Chapter 1016: The Sword of Death


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“If Mo Fan is involved, this kind of madcap, any business becomes much easier at once,” said Zhao Man Yan.

Mo Fan alone turned the slender rows of mummies into complete chaos. All the others were forced to retreat each time another group of mummies released poisonous smoke.

Following on the heels of Mo Fanem, the rest used high-level magic and finished the job to the end, clearing the territory of the mummies.

Poisonous golden mummies are not very similar to ordinary undead. They did not have the same strong and strong bodies. Without the action of their toxic poison, they were a mediocre rival.

From the side it was clear that on the battlefield a group of magicians from the state guards everywhere was chasing golden mummies. Undead ran, trying to find a convenient place for a poisonous attack. Mages were very brave and courageous! Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue and Ai Jiang Tu were especially distinguished.

Mo Fan, without fear of toxic smoke, killed right and left, collecting the souls of creatures. Ai Jiang Tu, who possesses the powerful magic of the element of space and the magic of the curse, killed sly mummies without any ceremony. Mu Ning Xue used the magic of the wind as a cover, and the magic of ice as a weapon. Her graceful figure, covered with ice, easily flashed here and there, among the mummies.

– Quick, look! They give a signal! – someone shouted, pointing to the back of the mountain.

– It seems that the military has broken through ahead, it seems they are sending an SOS signal! Toxic smoke formed a veil, they were ambushed!

– If they have no ability to deal with it, why did they even climb? Only inconvenience delivered. We were doing so much fun here!

– Need to save them! In the end, they are on our side and also fight against the mummies!

The military were in dire straits. The boys had no other choice, and they began to break through the crowds of mummies towards the military, hoping that people would survive.

“In truth, they have no brains at all!” They thought that they themselves would cope with these corpses by breaking into the most toxic zone ??

– Enough gab. Hey, where did Mo Fan go?

– Chyoooh, wasn’t he next?

– Well, to hell with it. Even if we all die, this one will still survive.

……… ..

……… ..

The main military forces were advancing from the central front. A water curtain surrounded them on four sides. Officer Fiona, looking up, looked intently at the distress signals from the mountain and frowned.

“Officer, they are in a difficult position and are asking for help,” said the commander of the southern troops hastily.

– We continue to move forward! The officer said coldly.

– But they…

– I said move forward !! – the officer’s eyes flashed violently. She did not tolerate disobedience.

The commander of the southern troops Lovar did not dare to mention once again about the salvation of the military. He himself understood that Commander Vankas had behaved too arrogantly.

– The troops of Vankas are surrounded, we are about to lose the avant-garde, the Sword of Death are still at the top of the mountain, they are much more difficult to defeat than ordinary mummies. These creatures are skilled fencers and are always fully armed. As soon as the magicians approach them, they will cut them into pieces! If we thoughtlessly break through to them, we will meet our death. We will not be able to defend. Swordsmen of death are very strong! – Lovar said with a stern face.

Officer Fiona was silent.

Initially, she ordered Vankas to deal with the swordsmen of death. But apparently he considered that toxic smoke is more important and arbitrarily changed the decision, having gone to fight with poisonous mummies.

“Then I’ll have to,” said Officer Fiona in a low voice.

– It is unacceptable! We will need your magic during the second attack! How should we be then? Exclaimed the other adjutants, strongly objecting.

Officer Fiona was the commander in chief of this army, and was also a high-level mage.

Three top-level mages were sent here. One took personal command of the town of Pusini. Another led a military unit, which should perform in the final attack. Each of the three highly-read magicians had their own clear objectives. If they use the power of a higher level mage now, then the entire subsequent strategy will change and it is not known whether they can destroy the mirage!

– We have no choice. Then we will think how to proceed … And now listen to me. Continue the attack, you must reach the mountain within twenty minutes! Said Officer Fiona.

– Yes there is!

.. ……… ..


Meanwhile, on the dais of the mountain, the magician, who was about to explode, was chasing a dozen poisonous golden mummies.

The mummies ran upstairs, and the hot-tempered magician followed them closely. He attacked them with spikes of shadow and did not calm down until he killed them and took their souls.

– Hey, where is everyone? – Mo Fan turned around and realized that Mu Ning Xue, Jiang Shaoxuy, Ai Jiang Tu and Nan Jue were nowhere to be seen. The previously poisonous mummies, which were crowded before, also disappeared somewhere.

– Am I confused the direction? – grinned Mo Fan.

Because of these runaway mummies, he spent a lot of time, and also went the wrong way.

* click-click !!

Mo Fan wanted to turn around and return the same way back, but then he saw how a human corpse seemed to appear from behind the nearest large boulders, as if completely covered with black paint.

He was completely black. Leather, armor, even swords in both hands — everything was black. Only his eyes glowed with a magical red light and were full of hate!

“What is this undead?” No one has seen this. I wonder if you can fry it? – Mo Fan cheered up militantly after seeing this provocative destructive look.

The black swordtail moved strangely, making great strides. His body did not look like the sickly body of an ordinary mummy. On the contrary, he was very powerful. With smooth, sliding steps, he threw himself on Mo Fang. He crossed both hands, intending to chop off Mo Fana’s head! The icy brilliance of the black sword swiftly swept alongside!

Seeing that the enemy was attacking, Mo Fan used a collapsing fist. Force controlled by force!

Mo Fan’s electric lightning and the sword of the sword of the sword come up in the air!

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