Chapter 1012. Are there women defenders?


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Long black hair randomly dropped to the waist of the girl. Her snow-white skin, calmness and natural plasticity made her look so familiar even more.

Her little mouth was smiling. And although the cardinal changes in the girl did not happen, her inner self-control and graceful restraint did not allow to divert attention from herself!

Mo Fan stood in his place, digesting what was happening.

Seeing her for the first time, he immediately recognized her, only now this girl was immediately conspicuous.

At that moment, Mo Fan had the feeling that she was a bit different from what she knew before: now she had a confident strong personality in front of him.

This is Xin Xia!

Is it really Xin Xia?

Not even a year has passed, and she has already been able to change so much! And there was no trace left of that weak girl who constantly needed custody and protection, and there were no signs of the simplicity that is inherent in the family from which she came out. Now Xin Xia looked like she was a scion of a rich intelligent family!

Mo Fan was just numb.

– Ning Xue? How did you get here? – exclaimed the girl.

Mu Ning Xue, who also saw her, was visibly surprised.

– Xin Xia? – Mu Ning Xue looked at Mo Fang with interest. She just now realized that Xin Xia was the healing sorceress whom everyone at that time admired around.

– Brother Mo … Mo Fan! – only at this moment Xin Xia saw her brother, that she was standing in the distance, and all this time she was closely watching her, never taking her eyes off.

The girl’s snow-white face immediately lit up with a girlish smile, and her face began to blush at the emotion that was overwhelming her.

If it were possible, she just ran with all her strength towards Mo Fanyu, pressed strongly to his chest … but she couldn’t do that, because her hands were supposed to regulate the movement of the wheelchair, and only the bright pupils of the girl gave an inner thrill .

Who would have thought that they would meet here!

Mo Fan, having seen her reaction, only now finally believed that it was her!

This is true Xin Xia!

If you think carefully, Xin Xia in fact always behaves very restrained in the presence of other people, and only next to Mo Fang can she again allow herself to become a little girl, next to her own person she doesn’t have to pretend and be afraid to lose face.

Mo Fan approached her, sank down and kissed her forehead.

– What are you doing? How can you be so impolite? Do you have any idea how such an appeal to a servant of a fairy temple can be classified? – in the ear of Mo Fan, there was a cry of a man.

Mo Fan raised his head and calmly said, “I kiss my woman! This is not your business! ”

– Your woman?! It’s disgusting! I am the protector of the Parthenon Kulun, and I cannot allow such a relationship to the servant I accompany, I must fight with you right now! Shouted a man loudly, who called himself Kulun himself.

In the head of Mo Fan, against the background of this old-fashioned chivalrous behavior, only a few words surfaced: “He is sick, his mother!”

– Kulun, do not be so responsive. This is my elder brother, whom I told you about, ”said Xin Xia in a soft voice.

She understood perfectly well that Mo Fan would not simply abandon this situation, but would only begin to complicate her intensely.

– Older brother? – Kulun looked doubtfully at the guy.

Mo Fan looked like a real hooligan, so Kulun could not immediately believe that Xin Xia, an intelligent and educated person, could live with such a spin. How can there be such a difference between brother and sister?

“If you really are her older brother, then I can apologize.” However, being her elder brother, why call her “his woman”? You have to distinguish between these concepts, – Kulun was still looking intently at Mo Fang.

“You understood everything correctly, she is my younger sister, and also my woman,” Mo Fan answered in the affirmative.

Kulun at this moment began to boil in earnest. Does he really not know how much the servants of the temple of the fairies are honored and respected? You can not call the servant that his sister, then his woman!

Xin Xia guessed that this would be the case, she didn’t know what to say. Xin Xia only looked at Mu Ning Xue standing nearby.

“Let’s move aside, have a chat, and they let them shout at each other,” Mu Ning Xue rolled the Xin Xia stroller to the side.

At that moment, Nan Rongni came up, who first looked at Mu Ning Xue, and then Xin Xia.

– Are you really a servant of the temple of the fairies in the Parthenon? – asked with an interest Nan Rongni.

“After completing this mission, I will become an official member of the temple, and now I am going through an internship,” Xin Xia replied without a drop of arrogance.

– Um … m … – Nan Rongni just made sounds, unable to formulate a phrase.

Mu Ning Xue did not attach any importance to this and immediately began to ask the healer how she was here.

This is a really amazing meeting!

– This is a practical internship. All students of the Parthenon pass annual certification, including foreign students. Only after graduation can I become a full member of the temple – the Parthenon magician. In Egypt, the ghouls made themselves known by attacking people, so we came here to assist, ”Xin Xia replied.

– Just amazing! Our team also ended up in Egypt, and students from other countries will soon be here too, only now I could not have imagined that we could meet in the same town! – said Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue hasn’t recalled Xin Xia for a long time. They grew up together and know each other for a very long time. Their relationship to Mo Fang is irrelevant, since initially Mu Ning Xue did not depart from Xin Xia, and only then did Mo Fan get attached to them.

At this time there was a showdown between Mo Fan and a guard named Kulun.

It’s very simple: Mo Fan, having seen such a powerful man next to Xin Xia, was immediately disgraced.

Kulun didn’t like the behavior of the guy regarding the servant, whom he had to protect!

– Mo Fan, Kulun is the knight-protector of the Parthenon. In the Parthenon, each servant of the temple of the fairies has a protector, and Kulun simply fulfills his duties, so you should not give him any difficulties, ”said Xin Xia, looking at Mo Fane’s disgruntled look.

– I do not give him difficulties, he just misunderstood everything from the very beginning, and I kindly explained to him the essence of our relationship with you, although it is I who should be indignant here! Do not these knights of yours fall in love with temple attendants ?! – mumbled Mo Fan.

– In the temple such relations are forbidden.

“Next time, you don’t need to take this with you; it’s immediately obvious that he’s not a very good person,” said Mo Fan.

“These are the rules of the temple, if you don’t like it, I can ask you to change the defender,” Xin Xia said.

– Are there women defenders? – asked Mo Fan.

– …

As a result, it turned out that Mo Fan was not really displeased with this Kulun, he was simply enraged by the fact that some peasant was looming in front of him!

– Xin Xia, delivered a man with an open belly, please inspect it. Because of us, something like this happened to him, ”said a man hurriedly, who came running here, drenched in sweat.

Xin Xia glanced at Mo Fang.

Mo Fan went to a white tent to look at a man who looked like he was 30. He was bleeding to death, and it seemed he was about to give his soul to God.

“I will help you,” said Mo Fan, pushing the wheelchair.

Mo Fan wanted to talk to Xin Xia a little longer, because they hadn’t seen each other for so long!

However, such an opportunity did not seem to them: the wounded were constantly brought here, and they were all on the verge of life and death. In such a situation, certainly not the time to declare love, but still have time.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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