Chapter 1024. The Incarnation of the Fire Goddess


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The point of this black sword Mo Fanyu can not be avoided!

Mo Fan, without shelving, immediately activated his snake chain mail.

Snake scales immediately covered the body of the owner, but the black aura still noticeably weakened its effect.

For the first time, Mo Fan encountered a one-on-one creature at the level of a commander, not counting his meeting with a totem snake. And although the black king of the sword-bearers was noticeably inferior to the totem snake in power, referring to the secondary level of the commander, even the commander-in-chief will not be able to endure this atmosphere.

The huge sword fell with a bang again, and Mo Fan could only see how even the sand comes in waves from the energy of this weapon!

In confronting such a force, no defense will save!

The black sword streaked Mo Fang’s body, cutting his skin ….

Mo Fan howled in pain, unable to endure.

After some time, he collapsed to the ground, his snake-chain mail was torn, and wounds were visible in the places of breaks.

The magician rose, gritting his teeth, his chain mail was now unusable, and his eyes were full of surprise.

– Mo Fan!

Xin Xia’s eyes, which stood behind the arena at that time, turned red.

She could not bear the fact that Mo Fan was injured, and from the mere thought that he was alone with this monster there, her entire self-control literally disappeared.

“Mo Fan, figure out how to get out of there, otherwise you will surely die!” Shouted Zhao Man Yan.

The sword was simply murderous. Lacking a good defense, Mo Fan can not stand the next blow.

“I overestimated him, thinking that he would last at least five rounds,” Zu Jimin grinned. In such a situation, he became even more malevolent, thinking that getting rid of Mo Fan here, they would get rid of huge problems in the future.

Ai Jiang Tu did not say anything, his gaze was fixed on the side of the pyramid.

As Mo Fan said, after the black king of the swordsmen is engaged in this battle, the best time will come to break into the pyramid. Ai Jiang Tu immediately went the other way, approaching the pyramid.

“He will not survive the next sword strike.”

– Yeah, it was pointless to invoke the contract space of darkness, since he would not last long in the arena, and the sword of the black king after all this would turn back to us.

Fiona was outside the arena, looking at this young magician. Everything inside her was boiling.

It should have been her battle ….

Mo Fan stood in the arena. His chain mail was torn, and now did not even resemble a solid artifact.

The black king of the swordsmen was at that time at a height of one hundred meters above Mo Phan, with contempt looking at him.

How did such a man dare to challenge him?


Brown flames began to flare up at Mo Fan’s feet, creating a huge fire system around him.

In the middle of the system, a female silhouette gradually appeared, the body of this girl consisted of magma, her eyes sparkled with fury – the scorching sun she went towards the enemy, who dared to injure Mo Fan.

* Uuuuuuuuuu

A fiery getter engulfed the whole arena with fire, resisting dark breathing.

The powerful fire of the getters began to suppress the dark breath of the black king of the swordsmen, which surprised him noticeably.

“It came in handy, this time the effect manifested itself faster than I thought,” Mo Fan grinned, looking at her pet.

Before entering the arena, Mo Fan let the hetero drink an intertemporal substance.

At first he thought to spend it on demonization, but there will be so many undead in the pyramid that this will definitely be enough to replenish the reserves. Then he thought that demonization under such conditions would surely attract the attention of magical associations, and then he would like to go to the research rat to research them the least ….

So now the best solution was the fiery heterka … no, wrong … the fiery goddess!

Inter-temporal substance can throw heterosexual into adulthood for a short period, and this should be enough to shake the black king of the swordsmen.

The fire markedly crowded the black king, and, looking at this, the representatives of the undead and magicians who were outside the arena could not believe their eyes.

– This is fire! Fiona exclaimed, turning to Vankas.

The power of the flame was in fact equal to the power of the fire sphere, so even the black king of the swordsmen was surprised.

“It’s … it’s … yes, it’s the fiery goddess!”

– This is a fiery goddess! Shouted Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Yu at the same time.

Through the tongues of flame the gentle female outlines were visible ….

“I will not spare you!” – said the fiery goddess in a spiritual language, her eyes at that time were blazing with fierce anger.

These words were addressed to the enemy. He understood this phrase, alternately looking at it, then at Mo Fan: “But you are a fiery deity, how did you find yourself in the service of some little man? If you want, I can introduce you to my master, with your unprecedented power he can command darkness, and you will be given the element of fire! ”

The fire goddess, after these words, became even more angry.

Creatures of the level of the commander in chief and commander already have excellent mental abilities, so they can look at people like rats, trying to destroy them!

However, the inner world of the fiery goddess did not agree to conclude agreements with dirty undead!

The fiery goddess, turning around, looked at Mo Fan. She herself could have incinerated this dead man, but decided to incarnate into Mo Fan.

She entered the magician’s chest, causing his body to flare up even more. The flame was so powerful that the arena started to shake from its activity!

Thousands of flames of the fire element began to accumulate in the air, which lined up like warriors – this magic was no worse than the effect of demonization!

Mo Fan raised his head … the silhouette of a fire goddess was visible behind him, the magician himself was now red, his height reached two meters, and he looked like a fire giant – from that moment the black king of the sword-bearers did not seem so huge anymore!

– Fuck! After the incarnation of the fiery goddess, the fiery power of Mo Fan simply cannot be recognized! – jumped in surprise Zhao Man Yan, watching everything outside.

They had almost forgotten that Mo Fan still had an intertemporal substance that could work miracles with a fiery hetero.

At the very beginning, during the battle with the magic birds of Nazca in Peru, the fire goddess herself attacked huge flocks of birds, but now she embodied in Mo Fan, giving him an additional fuse.

– This … this magician …

“He incarnated with the elemental being of fire … that’s the fiery deity of the general’s level!” – Fiona looked at Mo Fan.

It can still work out!

Everything can work out!

The Almighty himself sent the Chinese team to this city to save him! Now the fate of the city is in the hands of this young magician!

– All military, listen to my decree! Together we must fight with the swordsmen of death! – said Fiona.

These swordsmen must be thrashed while their leader is busy!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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