Chapter 1023. The Battle of the Dark Forces (Part 2)


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Fiona took a deep breath and, flapping her six wings, went into battle! A stream of wind ruffled her robe and short hair.

– I will fight with you until the last breath! She shouted, referring to the black king of the swordsmen of death.

Her voice descended from heaven to earth, reaching the ears of all the military.

In this world there are not so many magicians who dare to confront a magical creature of the level of a commander, since this is a direct threat to life.

For Fiona, Pusini is the city in which she grew up. Here she has the highest military rank, she has no relatives or children, but the whole city is like a home to her. Top-level mage Sharl could not understand why she was refusing temporary surrender. He did not know that without the kindness of the inhabitants of Pusini, Fiona could freeze on the streets of the city several decades ago.

Therefore, she can only fight to the last breath for this city!

The black king of the swordsmen carefully watched Fiona, strict calm was read in his eye sockets.

He slowly raised his sword, directing it into the air to where it was.

A black whirlwind began to accumulate around the leader of the undead, the area covered by this wind reached a kilometer, and all the undead and living people involuntarily started backing away.

At the same moment, the black king said something in human language with a clear ancient Egyptian accent.

Mo Fan could not understand what he was saying, but the whole power of the dark elements gradually dissipated, the black king of the sword-bearers no longer looked at Fiona, but at other magicians, turning his eyes on them.

– Your mother! I said that this method is only for chickens to laugh! Sharl cursed.

Fiona also froze in surprise, she could not believe her eyes.

“Will we all die here?”

“It won’t work … what else is the contract space of darkness?” It definitely won’t help!

– What are we doing? How could we believe in this babble?

Among the people, panic began. If the contractual space of darkness does not arise, then this commander-level rider will definitely chop them all with his sword!

– What’s happening? What did he say to you? – asked, shouting, Mo Fan, turning to Fiona.

Mo Fan was also seriously scared. At this moment, he sacredly believed that Ye Man Eh had deceived him, since the contractual space of darkness did not appear.

– Hammer into the contract space of darkness, still we make our way further! – said Vancas.

At this moment, the black king of the swordsmen again raised his sword, and the darkness again enveloped everything around.

From this picture, the hair on people’s heads stood on end: under the influence of dark magic, the undead become only stronger!

– Dark. He can receive orders only from the lord of darkness, and since I am not the lord of darkness, I can not influence his contract with the dark forces, ”said Fiona. She sank to the ground, and tears already ran from her eyes with a stream.

Bitter tears flowed down her face … now the carrion will destroy everyone, and there is no turning back!

“And this Sharl, is he not the master of darkness?” – asked one of the magicians.

“No, and even if he were such, he still could not do anything,” said Vancas.

“What kind of lord of darkness?”

“Maybe I can?” My secondary element is the shadow ….

– What do you mean? The black king of the swordsmen can destroy you with one swipe of his sword.

There was only one option – to break through to the pyramid. However, can the path filled with human blood be considered victorious?

Ai Jiang Tu, Nan Jue and the rest were silent. Their previous plan was now impracticable, and all due to the fact that under the cover of the power of night, none of the living people could reach the pyramid. This power of the night was released by the black king of the swordsmen, and it not only slowed down the progress to the pyramid, but also complicated the path, since in complete darkness it is very easy to get lost!

“I’ll try,” came someone’s voice.

Xin Xia turned around, staring at Mo Fan, in the hope that these words were not spoken to them.

However, Mo Fan took a step forward: “I can probably be considered the master of darkness, so I will deal with him, and you take on the mirage of the pyramid.”

Mu Ning Xue was stopped by Mo Fan, but he rested.

“Haha, someone wants to patch up a hero,” Guan Yu grinned.

“I agree,” assented Zu Jimin.

Killing Mo Fan for the black king was something very simple, because even the weakest representative of the commanders can easily destroy the magician of the highest level.

Xin Xia looked at Mo Fan, thinking about how he could accept such a risk ….

“Relax, I won’t die,” Mo Fan told her, knowing that she was very worried about him. He stroked her head.

– I do not agree with you, why fight with him? I can freeze it for a while, then its power of the night will noticeably weaken, and all of you at this time will be able to get closer to the pyramid, ”said Mu Ning Xue.

Mu Ning Xue did not want Mo Fan to be so surely killed. Yes, someone should lose their lives in this battle, but this is not their battle, why then make such sacrifices?

“You must believe me,” said Mo Fan, without giving any explanation.

Mo Fan, too, did not really have an idea about the lord of darkness, but only such a magician can fight the black king.

“Now I’m like a savior-Jesus,” Mo Fan came out of the crowd, heading for the enemy.

– Hold your sword, Uncle Mo Fan will fight with you now! – said Mo Fan, referring to the black king in Chinese.

– Ignoramus! With my sword, I can easily chop off your head, and then hang it at the entrance to the pyramid! – answered the black king, pointing his sword at Mo Fan.

The blade of the sword was larger than the magician himself, and it continued to tremble all this time, filled with dark energy.

The dark forces seemed to form a huge triangle, which turned into a triangular support, rising to the sky!

“This … this …” the top-level mage Sharl opened his eyes in horror, watching the dark forces form the arena for battle!

The contract space of darkness ….

An ancient contract of darkness that was preserved only in the culture of ancient Egypt. How could a young magician from the East know that the black king of the swordsmen is capable of this?

A gloomy arena arose directly between the undead and the people.

– My God, this contractual space of darkness has really appeared! Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

“How could Mo Fan know this?” Look, this arena will stand until Mo Fan and the black king finish fighting! – exclaimed Jiang Shaoxu.

Ai Jiang Tu tried to attack the space of the arena, but it seemed to be surrounded by a magic barrier.

Fiona also tried to approach this arena fence, but the result was the same: in the place to which she approached, more spells appeared, and only Mo Fan and the black rider could be inside ….

– And what now to do? Will Mo Fan definitely die?

“How could he be so impulsive!”

Inside the arena, Mo Fan stood on the red sand, feeling waves of dark energy on him.

The contract space of darkness with its manifestation surprised even Mo Fan, who certainly did not expect to see the arena here.

“Your mother, what are you worth?” Now run to the pyramid! – Mo Fan cursed, seeing that people outside the arena only silently watch what is happening, their mouths open.

After these words, he saw a huge sword that hung over him, and he was about to go down!

Mo Fan wanted to get away from the attack, but noticed that he could not move.

This sword blocked him!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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