Chapter 1011: Fairy Temple Girl


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Mo Fan and Mu Ning Xue were rewarded with conversations with members of the Egyptian government.

It is not clear where the overconfidence came from, that they are the strongest of all. The forces of the state guard of Egypt were so-so.

Mo Fanyu, Mu Ning Xue, Jiang Yu, Zhao Man Yanu, Jiang Shaoxu and Nan Jue told the six wizards that they received the state security badge of Egypt.

“We should already have enough state security badges,” Nan Jue carefully counted the badges. This training was quite successful for them. In addition to the ill-fated Peru badge, they managed to conquer all the state security badges from other countries, even the United States badge, but they had a very strong team.

– Egypt was our last mission. Now we can go to Venice, right? – with hope asked Mu Tinin.

They have come such a long way, almost a world tour! Now they are closer to their goal – Venice. All past failures, blunders and mistakes – all this is nothing. The main thing is to reveal all your possibilities at the main competition in Venice. Their victory will overshadow all that was in the past!

– By the way, what task did the mentors give this time? – asked Li Kaifeng.

“Egypt, and what else … isn’t Egyptian undead?”

– Not! Most of all I hate everything related to the dead!


The world’s most famous undead habitat: one is in the ancient capital of China, the other is in Egypt. Egyptian pyramids are teeming with the dead, this is the main place of concentration of souls of the dead. All the undead of Egypt are within a hundred kilometers of the pyramids.

It can be said that it is a city-state of the undead. Pyramids – as the main fortress, and a hundred kilometers around – as the territory of the country. And the most interesting thing about this is that the dead cannot leave these territories.

……… ..

Mentors did not allow them to leave Egypt, but instead sent to the town of Pusini, located two hundred kilometers from Cairo.

The town still has an ancient Egyptian dialect. The city would be surrounded by a stone wall, all the streets and houses of the town were completely lined with stone.

Egypt was full of dead – dead magicians. But all magicians of the element of necromancy are strictly forbidden to summon undead, unless absolutely necessary. In this world, ordinary people still prevail, not everyone can calmly survive the encounter with a decaying evil creature. If it were not for the ban, they would have to live in constant fear, side by side with such creatures.

At this time, the task of mentors was not entirely clear. Judging by their description, this area is very similar to the Japanese city of Tokai – a solid arena for training. They should spend some time here.

Mentors believed that when faced with various types of magic, students develop their ability to adapt and improve the speed of reaction.

“How strange, there are so many people with injuries,” walking along the street, Mo Fan noticed that here and there someone was carrying a wounded man. This is not just one or two cases …

– Before coming here, I heard the Egyptians say that there is always restlessness in this city. Something seems to have happened, ”said Nan Jue.

Then they saw how several magicians of the wind element, capturing white stretchers, neatly ran towards the main street.

On a stretcher lay a man completely wrapped in white cloth. All the fabric was covered in red spots of blood and with each shake the blood dripped down and ran down the gaps between the stones.

– That person has no legs. I noticed a wound, as if his legs were blown off! Said Guan Yu.

Both legs were torn off. This is a terrible pain, such suffering is hard to endure! The jagged edges of the wound looked awful …

Moreover, with great blood loss, a person could die quickly …

More and more wounded people were brought to the crossroads.

This long road stretched from the mountain itself on the southern side of the city, for one kilometer a brisk movement was visible.

Apparently, this was the main road of the city, but the cars were forbidden to drive here. The wounded were carried into white tents on both sides of the street.

It seems that their goal, indicated by the mentors, was an area with luxurious golden tents, their roofs were joined together. It is good that a camp was built on the southern square of the city that can accommodate more than a thousand people. The camp was guarded by military magicians.

“This sign …” Nan Rongni saw a flower ball emblem on the top of one of the tents.

This sign was designed so that from any side you could see a similar pattern of petals and peduncles, which combined into one flower ball.

If you see this sign, it means that there is a world famous huge organization here. This sign is impossible to fake!

The circle of knowledge of Mo Fan was rather narrow. He had no idea what this flower ball meant. Judging by the tone of Nan Junny, she was very interested in this organization. Her eyes filled with awe.

“I will help you reduce pain, but you have to calm down and tell me how you got hurt.” This will help me to choose a more effective treatment, ”came a soft, gentle voice.

Most likely, her voice was magical, because the man with his legs torn off immediately calmed down, as if he did not feel pain.

“I met … met with poisonous golden mummies.” One of the dead grabbed me, and the other clutched at my legs with claws, and I lost consciousness. I woke up already here. I know you used the magic of the spirit, forcing me to temporarily forget about the pain. Can my legs still be saved? It is said that healers cannot heal the wounds made by mummies. Moreover, you are so young … – the talking magician, a member of the magical association, completely lost heart.

“I’ll cure you completely,” the girl smiled softly.

The assistant standing next to me frowned. Isn’t he too arrogant? Obviously, she does not possess such strength and will not be able to cure him!

Doesn’t he see his condition? He should thank this girl for his life!

The wounded man had no particular hopes. He just lay there quietly, his sore red eyes still not bounced back. He began to regret his action. For several years he had not participated in battles with magical creatures and got a stable job in the Magic Association. What is the punishment for him? He vowed never to meet these damned dead again.

The pain in the lower half of the body gradually made itself felt, the injured magician began to complain …

He already wanted to blame the intern who treated him, but then he noticed that his severed legs began to grow!

Exactly! What was happening could be described as growth! Damaged blood vessels, bones and muscles gradually recovered, connecting with severed limbs.

The milky-white shining substance easily slipped off the girl’s snow-white hand. The sacred radiance of fluid possessed a life-giving energy. Thanks to him, the severed legs of the magician merged with the body at a staggering speed.

The magician could not believe his eyes …

The muscles were fully restored, the skin was overgrown, and now, his legs were completely healthy! Not even a single scar left! The magician was clearly shocked.

He held a rather high position in the Magic Association and met magician-healers many times. As far as he understood. There was not a single mage in the whole city who could cure him. Poisonous golden mummies are dangerous because the wounds from their hands are not sensitive to healing magic. The breath of death remains forever in scars and wounds.

But his wounds are completely healed !!

After the magic of the spirit had completely dispersed, he felt completely normal, as if nothing had happened and there were no injuries!

This is a miracle! A real miracle!

The magician was very excited, and could not recover from joy. Not a trace remains from his former state. He did not know what words to pick up in order to express his gratitude to his beautiful savior, messing about something with emotion.

– You need a good rest, the muscles will still recover for a while. During the next day, you can’t make sudden movements and put pressure on your legs, ”the healer girl explained to the magician gently, she was also tactful and calm.

– One day?? Only one day, and I will be healthy? – The magician could not believe in his happiness.

– That’s awesome! Such a severe wound, and she immediately cured him !! – people nearby exclaimed in surprise.

– Amazing! I have never seen such a strong magician-healer!

Hearing the enthusiastic cries of people, the assistant standing nearby smiled haughtily and said:

“I told you that she is from the temple of the Parthenon fairies, they possess the most perfect healing skills in the world!”

– Temple fairies! She is from the temple of fairies!

– Not surprising. So young, and already a magician from the temple of the fairies. Awesome!

The girl healer was very modest, and calmly reacted to the boast of people. And this blockhead standing nearby, on the contrary, straightened up proudly and turned up his nose.


– Wow! Why does this girl seem familiar to me? – suddenly said Zhao Man Yan.

Having said this, he turned around and pointedly looked at Mo Fang.

Mo Fan all this time carefully watched the girl healer.

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