Chapter 1014. Offensive!


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“Just think, this time only a mirage of Pharaoh’s little tomb appeared, and this alarmed the whole city.” Imagine what horror it will be if something happens to the pyramid of Cheops, ”Jiang Yu addressed Mo Fang.

Mo Fan left. He himself saw the angry face of the guard. Apparently you need to be very careful and do not say anything extra. After all, this place is the cradle of the curse element magic. Who knows, if you say anything, you can get retribution!

Mo Fan wanted to make Xin Xia’s company, but she was so busy that he was unable to say a few words to her.

It was necessary to quickly resolve the issue with the war of the undead, and then Xin Xia would finally be able to rest. Mo Fan did not want his frail sister to be too tired.

Returning to the team camp, Mo Fan heard Guan Yu explain his plan to everyone.

Mirage exists only for a certain period of time. And if nothing is done with the pyramids, then very soon this city will be destroyed to the ground.

First you need to eliminate the mirages. When pyramid mirages appear in Egypt, the government abandons all its military forces to break through to the pyramids. They use special equipment to dispel the ghostly pyramids, only then all the countless undead disappear.

– The main danger for the military were poisonous golden mummies. The wounds they left were not healed. From the temple the fairies sent only a few people with healing magic. There are so many wounded that not everyone can get help. The government hopes that we will help them and eliminate the threat of poisonous golden mummies, said Nan Jue.

– Why did we get the most dangerous ?? Their own army can not send the highest level mages? – Mu Tinin grumbled.

– So they sent! But they did not return.

Hearing this, everyone tensed.

It is obvious that the poisonous golden mummies were not particularly courteous to them.

– I say, we must take the bull by the horns! We will get rid of the commander-in-chief of poisonous mummies, and his army will immediately disintegrate! Said Guan Yu.

Silently sneak up and attack, oh yeah, Guan Yu had such tactics to perfection. Guan Yu wanted to kill the commander-in-chief of mummies in order not to waste time fighting with an army of poisonous golden mummies. Undead is very hard to kill. You never know if this creature died to the end. It seems that he crushed it into pieces, but soon he again rises from the ground!

– It is very risky! If our plan fails, we will be surrounded by mummies. It is unlikely that government troops will be able to save us. ”Nan Jue shook her head, not wanting to get involved in this adventure.

– In short, to solve this case, we need to get to the pyramids and eliminate the mirage? Mo Fan asked impatiently.

Guan Yu chuckled coldly and said with obvious sarcasm:

– And the army of mummies is just a decoration for you? They are fearless. And besides the killings, their only goal is to protect the pyramids. Any item that appears within a radius of ten kilometers from the pyramids will be immediately surrounded by a dense ring of the undead. If you want to reach the pyramids, you need to break through the hordes of corpses of magicians!

– He is right, no need to think that this is just a pyramid. Mummies surrounding the pyramids, a lot! Their number is equal to a whole tribe of monsters! And to make your way through the army of the dead is much more difficult than through fighting with monsters, especially on their sacred territory! We do not know how many people can die. There are so many wounded, and they are all from there. On the real positions of the army, it is still possible to send the wounded back to the city, but after they move a few kilometers forward, the wounded will not have a chance for salvation, said Nan Jue.

– The army is already moving towards the pyramids? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yes, they are at a distance of five kilometers from the outer border. It is about thirty kilometers from the Pyramid of Hubs. This distance can be considered the outer ring of the environment of the undead. But in order to remain in these positions, the military constantly suffer losses, ”answered Nan Jue.

The army was advancing on the principle of waves. Simply put, the avant-garde first spoke, cleared the territory of the undead and founded the camp.

Avant-garde guards new territory. Then the rest of the army approaches these lands, as the sea wave finds on the previous wave. New troops break even further, clearing the territory.

When they reach the third point, they will fix their positions and will defend themselves. Then, new military detachments will leave the city, and already they will break through.

Thus, there is a continuous advance of the army. Therefore, between the military camp and the city is constantly provided with unhindered road connection. New military units arrive on the main road, and the wounded return to the city, a shift of duty is maintained, and so on. But as you move into the lands of the undead, it is becoming more and more difficult to send the wounded to the city and they have almost no chance of salvation.

Wave Offensive Strategy is a national invention of the Egyptians. Who knows, if they used such a strategy in the ancient capital, it would not have come to … No, at that time there was an emergency situation in the city. They did not have time for such a consistent offensive.

– The troops are already at the first point of deployment. Tomorrow morning, we stand with them. They hope that we will help clear the barrier of poisonous mummies, thereby reducing the number of dead and wounded, ”said Nan Jue.

“The war … many people will die again,” Jiang Yu sighed sadly.

“Yet it’s better than total annihilation …”

……… ..

……… ..

At dawn in the western part of the city the military unit was already assembled. These were mostly state military magicians.

There were also many other military men. Everyone understood that this would be a battle on the verge of life and death. No one could be sure that they could return safe and sound. But to destroy the mirage was necessary! Military magicians were not cowardly or overly prudent at all. Most of them considered it an honor to destroy the mirage and surround the city of the undead!

The Chinese military had already supported the Egyptians, this time they were among others. The guys saw that this time the operation was commanded by officer Fiona. A woman of forty did not look fragile and charming at all, but on the contrary, seemed resolute and hardened in battle!

– You immediately move forward with the military. Poisonous golden mummies on you, ”Officer Fiona said with a strict air, even her voice seemed harsh.

– We will do everything we can! Said Nan Jue.

The military began to move forward. The road has already been cleared earlier, so the undead almost never met. The military unit freely reached the camp at the five-kilometer mark.

Upon the arrival of the second wave of military, the attackers continued to move forward. Their next target is a mountain located 15 kilometers from the pyramids. It was necessary to consolidate their positions on this mountain, the only way they can move on!

– On the far side of the mountain there is a group of poisonous golden mummies. Their poison is very toxic. Usually they quietly hide behind piles of corpses and unexpectedly attack, poisoning the inattentive military and leaving them unable to defend themselves. Our military group will advance from the front of the mountain. Their task is to build fortifications and set up camp at this point through which the undead cannot make their way. Our team will attack the very first from the back of the mountain and by the time the main forces rise to the top, we must destroy most of the undead. When they gain a foothold in position, we can reach the inner border, ”Nan Jue explained the task to the team.

The team members were too high-handed, Nan Jue hoped that they would not die immediately, demonstrating their superiority. This is not a joke, but a cruel battlefield! Nan Jue was responsible for starting the offensive. She would not suffer indiscipline and lack of complete obedience!

Guan Yu twisted his mouth, apparently, he was not particularly pleased.

The rest did not say a word. After waiting for the main forces to approach the mountain, the team, under the cover of the magician of the element of shadow, quietly rounded the mountain and approached its rear slope.

Looking carefully around, they noticed the glitter of the golden, poisonous skin of the mummies. The mummies behaved very strangely, they all lay on the back side of the mountain, completely covering its surface. From a distance, it seemed that the mountain was covered with golden-green ceramic tiles.

It was very strange and terrifying at the same time. The mummies were absolutely still, the air around them was filled with poisonous fumes from their skin.

… … …

– Officer, are you sure that a group of students will be able to confront these monsters? If they do nothing, many people will perish during our offensive. To be honest, I think it was not worthwhile to entrust such a difficult task to strangers, ”asked Vankas, commander of the eastern branch of the army.

“If you have already chosen them, then you need to believe them,” Officer Fiona glanced around, estimating the approximate number of killed mummies within one minute.

– We need to accurately calculate everything. If they still have to go to the rescue, then there is no point in them!

– You’re too prejudiced to them.

– Not biased at all! In such a serious situation, I am most afraid to remain helpless! Yes, these children still have not dried milk on their lips! – aggressively insisted Vankas.

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