Chapter 1020. The Last Frontier


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At dusk, all the land was covered in scarlet blood. Bloody reflections spoke of a fierce battle.

At this moment, troops have already begun to attack the pyramids. The fourth point was their last goal. This path demanded from them all courage and courage. Breaking through to the pyramids, they no longer had reinforcements, and their hometown was behind, there was only undead around …

Mo Fan was already in a similar situation in the ancient capital. There were many more undead, but there were more top-level magicians …

Now there were only two top-level magicians with them.

The last five kilometers !!

In these lands there were most undead, and here the most powerful creatures were concentrated. Black silhouettes were visible everywhere on the yellow earth. In the center was a mirage of the pyramid.

The dark forces realized that people would try to do something with their precious pyramid, and all the undead within a radius of ten kilometers gathered around her, creating a solid black wall. Fierce faces, crippled bodies, hungry eyes and waves of toxic smoke loomed before people’s eyes …

– Go ahead!

Officer Fiona spoke only one word. A thin beam of blue light rose into the air. This served as a signal for everyone, there is no turning back.

– Break through !!

– Destroy the pyramid !!

– Long live Egypt !!!

The army rushed into a crowd of undead in a raging torrent. Waves of magic filled the skies and light flashes scattered twilight. Waves of destructive energy swept the earth …

The howls of the undead and the breath of dark magic spread everywhere. The accumulation of anger and hatred overwhelmed the minds of people.

These were creatures devoid of fear, their only goal was to tear and devour all the living!

In a place where the dead live near the living, even the earth exudes the smell of blood. In addition to the ocean, this is the largest battlefield in the world! That is why many trained skilled magicians come out of here!

The initially clear combat situation gradually turned into utter chaos. A solid forest of undead covered people’s view and many troops lost their course on the way to the pyramids. All people’s attention was focused on the battle with the dead.

……… ..

“Officer, we lost touch with the Western troops!” – reported military magician Moody.

“Did they all die?” The officer said quietly.

– They met with difficulties trying to break through the death swordsmen. Most of the troops were destroyed.

“It cannot be so fast, have you really not seen anything?”

– Not…

In the end, officer Fiona could not stand it. Behind her, thousands of light yellow winds formed into six wings of the wind!

Six wings … Officer Fiona could without any effort swiftly move, dive, turn around and soar in one place …

– A thousand blades – punishment blown away!

Thousands of blades appeared in the powerful breath of wind around Officer Fiona. The thinnest blades of the wind attacked a crowd of undead, in an instant all the mummies ahead lost their limbs. There was utter silence. Not a single dead man could rise to his feet.

The first attack was immediately followed by the second, more and more mummies lost their limbs. A wave of blades spread a kilometer ahead!

– Follow me! – Officer Fiona herself cleared the road. She managed to raise the morale of the army.

Several military units immediately followed her, breaking right away one kilometer in advance.

– Protect her well! If at least one hair falls from her head, I will make a mummy out of you myself! – On the freed road, Mo Fan saw Xin Xia, accompanied by Kulun.

“Why not say that.” Protecting her is my holy duty! – seriously replied Kulun.

What is still an unpleasant type. Due to his arrogance and arrogant self-confidence, Mo Fan already wanted to knock out the guy’s teeth several times. But he really was strong. Mo Fan saw how Kulun killed one dozen mummies of the level of a pack leader with one sweep. In the chaos of battle, he did not let Xin Xia dead dead closer than a hundred meters. It seems that the Parthenon took good care of this.

“Brother, you are doing dangerous things again!” – Sin Xia sighed.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself like no other.” The battle will end soon, but not everyone can survive, ”Mo Fan said seriously.

Now they have broken through to the very epicenter of the undead cluster. Mo Fan clearly recognized that the undead did not sleep and did not eat, and she did not need rest. Only when they get to the pyramid can they win. Mo Fan thought that getting into her shadow mantle should not be too difficult.

“I’m with you,” said Xin Xia.

“You will be here … well,” Mo Fan could not disagree, seeing her sister’s serious look.

Xin Xia rode on the Blue richer, pacifying him with spiritual magic. The whole body of the animal was covered with blue wool like soft velvet, the huge horns were like deer, and the tail was like the tail of a dragon. The tall animal had a brave and noble posture.

The appearance of the animal was very consistent with the spirit of Xin Xia itself. The blue stag not only helped her move, but also could attack and dodge enemy attacks, not inferior to night rakshasa.

“I’ll go with you,” said Kulun. Of course, he turned to the girl.

– Let’s go!

Mo Fan turned into a bird of shade and slipping quietly past the crippled mummies he caught up with officer Fiona and her troops.

Xing Xia followed along. The sight of torn corpses and bloody remains left her sick, but in her dark eyes there was no thought of retreat.

She kept a close watch on Mo Fan, fearing to miss him. Everywhere there were magicians surrounded by undead, you just have to blink and lose sight of him. She should be careful and in case of danger help her brother.

– Demonic obsession – total control!

Xin Xia’s eyes shone with blue light. The mummy in heavy armor standing in front suddenly lifted something heavy from the ground and suddenly attacked her own, violently crushing a couple of mummies.

A raging flame had already formed in Mo Fan’s right hand, and he was about to direct him into the mummy in heavy armor. But when he saw how the creature attacks its own, it froze in surprise.

The strength of the mummy in armor was equated to a creature of the level of the commander in chief, she was stronger than the sword-bearers of death. Xin Xia was easily able to take possession of him, and now they had an assistant in clearing the road!

– Blessing is gain!

Mo Fan tested deja vu, where did he see such magic? The light of blessing washed the silhouette of the mummy, and her body was enveloped in a glow, further enhancing its power!

Strengthened by the magic of blessings, the mummy in armor turned into a real fighting machine! She scattered the undead right and left!

– Cool! – Mo Fan sent fire to the other side, showing Xin Xia thumb.

Xin Xia giggled confusedly, as if she had been waiting for this praise all year of practice.

Xin Xia raised her head. Sitting astride, she peered into the crowd of the undead far ahead and noticed flashes of silver hair flickering between the mummies, the thin and graceful ice silhouette of the girl attracted attention even in such chaos!

“This is Ning Xue, she has moved further than us,” Xin Xia hurriedly told Mo Fan, noticing Moon Ning Xue.

– Fuck, why did she get in there, it’s almost at the pyramid itself! Hey, are you tired of living ?? – Seeing Mu Ning Xue, Mo Fan turned pale with fear.

Could she be more obedient and, like Xin Xia, modestly follow him ?? He himself is very belligerent, but his wife surpassed him!

Mo Fan, Xin Xia and Kulun changed direction a little and began to make their way to Mu Ning Xue.

Confusion reigned here, icy spikes suddenly appeared from the earth, piercing the dead. The land ahead was completely dotted with ice spikes.

– How cool she is! – Kulun sighed involuntarily, staring at Mu Ning Xue soaring in the air.

In the area of action of the ice sphere of Mu Ning Xue, creatures below the level of the leader of the flock died in half a minute, ice spikes killed them in droves, only stronger creatures of the level of the leader of the flock remained.

Mo Fan turned into magic artillery, explosions went one after another, destructive force spreading throughout the battlefield.

The elemental sphere of Mu Ning Xue became wider. The amount of undead did not matter. A hundred creatures of the servant level froze to death within a minute, if there were a thousand, the result would be the same. The icy remains of creatures spanned half a kilometer.

– Ning Xue!

Using the magic of the spirit, Xin Xia called Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue saw them and wanted to say something, but suddenly her eyes flashed with anger and she whispered something.

– Deep freeze – sarcophagus!

Mu Ning Xue waved her hand and a huge icy sarcophagus appeared over their heads, falling directly on them!

Mo Fan jumped in fear. What the hell, she can no longer distinguish us from the enemy ??

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