Chapter 1013. The Mirage of the Pyramid


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– I do not read a lot of books, so do not fool me, can even a mirage pose a threat? Mo Fan asked, gazing at the people around him.

Mirage is not just one of the phenomena in the desert. From a physical point of view, the sun’s rays, refracted in the hot air, give such a distortion of perception. In simple words, it’s like trying to fish in a transparent mountain stream: we try to grab it, and only then we realize that it is much deeper than we thought. The reason for this – the refraction of sunlight by the water column.

The essence of the mirage Mo Fan understood, although he is not considered a child prodigy.

If a mirage is an illusion, and in fact it does not exist, then how can illusion affect the Egyptian city so seriously, so much so that even international forces were attracted to help?

There are a lot of wounded in Pusini, among which there are many magicians from different places. This city was more like a slaughter and somewhat reminiscent of the Tokai fortress, the only question is, how can an ordinary illusion shake such a settlement ?!

“If someone has time, then explain to this guy that he loves going AWOL, all over again, and we have to discuss further questions,” said Guan Yu impatiently.

While Mo Fan talked with Xin Xia, they had already managed to find out everything, so they were guided into a situation better than Mo Fan.

Mo Fan, before that, from Xin Xia heard about mirage, but what about this mirage?

“Mo Fan, do you know the connection between the pyramids and the undead?” Jiang Yu asked.

He negatively waved his head. To tell the truth, Mo Fan was very interested in the Egyptian ghost country, only he didn’t understand it.

Jiang Yu hit him in the head, thinking about how he might not understand the simple essence.

– In general, so. Egyptian undead is noticeably different from our Sian undead, and the main difference is the area of their movements. Our Xian ghouls appear only at night, and they mostly accumulate where the densest breath of death is observed, while the Egyptian undead move around the pyramids. The pyramids are the tombs of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. The pharaohs were essentially the main slave owners during the slaveholding system and were equated with the masters of slave lives. The power of the pharaoh is so vast that even after death the slaves protect their master. They are at the mercy of the curse of the pyramid, which resurrects the buried there, so that they can always guard the neighborhood of the pyramid, ”said Jiang Yu.

Mo Fan listened very carefully, but along the way he had very strange associations.

The undead Xian can be reborn after death through the breath of death, from which they awaken – this is the secret of Emperor Qin Ying Zheng. There is only one thing: they do not tolerate sunlight, so they are forced to remain in darkness all the time.

In the case of the Egyptian ghosts, things are a little different: their activity is connected with the magic of the curse element. It was the element of the curse that was created by the Egyptian magicians, and it was through him that they gained access to the element of necromancy.

The element of necromancy itself could not simply enter the system of allowed elements of magic. The reason for his statement is that the two most powerful civilizations of antiquity, Chinese and Egyptian, made great efforts to create and develop it, if it had arisen under any other conditions, it would simply be sent to the box of forbidden magic.

– This means that the Egyptian ghouls can move only near the pyramids? Well, that’s great! So, the Egyptians just need to build their cities away from all sorts of pyramids, and then everyone will be happy! – said Mo Fan.

– Yes, the Egyptians have done so, but only up to the present. However, now the cities have grown so much that they have gone beyond the pyramids. In normal times, the Egyptians were not disturbed by the dead until some ancient clans or hunters got into their heads to enter the tombs in search of treasure, it was for this reason that the ancient pharaohs created elements of curse and necromancy – this magic was created for that , in order to preserve the ancient treasures, – Jiang Yu’s eyes glowed brightly. It was evident that he really wanted to get some valuable little thing from there.

– Well, what does mirages have to do with all this? – Mo Fan asked the main question that interested him.

“The pyramid is considered the realm of the dead, while cities are the territory of the living — and there seems to be a balance in this, but nature cannot allow these cities and structures to be in eternal peace. Mirages after all do not occur anywhere? – said Jiang Yu.

After these words, Jiang Yu specifically led Mo Fang to a hill in the southern part of the town.

This mountain-hill was located directly behind the platform with white tents. There was a high observation tower, and Jiang Yu dragged Mo Fang to her.

“You yourself go up there and look northwards, then you will understand everything,” said Jiang Yu, pointing to the tower.

Mo Fan, hesitating, turned into a bird of shadow and climbed to the top of this tower.

What’s wrong with that? There are all magicians here, is there really someone who still uses stairs?

The Egyptian guard, who was at the top, was stunned when he saw the dark silhouette.

Mo Fan introduced himself, and then looked in the direction that Jiang Yu indicated to him.

It was the territory of the town of Pusini, but to the north of it there was a golden structure among the sands!

The sunlight was beautifully placed on the city, and the colors of the city were very pleasant to the eye. Only now it is not clear why, the sunlight on the territory of the pyramid became somehow cold and gloomy!

– It can not be … this is not the pyramid, to which 200 kilometers from here? Does this look like a distance of 200 kilometers? – asked Mo Fan, looking at the aura emanating from the pyramid.

The pyramid really looked very majestic. Although it reached a height of about 50 meters, it is even difficult to imagine how many thousands of people and horses were involved in its construction!

By itself, the golden color is the color of purity, wealth and grandeur, but what was now before the eyes of Mo Fan, gave more horror and cold.

The guard didn’t answer anything to Mo Fanu, but just started chasing him away.

Mo Fan went down to Jiang Yu again, scrolling through his mind the sight of the pyramid he had seen.

– Saw? This is a mirage! Said Jiang Yu.

“But the problem is that it’s just an illusion!” Said Mo Fan.

– Only here the ghouls do not think so.

– …

Mo Fan for a while did not even know what to say.

So, the reason for the beginning of the confrontation between people and the dead is that the ghouls cannot distinguish reality from illusion!

Thinking about it, Mo Fan remembered only one expression: “Learning is light, and ignorance is darkness!”

Indeed, how important it is to be literate and educated!

“Usually, a territory within a radius of one hundred kilometers around the pyramid is considered to be the territory of the undead, therefore now it’s in the eyes of the ghouls that we have violated their borders. In their eyes, this city was built on their territory, and they will not rest until they destroy the city and its inhabitants! Said Jiang Yu.

If everything really is as Jiang Yu said, then things are bad. The phenomenon of a mirage simply threatens the cities with their population!

– The appearance of a mirage foreshadows the beginning of the battle of the living and the dead, and it is good if the illusion of only one pyramid appears. If there are several mirages, and all of them will be located close to each other, the city between them will disappear from the face of the Earth in a few days. In the long history of Egypt described many cities that were destroyed in this way. This is also due to the fact that it is a pyramid. If the pyramid is ordinary, then a military detachment can cope with this situation, it may even be necessary to resort to the help of international organizations, but if we are talking about the big pyramid … then this is really awful! – said Jiang Yu.

– Are the pyramids still divided according to their species? – asked Mo Fan.

– Of course! In total, there are 93 pyramids in Egypt, their sizes vary, but the largest is considered to be the pyramid of Cheops, said Jiang Yu.

– Can the pyramid of Cheops also create a mirage? – was interested in Mo Fan.

– Idiot, what are you talking about! – At this point there was a cry from the tower guard.

At this time there was a change of the guard. Mo Fang was lucky that he managed to get off the tower even before this, because from this cry his hair stood on end!

The members of the magical team occasionally spoke English to each other in order to improve their foreign skills (Mo Fan spoke it all in English).

“Mo Fan, better watch your speech, such words are forbidden here,” Jiang Yu whispered quietly, “if the mirage of Cheops pyramid appears, then half of the country will be destroyed, and this is certainly not a reason for jokes!”

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