Chapter 1025. Battle of the Generals


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– She herself found her death! – said the black king of the swordsmen, preparing his weapon.

All this time he did not get off his devilish horse, but now he put him into action. He kicked his legs, the horse made a piercing sound, moved forward, after which a red bloody aura appeared around the horse, and now this animal also rushed with great speed!

The horse, facing Mo Fan, stood so that his body was tilted relative to the ground, at that moment the black king of the swordsmen raised his sword, which heavily fell upon the place where Mo Fan was!

The blade of the sword cut through the ground, which caused a crevice to appear, and if it were not for the barrier, this crevice would have spread over the earth another kilometer away!

Mo Fan, whose body was blazing, was already at the other end of the arena at that moment.

– Lava!

Mo Fan waved his hand, which is why in his former place the seal of fire left by him began to appear.

The black king could not even think that another spell would appear at his feet, it seemed he only found a way to spread the fire ….

At the place where the horseman was, a column of fire began to appear with pouring lava!

Only now this pillar of fire was noticeably superior to the fiery columns from the spell of the burning fist of nine palaces, it looked like a volcano that spewed magma to a height of hundreds of meters, and then this fiery fountain was scattered by the fire around.

– The gravity of space!

Mo Fan waved his hand again, and now the space under the black rider seemed to begin to settle.

The magician made the jump. When he reached the highest point of the jump, fire dragons appeared, which swept his body.

Staying in the air, he struck the black king of the swordsmen with a flaming fist.


After punching, one fire dragon stretched out, flying in the direction where the fire was raging.



Fire dragons continued to fly out again and again. They were like meteorites that left hollows in the arena ….

The black horseman was still in that hole that sucked him more and more, and fire dragons, among other things, left burns on his body!

He tried to retreat, and from his sockets came a clear anger.

– Land of ghosts!

He directed the blade of his sword, driving it into the sand.

When the sword was already half in the ground, sand, sprinkled with fresh scarlet blood, suddenly turned black sharply!

Black began to spread throughout the arena, enveloping it in thick black fog.

The brown fire on this black earth disappeared … after some time from the arena, completely covered by the fire of the fiery goddess, only a few tens of meters remained by the flame near Mo Fan!

– The sword!

The horseman all this time pronounced curses in the ancient dialect, and on the sword that was stuck in the sand even more inscriptions began to appear, and he himself was trembling ….

Dark breath was piling up around this place, forming the many black shadows of the sword!

Numerous shadows of the sword formed a system and, on the orders of the black king, headed towards Mo Fan!

Black blades plummeted down, leaving behind a dark glow.


The blade of a sword whistled, leaving a black gap.

Mo Fan managed to avoid this attack, but looking up, he saw that there were several dozens of similar blades hanging there ….

Each of the blades reached a length of ten meters, they attacked from all sides, preventing them from escaping.

– Thousands of feathers!

Mo Fan bounced above the ground, and thousands of fire feathers piled up around him.

These feathers then scattered in different directions, causing loud blows when they collided with dark blades.

These feathers were much stronger than the usual “thousand feathers of fire” spell, there were many more, and they were able to destroy all the dark blades in the arena!

Vibration was continuously sewn through the dark arena, which made the hearts of those present go to the heels.

– Mo Fan is simply divine! – Zhao Man Yan could no longer restrain his admiration.

“Fighting a creature of a secondary level of a commander alone … is something!”

Xin Xia, seeing that Mo Fan was not only not dead, but was already actively attacking the black king of the swordsmen, involuntarily began to hope ….

She recalled the situation during the tragedy in the city of Bo, when they were among the one-eyed magic wolves at the servant level, and there appeared winged ash wolves, whose strength was enough to destroy the town.

Only now, Mo Fan was already much stronger than it was then. And if he now had a chance to fight with a large number of ashen wolves, it would be just a utopian picture.

“What, after all, is happening?” – asked Mu Ning Xue, looking at Zhao Man Yan and Jiang Yuya with bewildered eyes.

– This is an inter-temporal substance that we stumbled upon in one of the Indian places. For a short period of time, she can transfer draft beings to the stage of adulthood. Even then, during the mortal threat, Mo Fan and his fire heterka saved us all … I thought that the inter-temporal substance had already ended, and I did not even suspect that Mo Fan left a bit in reserve.

“No wonder … Mo Fan is too reckless, so he ventured into a duel with the black king of the swordsmen.” In my place I would never risk dueling with a creature of the level of a military leader ….

The creature of the level of a commander in their eyes was some kind of divine creature that no one can fight with, and only Mo Fan, not knowing fear, went to this duel.

Looking at how this battle goes, you involuntarily start to think that Mo Fan should definitely have some kind of motor or energy source in his chest, since there are only a few people on Earth who can withstand the essence of a commander’s level … yes, this horseman belongs to minor level commander, but still ….

Mo Fan, at twenty, is already fighting such a creature!


The black king of the swordsmen growled, spewing puffs of deadly breath.

Ruthless fire turned his mount into black dust, and this horse was about a thousand years old!

The horseman stood in the same place, disappointedly looking at what was left of his former horse, he had fought with him so many fights! But in this battle there can be only one winner, otherwise the contracted space of darkness will suck them into its dark abyss forever ….

The black king had an excellent command of the shadow element, so it was not difficult for him at some moment to be behind Mo Fan, swinging his sword at him.


Having escaped the fire of Mo Fan, the rider grinned.

However, the enemy soon discovered that the fire dissipated in the air just like that.

He immediately thought that something was wrong, starting to look around. After that, he saw strange vibrations in space, and the magic of fire soon appeared there.

Not expecting an opponent reaction, Mo Fan disappeared from his former place, instantly finding himself right in front of the rider, who was now without his horse!

“I will kill you!”

Mo Fan struck the black king with all his might, directing all his power into this blow.

He was thrown into the air, then hit hard on the barrier … the armor on his body fell to pieces!

– Instant movement!

Mo Fan used the magic of space, but this energy did not come from him, but from the fiery goddess!

The fiery goddess is a true fiery deity. Having been born on the northern hot plain, she could already manage the space there, but only with the attainment of the phase of adulthood she begins to understand the whole hidden meaning of this magic ….

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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