Chapter 1021. The Black King of the Swordsmen


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The icy sarcophagus plummeted, falling ten meters behind Mo Fan.

Mo Fan only turned his head and saw a dead carnivore that was now blocked right in the sarcophagus, and his expression still kept a smile.

In the head of the magician, a realization suddenly surfaced that the death swordsman could control the dark forces.

“Be careful,” said Mu Ning Xue Mo Fanu, recalling that he should first think about his own safety.

Mo Fan, shrugging her shoulders, only grinned: “Something you worry too much about me. If he came even closer to me, I would definitely be able to feel him. ”

Mu Ning Xue, as usual, did not pay any attention to the words of Mo Fan. Her gaze was fixed on the carrion in the icy sarcophagus: “He does not look like an ordinary representative of the undead.”

“This is the swordsman of death, one of the faithful subjects of the pharaoh who is buried in the pyramid.” In most cases, such undead roam in the immediate vicinity of the pyramid, as soon as we get closer to it, we will immediately encounter an attack by the swordsmen, ”said Mo Fan.

Xin Xia, seeing that Mu Ning Xue was injured, immediately rushed to release the magic of healing.

Two healing butterflies fluttered around the girl, as if around a beautiful flower with pollen. They landed on Mu Ning Xue’s wound, after which the injury immediately began to heal, as if it weren’t at all.

Xin Xia, seeing the vibrations of Mu Ning Xue, said: “In the Parthenon, we were taught to clean wounds. Parthenon’s healers can cure the vast majority of injuries and diseases against which healing magic is considered powerless. ”

Mu Ning Xue already managed to draw attention to the fact that Xin Xia in such a short period of time became a great healer, since her aura was noticeably different from the one that surrounded her more recently.

– Aaaaaaaaaa!

– Faster, scatter! We are running! We will all die here!

“Damn it, we are only a few hundred meters from the pyramid, now it’s definitely not the time to retreat!”

Among all these screams, a specific sound was heard. Mu Ning Xue, rising in the air, headed in his direction.

On a territory of five hundred meters, the undead were lined up by a crowd, fencing a pyramid from magicians. Mu Ning Xue just saw how their blood irrigated the sand ….

However, among all the death swordsmen, the girl saw a dark silhouette of a horseman. He was surrounded by a dense layer of black breath, as if it were his armor.

Under the rider was some kind of devilish horse, in his hand he held a long dark sword that was directed towards the sky, as if accumulating dark forces. In this case, the dark cloud became more and more!

This horseman uttered some strange exclamation in the ancient Egyptian dialect, and a dark magical aura began to spread among people!

The energy of his black sword bifurcated: one wave went to the sky, and the second hit the earth!

Lovar with his military unit was just under the blow of this sword. He could see with his own eyes how his soldiers, standing in front, literally smashed to pieces, irrigating the area with bloody rain.

From what he saw, horror appeared on Lovar’s face. In the next instant, this black sword ascended over his head ….

At that moment, he realized: if he lingers on this place for even a second, he will also turn into a pile of human meat!

Lovar’s head fell at the feet of Fiona, she bent in the lower back, looking into the military’s eyes, which were still open.

Lovar has always been Fiona’s most faithful subordinate. They served together for about thirty years. Lovar always wanted to become a real supreme military, but after Fiona was approved for this position, he told her that he was not going to be subordinate to other supremes with bad characters, since they all could not compare with her.

Fiona understood how much he wanted to become a magician of the highest level, to receive a military rank, he even devoted most of his life to this, but now all this was not destined to come true ….

“Who will explain to me how in the midst of the mirage of the pyramid this black king of the swordsmen appeared?”

“Shouldn’t this carrion be in the pyramid itself, accompanying the pharaoh?”

– Died! They all died, and we too are not destined to stay alive!

– The black king of the swordsmen … why, why why … because this is not a mirage of the pyramid, this is the pyramid itself!

The black king of the swordsmen was in the same place, sitting on a dark horse at the level of commander in chief. He himself was a creature far exceeding the level of the commander-in-chief – even a mage of the highest level will not be able to survive under the blow of his black sword!

– Everyone calmed down now! Shouted Fiona. With one hand, she closed Lovar’s eyes on his head, with the other wiped the tears that came out. This undead must not be missed!

Fiona’s voice scattered around, terrifying all subordinates.

“This is a mirage, and this black king of the swordsmen is not invincible.” If we surrender now, then his sword will destroy the whole city of Pusini! And now tell me, do you want to see such an outcome? Will it not be all the same, will we be alive at that moment or not? Since you are a military man, you will remember this current weakness of yours for the rest of your life! – heard the voice of Fiona.

“Sherl, you will fight with me the black king of the swordsmen, and the rest must break into the pyramid – we will not let the undead destroy our hometown!” Shouted Fiona.

Flapping her six wings, Fiona took to the air, towering above the crowd of military men and heading towards the king of the swordsmen.

The black king was among his swordsmen, and in his eyes one could clearly see the arrogance and strength of a creature at the level of a commander.

– The power of the night!

The black king of the swordsmen raised his sword, and darkness instantly covered the district with a cap.

A thick stench of dark forces spread throughout the territory.

* Chirping

The territory covered by the darkness of the power of the night was becoming more extensive, and the sword-bearers of death, being in this darkness, were becoming stronger.

– These creatures are getting stronger!

– Faster, in places!

The swordsmen were fastening before our eyes. Their guns could easily destroy mid-level magicians, and under the influence of the dark forces of their lord they became even more powerful.

Military magicians were only a small detachment, which during this time managed to destroy only one death swordsman, and there were only more like him!

The black king of the sword-bearers still didn’t personally engage in battle: he didn’t even need it, he only gave instructions to his subordinates to destroy all the people!


Mu Ning Xue slowly sank down, and her gaze was still fixed forward.

– The black king of the swordsmen is the inhabitant of the inner chambers of the pyramid, and we will not be able to defeat him only if four magicians of the highest level do not unite against him! – said Kulun.

Mo Fan also looked ahead, bouncing around.

“Everything is very sad” – the only way to describe this situation!

Blood flowed like water, and the black king himself only further oppressed the situation.

In short, they simply do not have the strength to withstand this commander!

However, seeing him, Mo Fan for some reason began to overcome doubts.

He had already met such a representative of the undead of the dark forces!

Such a creature must not be forgotten. E Ye Meng E had the same black horseman as a draft creature, Mo Fan saw him when he went in search of Zhang Xiao Hou to a dangerous village.

This is a rider-swordsman of dark forces! And his fighting ability really made Mo Fan open his mouth!

It can be said that the externally recruiting rider E Man Ee is no different from this black king of the sword-bearers, besides the fact that the dark breath of the latter is much stronger!

– This is a recruiting creature from the afterlife, he is very strong, smart and wields a sword perfectly. However, he still has a drawback.

– What is the disadvantage?

“This is a creature that actually contracts with the lord of darkness.” He is obliged to observe this contract, and if he is told to kill people, then he must implicitly fulfill it. Dark forces feed his energy, making him more powerful, and besides, he cannot resist the lord of darkness or show his displeasure, ”Ye Meng E.

“Very wayward, but what’s wrong with that?”

– In most cases, nothing. However, if it happens that some person wants to harm me, then I can easily be killed, because the rider can not protect his master until he finishes his combat mission from the contract space of darkness, ”Ye Meng E. said.

E Meng E certainly refers to the type of women that can not be forgotten, having met once. He remembered well Mo Fan and her dark horseman.

And although the identity of E Men E in the consciousness of Mo Fan created only more and more questions and doubts, one thing was certain – now in front of his eyes is the black king of the swordsmen.

If Ye Meng E then told the truth, then the black king of the swordsmen is obliged to honor the decrees received from the contractual space of darkness – and this is the most reliable way to control it.

And now their main task is not to destroy all the undead and fight with the black king, they must dispel this mirage of the pyramid!

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