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The cultivate essence of “Destroy Body Tempering 诀” is to inspire the vitality of the body of Cultivator. With vitality as the source, tempering the whole body 魄, so that the body smashes and changes again and again.

This Body Tempering Martial Study is divided into Ninth Level realm, the first level, which can only be regarded as the basis of the foundation. It is just to let the Cultivator put out various strange postures and initially stimulate the vitality of the body.

With the promotion of cultivate realm, Cultivator must rely on external forces to continue cultivate, and the difficulty is multiplied.

Chu Xingyun is now only able to cultivate “Destroy Body Tempering 诀” to the Second Level realm, so he decided to hunt Spirit Beast to find this opportunity.

Hōng lóng lóng !

A huge body of Spirit Beast fell down, causing the surrounding ancient tree to shake sharply. Chu Xingyun stood on the corpse of Spirit Beast and frowned slightly: “It’s still a little worse.”

At this point, he has come to the Core region of the foggy forest, and the Spirit Beast that has appeared around it has become more powerful, but after a series of hunting, it is still unable to step into the “Bearing Tempering” Second Level realm.


Just as Chu Xingyun whispered, there was no sign, and in the jungle behind him, suddenly a cold figure was swept away.

With the appearance of this figure, the sound of the jungle is constantly flowing, and people are rushing over and rushing over, standing on the ground not far away, within the eyes, there is nothing but cold and chill.

“It seems that you still don’t give up.” Chu Xingyun looked at the two figures in the forefront, and the voice was cold.

These two people, he is no stranger, can even be said to be very familiar, a man and a woman, the man is Li Chen, the woman is Shui Qianyue.

As for the six people standing behind the two people, wearing all kinds of clothing, the body has already blossomed into the rolling spirit, and the pervasive force that has filled out makes the atmosphere of the whole space solidified.

“The last time you escaped, you are lucky, this time, I see how you escape!” Li Chen said coldly, whenever he saw Chu Xingyun, he would remember the previous wolf scene, filled with crazy killing Intent.

Shui Qianyue stood by Li Chen and did not speak, but the coldness of her body has already indicated her attitude.

“As far as you are, you want to let me escape. I have a problem with my brain?” Chu Xingyun smiled, his palms were empty, and the hollow sword was suddenly squirted, giving an empty spirit sword.

“It’s stupid to die when it’s dead, and dare to be so arrogant.” The gloomy and cold youth behind Shui Qianyue came out, sneered, and then rushed toward Chu Xingyun.

This gloomy and cold youth is full of spiritual strength, the cultivation base reaches the Spirit Gathering Fifth Level level, and it makes a dull sound. His body flows through the yellow rays of light, and his hands are pressed, as if to exert the power to peak.

Upon seeing it, Chu Xingyun stepped out, heavy heavy sword light bloomed, and smashed out from the hollow sword.

“Millions of mountains!” Gloomy and cold The young man screamed, and the Martial Spirit bloomed and condensed into a soily illusory shadow.

The mountain Martial Spirit oppressed, causing the surrounding air to become distorted. However, Chu Xingyun’s speed increased, and a sword stabbed out. The terrifying collision force shattered both of them.

Hōng lóng lóng’s voice constantly, Chu Xingyun and gloomy and cold youth’s figure retreat at the same time, the former stepped back five steps, and the latter successively regressed, the body arrived on the ancient tree before it was able to stop.

“Luo Sheng actually lost.” Li Chen’s eyes are wide, some unbelievable.

This gloomy and cold youth, named Luo Sheng, is the Talent disciple recruited by Yunmengwufu.

This person cultivation base has reached the Spirit Gathering Fifth Level day, with the Fourth Grade Martial Spirit, and the power is especially amazing.

Although Li Chen is also a Spirit Gathering Fifth Level realm, Martial Spirit is only listed as Third Grade.

If the two are a battle, Luo Sheng will win no suspense.

Absolutely didn’t expect, facing Luo Sheng’s offensive, Chu Xingyun did not lose, but also a little better!

“He really became stronger.” Shui Qianyue whispered, and there seemed to be a faint feeling of powerlessness in his heart.

“You just said who died to the end?” Chu Xingyun looked at Luo Sheng, his eyes were more chilly, and there was a shame in his mouth.

Luo Sheng was anxious and roared: “Kill this brat!”

When the voice fell, Luo Sheng once again rushed forward. The Martial Spirit of Wanshao Mountain was so thick that it once again collided with the hollow sword. The sword qi swept, the ground shattered, and the sound was extremely terrifying.

At the time of Chu Xingyun and Luo Sheng, a group of young people also made a move, either to use the Martial Study or to release the Martial Spirit. There was no reservation at all, and they wanted to kill Chu Xingyun instantly.

Seeing the other side killing at the same time, Chu Xingyun’s eyes sank and roared: “Hey!”

The fierce open air blade whistled from the sword, a young man had no time to do evasion, the body was immediately cut off, and fresh blood and internal organs were spilled over the ground.

Chu Xingyun did not look at this person, eyes right view, see Shui Qianyue rushed over, immediately called out the sword of Martial Spirit, turned into a battle Wind and Thunder, straight through the past.


The blue wave palm and the spirit sword collided, and the two almost disappeared at the same time. Chu Xingyun figure was withdrawn, but it was broken by Luo Sheng’s fist, bombarded on the arm, and stepped back.

Seeing that Chu Xingyun is regressing, Li Chen and others are not happy on their faces, but they are more and more dignified.

On one side, there are eight people.

Under the simultaneous make a move of eight people, Chu Xingyun was only slightly injured, but they were one person, and they were on the spot, Kill and Behead.

This result is unacceptable. I feel that there is a ruthless sword hanging on the neck of the owner. If you are a little careless, you may be the next person to die.

“How? Regret make a move?” Chu Xingyun wiped the fresh blood from the corner of his mouth, the voice of the voice, and the pupils of Shui Qianyue and others tightened. Yes, they really regretted it, regretting not calling more people. Kill Chu Xingyun.

“We have found such an opportunity so hard that we must not miss it. Even if it is grinding, we must kill him alive.”

Luo Sheng said coldly to the crowd. The Martial Spirit of Wanchao Mountain was integrated into the body, and his body suddenly became huge. It was more than two meters high. His body was covered by thick rock layers and he was killed by Chu Xingyun grinding press.

Chu Xingyun has a spiritual madness in his body, his mind is fretting, and around the body, he immediately rolled up a sword, and it was his Martial Spirit innate talent-sword qi storm.

Frenzy sword qi whistling in the air, Chu Xingyun and Luo Sheng collided with a moment, Luo Sheng’s hard rock formation was hard and cracked, but at the same time, a arrogant momentum is also rushed into Chu Xingyun’s meridians, let his Blood Qi Roll it up.

“Good opportunity!” Shui Qianyue saw this scene ecstasy, figure fox, came to Chu Xingyun in an instant.

I saw her hands wrapped in blue water waves, already full of spiritual power, palms like the wind, one palm and one palm shot, we must take Chu Xingyun life!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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