Chapter 1018. The Power of One!


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– Burial with a heavenly flame!

A firework exploded in the sky and deadly and beautiful fiery flashes began to fall on the ground. But they did not die out in the air, but turned into a hot flame covering the earth!

Raging flames devoured the bodies of death swordsmen. Two wounded swordsman did not have time to evade the heavenly flame, and their bodies instantly turned into heaps of ash!

Killing two more swordsmen, Mo Fan felt that his strength was running out. Each of them was very strong. By this time, he had killed only seven critters. The wound on the body of Mo Fan became more and more, and the snake chainmail did not protect.

“Is that bone ash?” – Mo Mo suddenly noticed that one of the piles of ash began to emit a strange bright glow.

Mo Fan was perplexed, this did not happen to the rest of the killed swordsmen. Died means dead. The breath of dark magic and black bones, a strong soul of the level of the leader of the pack and nothing more …

– Is it really unusual bones? – Mo Fan rejoiced, finally realizing what it was.

In addition to the soul, the most valuable thing in magical creatures is their unusual bones, followed by claws, skin, scales and the like.

The unusual bones of a swordsman exuded a dark force sufficient to be placed in a magical vessel.

– Money!

Mo Fan quickly tidied up the bones of a swordsman burnt in the fiery sea. These are rare and very expensive bones. They can be sold for forty, or maybe even fifty million yuan! If you add fifty million received in the Sahara, then he will have one hundred million!

After this assignment, mentors will again allocate resources. Usually it is not less than one hundred million. If so, then Mo Fanu will remain very little to the coveted spiritual seed of the sphere of lightning!

At these thoughts, in the eyes of Mo Fan, fighting enthusiasm flashed again. These swordsmen are a special kind of undead. Maybe they have something else valuable? No wonder they came here!

There are still more than forty death swordsmen, Mo Fan can not cope with them alone. Well, how many will kill, so many will kill!

* click-click-click !!

The swordsmen were angry. They, skilled swordsmen, an elite among the undead world, were fooled by an insignificant man! They will face severe punishment if the black king of the swordsmen Claude finds out about it!

The swordsmen formed a battle formation. They all stood in five even rows, each row of swordsmen took their same fencing position. The first row went on the attack.

Here and there, around Mo Fan sparks sparkled from blows of swords. Mo Fan stepped back, trying to hide behind huge boulders. But from the blows of black swords, the stones were shattered!

One of the blows of the sword slid over Mo Fan’s shoulder. A breath of dark magic seeped into the wound, and the dripping blood turned black …

Mo Fan knew that even healing magic could hardly heal such wounds. On his body were about six cuts from black swords, it’s good that he himself owns dark magic, otherwise all his internal organs would rot in a matter of minutes.

Swings of swords with a thick wall were advancing on Mo Fan, he retreated further and further until he was at the very top of the mountain.

Aching pain spread throughout the magician’s body; he felt utter exhaustion. If this goes further, the speed of applying magic will noticeably decrease, and its combat ability will drop sharply.

Looking at the sweeping swordsmen, Mo Fan did not want to give up. If you kill them all, you can earn a decent amount of money and spend on developing your own magic.

With all his strength, now he is barely protecting himself and is not capable of anything more.

– They wanted to remove the obstacle – they removed it. Leave me here. ”Mo Fan realized that he could not resist them and began to retreat even further.

Having reached a steep slope, Mo Fan decided that was enough. He did not retreat further, but stood and looked numbly at the approaching crowd of swordsmen.

The swordsmen were at a loss. Why is this man not retreating, but just standing and looking at them? This scoundrel does not look like a person in a hopeless situation.

– Come on!

– Kill them all! To kill!

– We have reached the top! Comrades, the last test is left !!

The screams coming from behind Mo Fan were louder.

Soon they turned into the deafening roar of a squad of magicians.

In fact, these sounds have always been heard in the background. All this time, the battle between the undead and the military did not stop for a second. All the fury of the sword-bearers of death was directed at Mo Fan and they did not pay attention to how the sounds of the battle grew louder and louder. And finally, the military broke through to the very top!

A crowd of people escaped upstairs. Most of them were dressed in Egyptian military uniforms. Mages from the vanguard surged like a wave of crushing power, there were more than two hundred people. They all reached the top in seconds!

– Everyone listen to me. This is just the second point. Then an officer Fiona will speak, more than half the way to the pyramids is still waiting ahead! We must win! With us sincere love of our people! A retreat would mean the approach of these vile creatures to them. Follow me!! By any means we must break through the squads of death swordsmen! – Commander Lovar made a speech, and a wave of mages with a warlike spirit began to move forward.

Everyone knew that at the top were the bloodthirsty death swordsmen, who were far more dangerous than poisonous gold mummies. The military will never back down!

They wanted not only to protect the city, but also to accomplish a feat, which they will talk about throughout Egypt. Commander Lovar is the bravest and most courageous man. Young magicians considered it an honor to be in the troops of the commander of Lovar, they adored him!

Mo Fan stood on top, his smile was wider and more joyful. His black eyes gazed defiantly at the swordsmen:

– Do not think that only you have comrades! My reinforcements have arrived!


“Commander Lovar, there is a man upstairs …”

– Person? It is strange who is so strong to fight in the forefront?

– Sir, it seems that this is a member of a team from China. All this time he fought with the swordsmen and was able to kill seven of them. We think it’s time to inform Officer Fiona so that she starts the offensive. He has already created a gap in the ranks of the swordsmen, ”said one of the sentinel magicians.

Most sentinel magicians possessed dark magic and wind magic. They walked in front of the main military forces, and as scouts studied the terrain, determined the combat situation and the location of the enemy.

The sentinel magician spent some time at the top and watched the confrontation of Mo Fan and the death swordsmen. If he intervened, the swordsmen would cut him into small pieces.

– What you said? He alone killed seven ?? – the commander of Lovar was amazed.

The death swordsmen were undead of the pyramids and could enter or leave their territory at any time. These creatures possessed remarkable strength!

If we count the pyramids as the imperial palace, then the swordsmen are the imperial guard patrolling the territory, and not at all the usual undead, which often loiters around.

In order to tear the forces of one squad of swordsmen, the military sacrificed half of the troops! Therefore, Lovar led such a large detachment, these people were heroes and went to certain death!

A whole army was needed to weaken the squad of swordsmen! And the magician from China could do it yourself!

“Officer, Officer Fiona!” You can step on! – no matter how shocked he was, Lovar still went to report on the military situation.

Officer Fiona was extremely surprised.

Hasn’t the avant-garde detachment of volunteers just begun to advance? Have they cleared the road?

“Uh … you sent a group of magicians from China to deal with the golden mummies.” So, one of them got lost and reached the very top. He had to fight the death swordsmen, and he killed seven, ”Lovar explained.

Honestly, Lovar himself thought that his words seemed absurd, but it was. Lovar himself asked Mo Fan how he got to the top. The guy replied that he had mixed up the direction …

The response to the commander’s words was heavy silence. Officer Fiona tried to digest this information.

It seemed a long time had passed, Officer Fiona finally said:

“Good, I get it.”

Hearing the officer’s unnatural tone, Lovar realized that she was also confused.

How did it happen that the Chinese side sent such an undisciplined and at the same time such a powerful magician ??

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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