Chapter 1017.


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* click-click-click …

Black and purple lightning swallowed the black edge of the sword and enveloped the body of the sword of death. From a collision with lightning flew off on huge boulders!

– Oh! Is there a silence with me? Said Mo Fan, looking at the black swordman who had crashed into the stones.

Lightning was still very strong. Under the influence of electricity, which spread from the body of a dead man, a huge boulder cracked …

Since they were standing on a slope, large stones completely covered the view to the top. Through the crack, Mo Fan saw that he had casually reached the very top. The whole top was filled with the same black creatures, there were at least fifty of them. Black from head to toe, each had two swords in their hands and red fierce eyes …

Sword-bearers of death were much stronger than poisonous mummies. The swordtail who had flown away to the stones, although he took damage, did not die at all. There are not many creatures of the level of the leader of the pack capable of withstanding the rumble of thunder!

“Damn it, here is a hornet’s nest! – Mo Fan has changed dramatically in the face.

Honestly, Mo Fan really thought he met a little “boss”. Seeing his strange appearance and powerful body, he thought that this one would be more expensive than other mummies. And then there are fifty of them! Mo Fan, without hesitation, went to meet them !!

He still would not have had time to run away, Mo Fan had already imagined how more than fifty pitch black hands grabbed him, not giving him the opportunity to move.

* click-click-click-click-click !!

The fallen swordtail of death rose to its feet, making nasty sounds like the grinding of bones.

Mo Fan did not understand the curses of the undead, but he guessed that the approximate meaning was:

– Brothers, he attacked me. Kill him !!

At that moment, the brilliance of many black blades appeared around. Some glittered and faded away like stars, some were so powerful that they could cut the body in half with one stroke.

Mo Fan’s serpent hauberk was immediately subjected to numerous attacks with black swords.

– Freaks! Have a conscience attack one at a time !! – Mo Fan attacked a group of death swordtails. Evading blows cost him a lot of effort.

In the blink of an eye, over a thousand black swords appeared on top of the mountain! Mo Fan retreated pursued by the undead. If it were not for the time delay of an element of space, his mail would already have become unusable.

* shshshshshshshshshshshshsh !!!!

Black swords with highlights at the very edge gathered together attacked Mo Black Fan’s black shadow.

They chopped Mo Fan’s silhouette into several parts, and the flown-away parts pursued further until they were cut into mincemeat …

Sword-bearers of death lowered their hands, only when they realized that their enemy had been wiped off the face of the earth.

None of the Swordsmen did not notice how the disembodied shadow passed silently between them. Everyone looked ahead and ignored the back side.

– We still will be considered !!

Mo Fan’s voice suddenly rang out behind the fallen Swordsman.

Mo Fan waved his hand and at that moment a silver diamond-shaped space appeared. Powerful spatial pressure has gone down. The Swordsman did not have time to react and was crushed!

The rest of the Swordtails turned around and saw that the man not only did not die, but also furtively killed their fellow man. Their eyes boiled with anger.

The fact that the swordtails were chopped into small pieces was a fake shadow left by the mantle of the shadow. It can be said that it was a shadow puppet of a high level of dark magic. If it were not for the strong shadow mantle, then it would be very difficult for Mo Fan to master the puppet shadow technique.

This technique is very difficult to recognize. Even the black sea dragon was misled, although he was much smarter than the swordsmen of death. None of them even thought of Mo Fang’s trick.

– Go to daddy!

Mo Fan waved his hand. Fake claws captured the nearest swordman and dragged him directly to Mo Fang.

The reaction of the sword bearer was quick. He did not lose his head, and instead of resistance, on the contrary, he accelerated his movement, raising a black sword over Mo Fane.

– Now get out!

Mo Fan sent straight into the face of the approaching enemy a fiery fist of nine dragons.

The fiery fist blazed, leaving behind a fiery tail. The Sword-bearer flew into the crowd, knocking down several of his fellows, like a ball in a bowling alley.

* shh!

* shh!

* shh!

The speed of death’s swordsmen was very fast. The shadows of the black blades on top stirred up, and now they were flying to Mo Fang!

They knew how to fight together, and this is a rarity for brainless undead. The first ten of the Sword-bearers confused Mo Fan with their strange gait and swing of swords. The next twenty really attacked.

If they could not inflict fatal damage on Mo Fanyu, they immediately dissolved in the crowd of others and continued to wait for an opportunity to kill the enemy!

It must be admitted that these creatures were the smartest of all the undead that Mo Fan met. As if living skilled swordsmen were performing their mission in the darkness of the night. Mo Fan wandered around for a very long time, then he would hurt one, then he would kill one.

– Come on, come on! Do not think that I, Mo Fan, fear you !!

There was no point in escaping, it was much more interesting to fight the swordsmen of death!

The burial of the heavenly flame spread over the earth, turning everything around in a fiery sea.

The dancing lightning bolts did not stop, flashing one after the other. The wonderful power of the elements. Some swordtails had time to get out of the danger zone, and some fell into the trap.

At first, Mo Fan wanted to apply his only sphere – the power of the night. But he immediately dismissed this idea, thinking that the power of the night could increase the power of the Swordsmen of death.

The power of the night could only strengthen Mo Fan’s dark magic, the advantages of the Sword-bearers would be much more obvious. That would be a stupid act!

The power of the night is a pretty strong reception, but still it doesn’t compare with the real sphere. The power of the night can give an advantage to both your own and your enemies.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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