Chapter 1019. Ancient Egyptian Sphinx


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The main forces entered the battle. If it were not for the battle of Mo Fan with the swordsmen, then much more magicians from the vanguard and people from the main part of the army would die at their hands. And now the death swordsmen suffered a crushing defeat!

Swordsmen were considered powerful among all the undead, and a detachment of forty swordsmen was equated with a thousandth crowd of frail undead. But in the end, they were all destroyed by the Egyptian army.

As planned, the mountain was captured. Mages began to create a magic barrier that prevented undead invasion. If the barrier is successfully created, we can assume that they won this battle.

– I report. Poisonous golden mummies destroyed. Commander Vancas returns to the unit. The death toll … – arrived sentinel magician reported to officer Fiona.

“Vankas will be stripped of his rank, he will never be accepted into the ranks of the highest military ranks of Egypt,” Fiona said coldly.

Commander Vankas arrived at the new camp with numerous wounded soldiers. He himself had many poisonous wounds.

“I have no objection to your decision.” I will gladly become an ordinary mage without rank, an ordinary soldier, ”Vankas said, standing on one knee.

“With your attack, you could destroy the whole army!” Thank the students you hate so much. If it weren’t for them, then more people would have died, ”the officer Fiona reprimanded.

– Yes, if not for them, then my people would be surrounded by poisonous mummies. Thanks to them for coming to the rescue and killing these creatures. “I shouldn’t have been so arrogant,” Vancas said.

“I’m not talking about that!” – angry officer Fiona.

Vancas was confused. If the officer is not talking about this, then what about ??

The nearby commander Lovar quietly explained to him about the incident with the death swordsmen and Mo Phan.

Vancas could not believe what he heard.


He alone made his way to the top and killed seven swordsmen ??

This could not have done all his army, but he managed alone?

Honestly, at first he did not even pay attention to the fact that mage students joined their army. Now he understood his mistake. A group of students turned out to be stronger than a small army!

– You will continue to be in the military unit. This is war! Any selfish desires can lead to the death of an entire army! Remember this !! – Officer Fiona was angry.

Vancas pulled his head into his shoulders, not daring to utter a word.

– New troops arrived. Mages also arrived from the monastery. Vancas, you and your people must guard them at the cost of your lives! So that they do not have a scratch! Did you understand??

– Got it! – clearly said Commander Vankas.

Mages from the monastery, for sure this is the fairy healers. They are really indispensable and very valuable in this situation. With their help, the number of deaths decreased at times. They saved a lot of people …

Besides victory, what else could be more important than life?

……… ..

……… ..

The magic barrier surrounding the new camp protected not only from the undead, but also from the waves of her hatred. The undead could not come close to this place, which allowed the troops to calmly gain a foothold at the second point.

Now they could take one day of rest. Mages regained their strength, seriously wounded were treated on the spot or sent to the city.

At dawn of the second day, the newly arrived troops gathered together, healers from the monastery were immediately present.

These trainee girls had the most powerful healing magic in the world, but were themselves very vulnerable. They did not have the strength to defend themselves, so they needed good security.

After waiting for the arrival of the magicians from the monastery, Mo Fan saw that Xin Xia was also in their ranks. This was unexpected.

In the end, it is more difficult for her to move in a wheelchair and to be in a military camp for her. How could the Parthenon send her here!

The military began to advance to the third point, located ten kilometers from the pyramids.

The capture of the third point was quick and without unexpected events. The military began to camp, and the mages began to form a protective barrier. Once at this peak, excitement and panic settled in the minds of people.

Now they have entered the second part of the route. If earlier they could send the wounded to the city and there were not so many undead, now, we can say that they went on the road without a return trip, they entered the country of the undead. They could only survive by winning!

Ahead of them was waiting for the most dangerous, most unpredictable segment of the journey!

– Oh! I don’t even want to remember what it was like when we first broke through to the pyramids. We literally walked over the corpses of our brothers, then the whole army almost died! It is good that officer Fiona appeared at that time, illuminated the mirage of the pyramid and it melted, otherwise there would have been real hell! – sighed one of the experienced military magicians.

“Is the second leg really so scary?” – releasing smoke, asked Zhao Man Yan.

– Scary – it’s still put it mildly! But this time, everything is not so bad and the undead are not so many as then. We have a good chance of winning! The mage said, squinting. He smoked a cigarette, and smoke soared over his face.

– Do we need someone to break through to the pyramid and that’s it? – Mo Fan asked impatiently.

– Yes. We will give lighting equipment to those who are closest to the pyramid. They will install equipment at the foot of the pyramid and a bright light will pierce the mirage through and through, and it will disappear. Then all the undead in an instant will not what to defend!

“There’s probably some kind of strong undead near the pyramid, right?” – asked Jiang Yu.

– Of course. After all, this is just a mirage. The most powerful undead live in these pyramids, so we will not meet her on our way. But there is one kind of undead with which we must be careful, ”said the magician Moody.

– What kind of view?

– Swordsmen of death !! – with a stern face said the magician.

– These are those who were on top of the mountain, on the second point? – asked Mo Fan.

– Exactly!

Mo Fan frowned. They really were strong, even he, with all his strength, was able to kill only seven.

“The swordsmen of death are the most loyal servants of the pharaoh from all the undead pyramids.” There are a lot of them and they are all well trained. A mirage is just an illusory pyramid. Because of her, the most terrible creatures living in the pyramids will not come out. But the swordsmen are much stronger than ordinary mummies. Near this mirage of the pyramid there are about 500 swordsmen. They and their dark magic – the most insurmountable obstacle in our path. We definitely need to break through their ranks to the pyramids. Many people will die, ”the magician sighed heavily.

– Five hundred? – Mo Fan sank.

This is ten times more than it was at the top! Even a top-level mage is unlikely to cope with so many.

“Just one mirage attracted so many undead.” And the real pyramids, for sure, like a valley of death. Has anyone managed to get into the pyramid ?? – Jiang Yu asked curiously.

– Penetrate the pyramid itself? Moody shook his head with a grin and involuntarily glanced at Officer Fiona, “Officer Fiona and several other outstanding magicians managed to enter one of the pyramids once. She did not say much about this, only that the kingdom of the undead is there!

– They say that the pharaohs are still alive, is that true?

– Pharaohs ?? I think everyone who saw them became part of their army. Therefore, no one knows whether the pharaohs are still in the pyramids. We’re too tough for even their soldiers, ”said Mage Moody.

Soldiers of the Pharaohs, these are the sword-bearers of death!

If the pyramids really have pharaohs, then their magical powers are able to shake this world! Especially the ancient pharaohs! In their times, Arabian magic was prevalent. Surely after death, they are still as strong.

– That is, in the three largest pyramids of Cairo can be found the strongest dead, able to crush the whole world? Jiang Yu asked warily.

The power and mystery of the pyramids is known throughout the world. And from the mere mention of the Pyramid of Cheops, magicians of spells are horrified.

“I don’t know about the Cheops pyramid, but nothing beats the Great Sphinx!” As soon as he wants to and Cairo will be wiped off the face of the earth, Moody loved to chat.

– The Great Sphinx? What is this? – involuntarily blurted out Mo Fan.

– The ancient Egyptian sphinx is a creature with the body of a lion and the head of a man, the guard of the eternal rest of buried pharaohs, the most powerful creature in all of Egypt. Nothing is known about the Cheops pyramid precisely because the sphinx guards it. They say that heaven can fall from the growling sphinx! Said the mage.

Mo Fan opened his mouth.

Ancient Egyptian Sphinx. If you think about it, this creature resembles a totem snake, it is also a guard creature!

It’s hard to imagine that there are such things in the world! Majestic pyramids, and in front of them is a giant creature with the body of a lion!

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