Chapter 1022. The Battle of the Dark Forces (Part 1)


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– Provoke a battle with the dark forces? – Mu Ning Xue looked doubtfully in her eyes at Mo Fan.

In truth, it sounded like complete absurdity. Try to circle the rider’s finger, which can destroy a military detachment. Even Mo Fan himself did not believe that there would be someone who could do business with the contractual space of darkness.

– Although I am not from Egypt, I have heard a lot about this black king of the swordsmen. However, I have never heard of the existence of a contractual space of darkness. You yourself came from China, how can you know such things that are unknown even to representatives of the magical association? Asked Kulun.

“I can’t say that it’s all true, but it’s definitely worth a try … or will we just wait until the black king of the swordsmen wipes all of us into powder?” – said Mo Fan.

From one glance at the black leader of the swordsmen, any desire to approach the pyramid fell away.

The powers of the death swordsmen are simply enormous, and even five hundred of these creatures look like a real mountain of undead!

Mo Fan, Mu Ning Xue, Kulun and Xin Xia, the four of us moved towards the formation of the Swordsmen. In addition to the swordsmen, other carrots were piling up in the area: in fact, various mummies were visible throughout the space, which completely filled the roads of the human city …

– Get out! – a loud voice rang out in the air. The wind lifted clouds of dust and sand, capturing countless undead directly into the air.

Fiona’s powers were truly amazing. As a mage of the highest level, she could easily cope with large quantities of ordinary undead, only the death swordsmen brought much more trouble.

Of the five hundred swordsmen, Fiona’s vortex was able to capture only about two hundred, and if we take into account the fact that these swordsmen were strengthened by dark energy, then its speed in their destruction was very small.

Only now the blackest king of the swordsmen was absolutely on the drum that his wards were dying right before his eyes. His eyes were fixed on a group of magicians – he continually launched his sword.

Fiona was evil because this black king uninterruptedly chopped up her subordinates – how can they deal with him in such a small detachment?

– Petty Officer, we must retreat about five kilometers back. As far as I know, the black king of the swordsmen of death cannot move away from the pyramid further than three kilometers. If this continues, we will all perish here! Said another top-level mage named Sharl.

Fiona looked at the territory strewn with corpses, and her face noticeably changed its expression.

She never wanted to back down, and, in her opinion, it’s better to die right on this spot. Nonetheless, common sense said the exact opposite: she would simply lose absolutely her entire squad, and then they would definitely not be able to fight this undead.

After some time, she gave the decree to retreat.

The military detachment was already at a distance of two kilometers from the pyramid, and after the retreat, they were able to quickly assemble again with the main staff.

Most magicians used the element of fire: they continually released fiery emissions and flaming fists. The detachment advanced very slowly, and now it turned out that it was all in vain.

After the detachment retreated, one could easily see the numerous traces of fresh blood in the sand. The military themselves were wounded, and the carrion only seemed to sinisterly smile at them in return.

– Tell me what to do? – It was impossible to look at the face of Fiona, who suffered a severe defeat.

“We must be returning to the side of the city.” While the black king of the swordsmen is here, we can’t break into the pyramid, ”said Sharl.

Sharl and Fiona were not thinking about how to fight the black king – they urgently needed reinforcements.

“That’s all we have, there are no more people,” Fiona said confidently.

Throughout Egypt, not only in their city there were mirages of pyramids, so the military units of other cities should also observe the situation on the ground.

“The black king of the swordsmen adheres to the terms of the contract, and I think this is our only opportunity to enter the pyramid,” said Mo Fan, referring to Fiona.

– What kind of contract? Sharl asked perplexedly.

Mo Fan clarified the situation to him.

– What kind of nonsense? We have been living in Egypt for so long, and even we have not heard anything about this contract of the black king. You yourself do not consider this nonsense? Do you want to say that he will fight until all people die? – Sharl clearly did not believe the words of the young magician.

From Scherl’s point of view, surrender was the only right decision at that moment. Only after an increase in the number of military can one think about breaking a huge system of undead.

“If we step back now, then all our sacrifices will be meaningless.” We will either perish or destroy this mirage! I think we should try to break into the pyramid! – Fiona expressed her point of view.

Fiona, like her wards, the military, had a hot temper. They had already entered the sea of the undead, and the retreat in this case meant only additional deaths – and in fact very soon they would in any case be trapped in the undead!

– Mo Fan, you messed up everything. Do you really believe what you once read in some obscure book? Will you take responsibility for what is happening here? – said Zu Jiming.

Zu Jimin did not care about the opinion of Mo Fan and his plans, he was more worried that the responsibility for the actions of Mo Fan would fall on the shoulders of their entire team.

– We must try, delaying further makes no sense.

– Yes, you are sick to the fullest! It’s obvious that a military unit will not be able to penetrate the pyramid. Wouldn’t it be better to just quietly retreat peacefully, do not forget that we are all drawn into this, and that we can all die! – Mu Tinyin clearly did not share the position of Mo Fan.

– I honestly do not understand why I should listen to all this from people who are not capable of anything? – said Mo Fan.

He began to scold them all, trying to reason with the command: none of them could fight with Mo Fan, so they really did not answer him. All they could do was stand, blushing with anger overwhelming them.

Mo Fan himself could not just look at all these sacrifices.

Fiona and several of her subordinates were well aware that Mo Fan is also a very fiery magician. It does not matter whether Mo Fan decides to take part in the battle with the dark forces, the military has no way back – they must break into the pyramid so that all the shed blood was shed for good reason! With every second, this undead only gets stronger!

The military again made a dash forward, and now they were only one kilometer from the pyramid.

As one would expect, the black king of the swordsmen of death reappeared, surrounded by his subordinates, the number of which went to hundreds.

“Sharl and I will hold him for a while, and you must by any means enter the pyramid!” – Fiona said to Fang in a strict voice.

Mo Fan was determined to get there, to help him he had an element of shadow and a mantle of shadow. He was precisely that person who most likely could have passed through all these mummies, and most importantly, not to fall under the sword of the black king and his retinue.

Together with Mo Fan, Ai Jiang Tu also broke into the pyramid, which, being a magician of an element of space, also had good chances of success in this matter. Mo Fan and Ai Jiang Tu must break into the pyramid, Mu Ning Xue provided protection.

– Maybe I’ll go? “You cannot survive alone in a confrontation with the black king of the swordsmen, and without you, our entire military detachment will die,” Vancas said.

This alignment actually meant the imminent death of Fiona.

“You should not say so much,” Fiona immediately stopped the subject. She took to the air and headed toward the black king of the swordsmen.

He still sat on his ominous horse, and a cold glow emanated from the sword in his hand.

Fiona remembered that the horseman used the ancient Egyptian dialect, so this language could be used.

Taking a deep breath, Fiona entered the dark, dense expanse of mortal stench ….

Turning her head back, she looked at the city … endless wars – isn’t that what happens to her all the time?

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