beat a big silver eagle like a small child. Yes, it seems the gritty evil spirit is even stronger than the defender of Hangzhou. And in the ancient capital … is it really that corpse of the level of a commander, a rocky tyrant who almost destroyed the whole city? – after the words of Jiang Yu, everyone cheered up.

“Are they really stronger than the gritty spirit?”

– Exactly!

Mo Fan was sure, because he personally met with these creatures.

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