Chapter 1015. Immunity from poison!


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All the mummies were in deep hibernation, but when the magicians approached, they immediately awoke.

* shhhhhh …

The devilish mumble of mummies hurt the ears. Their eyes turned sharp red. After their awakening, they felt the aura of hatred and death that surrounded the children.

– What should we do? – having seen mummies, Zhao Man Yan was confused.

– What chat, act! – Mo Fan was laconic, all his attention was focused on poisonous mummies.

As officer Fiona said, mummies are very cunning and quick-witted creatures. They will not fight with mages directly, even with numerical superiority. Standing on the mountainside, all the mummies opened their mouths and spewed out poisonous smoke!

The yellow-green cloud looked like a wave of smoke, and, just like a wave, moved forward. The team got down to business, after all, it’s impossible to just withstand toxic fumes.

– Retreat! Back down! – Feeling that things were not going well, Nan Jue hurriedly shouted to the others.

The poisonous wave was very toxic! Here you need to be careful. If such a wave had spread through the forest or plain, then all the plants would have withered, and all living things would have died from suffocation!


– Well, what did I say? They absolutely can not rely! Said Wankas angrily.

The main military forces had just begun the offensive from the front and were surrounded by countless crowds of the undead. The situation was getting worse and worse!

Vankas, commander of the eastern branch of the army, saw that the students were retreating under the onslaught of the undead and became even more angry.

Here and there they could barely cope if even more mummies arrived at the scene of military actions, the death toll will immediately become several times more!

– We are moving forward! – Vankas could not sit still, he no longer wanted to obey the orders of the officer and sent his troops to attack from the other side of the mountain.

Mummies became more and more. Magee could not hold them. If poisonous fumes spread, they will not be able to count the losses.

Soon Vankas reached the foot of the mountain. His people broke through the crowd of mummies from the flank. It seems among them there were many magicians element of necromancy. They called their own undead to kill the mummies!

– Your mother! They are so impatient! – exclaimed Zhao Man Yan, seeing how another group of military breaks ahead.

“Apparently, they don’t believe us,” said Mu Tinin with displeasure. She could not stand when people are neglected.

“If these mummies get together and release toxic waves, we will not be able to get close to them.” This poison … bad thing! They will cover them all with a poisonous wave! Do they not understand how dangerous it is ?? Said Jiang Yu.

Standing on the windy side, they realized that all the mummies’ attention was riveted on the arrived war magicians.

– Look up! There are poisonous golden mummies with three eyes! – Jiang Shaoxu pointed to the top.

– Surely they control all the undead. I told you to start with them! Distract the attention of the mummies, and Li Kaifeng and I will go and finish off the three-eyed mummies! Said Guan Yu.

Without waiting for Nan Jue’s answer, Guan Yu and Li Kaifeng had already disappeared from their seats. Apparently, they ran to look for an opportunity to approach the three-eyed mummies.

– Apparently the only way … – muttered Mo Fan.

Mo Fan created a mental seal and activated the serpentine chain mail. Black-green scales covered his whole body, shining in the sunlight, they looked very belligerent.

All in perplexity looked at the actions of Mo Fan.

– There is not even a fight, why did you put it on? – asked Zhao Man Yan.

“This is my defense against poison.” My hands itch, I went! – answered Mo Fan.

After these words, Mo Fan, dressed in serpentine mail, went straight to poisonous mummies.

Golden poisonous wave, crawling around poisoning all living things. If a person was in a toxic cloud for a few minutes, his entire body was covered with eternal spots and began to rot very quickly …

Mo Fan in the serpentine mail waddled back and forth among the poisonous gas. The poison did no harm to him.

Poison. He was not afraid of that at all. He had a magical defense – serpentine mail!

Totem snake was considered the progenitor of the magic of poison. No creature on earth can match the strength of her poison. Mo Fan still remembered how a totem snake created a poisonous veil and blocked the way for white eagles trying to attack the city. Not a single eagle caught up in the toxic cloud remained alive!

The serpent mail was made from the totem serpent’s discarded skin. She possessed super powerful defenses as well as extremely strong anti-toxic defenses.

In the eyes of the Egyptians, mummies were terrible creatures. But Mo Fan believed that they were only tiny monsters of the level of the pack leader. Mo Fan effortlessly made his way to a crowd of poisonous mummies.

Mummies were afraid of fire. Especially the high temperatures of the raging fire and the rose of flame! The outer ring of poisonous mummies did not withstand Mo Fan’s fiery attack.

Mo Fan was not going to make his way to the three-eyed mummies. He, on the contrary, believed that the poisonous mummies of the level of the pack leader represented a more advantageous target.

When they were in the Sahara, his medallion formed five souls of the level of a leader of a flock of all souls of fire scorpions and desert foxes. The souls of these mummies should be even more expensive! The more he kills the mummies, the more he will receive a shower level of the leader of the pack! The sooner his lightning seal reaches level five!

Of course, this was only the first step in Mo Fan’s plan. Most of all, Mo Fan sought to strike a thunderstorm and thunder of the fifth level; this force must not yield to his own high level magic!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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