Chapter 1027. Sly Mo Fan


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The intertemporal substance, which was obtained with great difficulty, finally ended, but Mo Fang did not regret it in the slightest: the victory over the black king of the Swordsmen brought him many bonuses!

There was no spiritual entity left of the enemy, if it were, then Mo Fan would instantly turn into a rich man, because the spiritual essence of a commander’s level is worth more than a billion!

It was a simple soul, its price is also very high. Having digested it, the dark talisman gave Mo Fang about ten spiritual entities of the level of the pack leader, which in the market value is close to two hundred million.

Unfortunately, Mo Fan on them could only strengthen their stars. The long process of strengthening the lightning system has progressed markedly. Every time after such battles, Mo Fan gets a good reward – it can be the remains of magical creatures or even just their souls.

Mo Fan left even the cadaveric crystal of the black king of the Sword.

A solid corpse crystal is very expensive, as it can restore magical powers. The corpse crystal level commander in the market will cost about one hundred million.

If you pass this little thing to Zhao Man Yan, who will be able to help her out with good money … then we can assume that the spherical lightning seed in Mo Fang is in your pocket!

– Mo Fan, give the cadaver crystal, the helmet of the rider and his sword to me, I will sell them for you for 200 million, how are you? – Zhao Man Yan immediately offered a price.

“Can you bail out 200 million for this?” – surprised Mo Fan.

The black king of the Swordsmen did not possess something outstanding, there was not even a spiritual entity in him, so Mo Fan thought that, having sold all this separately, he could not earn even a hundred million.

– Why not? Whatever it was, he refers to the level of commander, and in this world there are many rich people who collect such things. As for the black king of the Sword, it may be interested in large estates. There are a lot of things left of him: the remains of a horse, armor, a sword – here you can bargain well. Of course, not every estate or estate at the entrance hangs fragments of a magical creature at the level of a commander, but as for the black king’s armor, they look very close to European perception, I can help you sell them more expensively to Europe, definitely not cheaper than two hundred million for everything! Said Zhao Man Yan.

Zhao Man Yan is a hardcore merchant, so he knows well how to sell and buy magical artifacts.

“What about my spherical lightning element seed?” Mo Fan asked excitedly.

He just needed to get enough money to buy this seed, because then confronting such mages as the executioner of Paley from the black church would cease to be a problem for him!

“I promise that I can find you pi * datoy spherical lightning seed on arrival in Italy or Paris.” Mo Fan, you see, I am the son of one of the richest families in China, but even so my ancestors are in no hurry to give me a spherical seed. If it comes to you, even American magicians will bypass you, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

So it always turns out in the end – the strongest mages can rely and rely only on themselves.

Simple magicians who cannot acquire artifacts even worth ten million can only count on themselves, especially if it comes into their head to buy a spherical seed worth one hundred million. They must develop continuously if they want to succeed.

A magician who cannot rely only on himself, but cultivates by resorting to someone’s help, as a rule, does not appreciate this, and very often it turns out that money is thrown to the wind.

Mo Fan is now able to press offspring of the greatest families!

He is a born magician of two elements, who, moreover, rushes in his development on all pairs – few magicians with stronger talents can reach his level!

The remains of the undead breath disappeared after the rain, now there is absolutely no smell left in the air.

This rain has become a real blessing of heaven, because in a country like Egypt it rains very rarely.

Pushing the wheelchair forward, with each step, Mo Fan felt the intoxicating aroma of Xin Xia more and more strongly.

How can this scent be so strong? Mo Fan could not stand it, pushing the pram into an alley in which there were no people.

After the rain, flowers bloomed in the city – this phenomenon is also extremely rare in a desert area.

There were few people in the park, they all gathered in the square: they sang songs and danced, praising the victory that had happened … Drink, women, food ….

Sitting on a long bench, Mo Fan embraced Xin Xia, lifting her in his arms: “Why are you so light? Are you poorly fed in the Parthenon? ”

“No, I’m probably cultivating too hard, and it takes a lot of energy,” said Xin Xia.

– If you cultivate a lot, then you must be hard. Look, skin and bones, – Mo Fan put her on his lap.

Xin Xia’s legs practically did not move – without a stroller, she was like a little lamb that could not hold on to her legs. She doesn’t manage without help.

It is not clear why, but Xin Xia’s legs are just amazingly beautiful. Even if they do not walk on the ground, they are perfect in appearance, especially snow-white velvety skin.

Mo Fan began stroking her legs, he understood that it was a public place, but still hoped that the trees covering the long bench at 270 degrees would make his adventures invisible to people.

One of the people directly asked why they did not immediately go to the hotel, to which Mo Fan only sniffed contemptuously.

Xin Xia is not one of those girls who can immediately be dragged into a hotel!

And here, in the park, everything is fine: the air, nature …

Xin Xia did not have time to understand Mo Fang’s thoughts, so for the time being she didn’t really react.

In truth, she was in awe when Mo Fan was in the arena …

“By the way, I wanted to find out something,” said Mo Fan, stroking the girl’s legs.

– What?

“Your legs seem to have become sensitive,” Mo Fan said.

Xin Xia blushed sharply …

– Obviously, your legs feel everything, why don’t they still walk?

Xin Xia could stand and even move her legs, only now they were constantly ill. Any adequate person immediately has a question: is she a student of the Parthenon, in which they cure diseases that are considered incurable, why can they not cure her legs?

“I don’t know myself,” the girl lowered her head. She thought about it herself …

“Don’t …” Xin Xia was outraged that Mo Fan behaved so arbitrarily.

– Maybe this is not a disease at all, but the reason is something else? – suggested Mo Fan.

“Probably … Mo Fan, let’s go already,” said Xin Xia, knowing that if they stay here again, Mo Fanyu can completely tear down the roof.

– I am also a little tired, let’s go to my room, we haven’t talked to you for so long! Said Mo Fan.

Xin Xia blushed even more. Since Mo Fan won himself in a crowded place, what would he do with her in his room …

However, Xin Xia slightly nodded her head in agreement, which made Mo Fan incredibly happy inwardly.

On the way to the room, Mo Fan thought about why he did not make a breakthrough to a high level in the magic of the element of space even earlier, because the instant movement is just a very cool thing, especially when you need to quickly find yourself in some place!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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