Chapter 1028: Brother Zhao


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“It’s impossible to even imagine, Mo Fan, this time you really turned out to be very fortunate, 500 million!” – Said excitedly Zhao Man Yan on the phone Mo Fanyu.

Mo Fang barely managed to leave Xin Xia for a few days to the sea, and it looked more like a honeymoon.

– Cool! Are there any good spherical seeds now? – asked Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was just breaking up with Xin Xia, as she had to return to the Parthenon. After the last internship, she should already become an official member of the Parthenon Monastery – by the reaction of Nan Rongni, then it was possible to understand that this is considered a very significant achievement among healing magicians.

– It is better to go straight to Venice, as there surely will find what you need. There are the world’s largest magic trades, the most important thing is the availability of money, and then any purchase will not be a problem! Said Zhao Man Yan.

If we calculate, now Mo Fang had about five hundred million yuan in his hands – he could not even dream of such a huge amount of money when he was in his first year!

Of course, Mo Fan did not even dare to get rich, because with this money he was going to get a spherical seed.

Upon arrival in Venice, you immediately realize that this city is simply unique: its medieval watchtowers, churches and houses literally make you plunge into history.

In Venice, there are no cars at all, in any case, there are not even bicycles there. Absolutely all movement in parts of the city takes place on water: in boats and with the help of gondola black water creatures.

These gondola aquatic creatures are very specific: there are irregularities on their backs, and their head and headboard are noticeably lifted against the background of their overall constitution. If they are not completely submerged in water, and only half as much, then they really look like boats that can carry up to five people at the same time.

These gondola creatures can be called “Venetian taxi”: they undergo special training, as well as trained “drivers” are attached to them, which can deliver the residents and guests of Venice to anywhere in the city, and walking on the high seas will not be a problem either.

Upon arrival in the city, Mo Fan and a friend sat down on such a specific type of transport to explore Venice.

– They say that almost all of you here are magicians of the water element, is that true? Mo Fan asked the driver.

It was a tanned old man from the locals. He was white, only now under the scorching sun this old man had already managed to tan to a negroid state, he reacted very vividly, replying with a smile on his face: “Well, I wouldn’t say about everyone, but about half of the inhabitants can be called water magicians. Unfortunately, I do not belong to them. ”

– Yes, even if so, it is already very impressive! – exclaimed Zhao Man Yan.

Mages are always a minority of the population, so these statistics indicate that this city is a place of real water!

“If you want to get to the St. Mark’s Chamber of Commerce, then you need to take this great waterway.” Worldwide university competitions should start soon, the flow of people will increase dramatically, so I think I can make some good money, the driver said with a smile.

Having said this, he with a strange look gave Mo Fanyu a business card, saying that he would be happy to offer them his services if they needed a carrier.

Having landed on the shore, this chamber of Saint Mark immediately catches the eye, at the entrance to which there are two winged militant guards with a menacing look.

– Zhao Man Yan! – right at the entrance I heard the voice of a guy in shorts and sunglasses who ran up to Zhao Man Yan.

A very loose fit in the form of beach shorts with slippers clearly did not fit into the strict and important atmosphere of this place.

– Brother! You’re so busy, you came out here specifically to meet me … ”said Zhao Man Yan in a moved voice, addressing the man in sunglasses.

However, the man interrupted him, knitting his brows: “Hey, lad, how did you even get here?”

– I wrote to you that I was going to come. Don’t you read my messages at all? – Zhao Man Yan was indignant.

– Ay, okay, too. By the way, didn’t your father send you to some other international internship in another country? What winds did you get here? I’m asking you! What have you done such that you came running to look for me here? Immediately I say, it makes no sense to hide here, I’m too busy to do your work, every minute is worth its weight in gold, do you understand? – said the man with glasses.

Zhao Man Yan literally turned black with anger. Gritting his teeth, he uttered: “I came to participate in world university competitions, at least you are interested in what is happening to me, okay?”

“Oh, yes, it seems, someone said that the family spent fabulous money on it,” added the man in sunglasses.

Mo Fan from this conversation unwittingly guessed that this was Zhao Yutsian, Man Yang’s elder brother.

To tell the truth, Mo Fan didn’t quite understand why Zhao Man Yan’s parents called their second son with such a modest name, because the name “Money Zhao!” Suited him like no one else (* the character game, Zhao Man Yan and Money Zhao sound almost the same Chinese, except for one sound).

– This is my brother. Mo Fan, I used to tell you about him. Eh, okay, it turns out that you didn’t read my messages at all, but I will need your help … ”said Zhao Man Yan.

After interrupting him again, Zhao Yutsyan said: “You pass so far, I have an important guest whom I have to meet.”

– …

Zhao Man Yan had no choice but to go to the auction building, taking Mo Fang with him.

To become one of the richest people, you only need to have a share in the St. Mark’s Chamber of Commerce. One of the main reasons why the Zhao family is considered to be the richest in China is their participation in these trades here – in truth, they are related to all magic trading in the world.

“And your older brother is very interesting,” said Mo Fan with a smile.

Zhao Man Yan also barely restrained himself: “Since childhood, he never noticed me. To be honest, I am surprised at the fact that he could recognize me from such a distance at the entrance. Money is the only thing that interests him; all my words he mistook for begging money. In this life, he does not pursue women, delicacies or magical cultivation, for him the only joy is finance … in short, he is exactly the same as my dad. ”

– Is that why you are so limited in your family? – asked Mo Fan.

– Probably. If my magical successes are outstanding, then everyone will say only that the Zhao family cannot but be famous magicians, but if I fail, then no one will even remember me, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– How can you be such a pessimist? Do you know how many people envy you, your money and opportunities, because most do not have such a family like yours? Yes, if I had the opportunity to be born in such a family, I would certainly not have run through all deadly battles in the hope of earning some extra money, I would have lived for myself and didn’t blow at all! Exclaimed Mo Fan.

“Though you are of low origin, I was with you in almost all the deadly battles in which you participated after defeating a scaly monster, among other things, my father is very rich, and this is also not so easy!” Said Zhao Man Yan.

– Do you exaggerate all the hopelessness of your existence? If a person does not strive for anything, then he is no different from your elder brother, ”said Mo Fan.

In such disputes, these two entered the hall to receive the highest-ranking clients of the Zhao family. This room was more like an imperial palace: the rich furnishings of this place made Mo Fany unwittingly think about what privileges the rich people receive!

There was a girl in a long blue skirt – she was so attractive, as if she had just left the picture.

– You did not come here specifically because of this young lady? – asked Mo Fan.

In an ordinary situation, Mo Fan would not have thought about this, it was just that this girl was extremely beautiful.

– Do not joke, this is not your first counter-girl, they are carefully selected before you get here. They should be extremely polite to meet guests. You shouldn’t think about all the rich in a bad light, and these girls are not short of money, they are very chaste, ”Zhao Man Yan said.

“Sir, meetings are held here only by appointment, I ask you to go to the next room,” said the upcoming girl in the blue skirt.

“I am the younger brother of Zhao Yuqian,” Zhao Man Yan introduced himself.

“I apologize, however, this room is reserved only for the most honored guests, I will take you to the rest room,” the girl said.

This girl was metisky: she combined the bright appearance of the West and eastern softness. Her polite perseverance literally enraged Zhao Manh Yan.

– Come on, ha ha ha! Said Mo Fan with a smile.

Zhao Man Yan stood with a face blackened by anger.

He said, “Hey, if Zhao Yutsian is in charge of everything here, then I will ask to explain to me why I have no rights here. Today I want to be here, and if there are any questions, then let him come and tell me about it personally! ”

Zhao Man Yan plopped down on the sofa with an arrogant look.

The girl in the blue skirt just dumbfounded, she could not even think that Zhao Man Yan would react this way!

Can there really be such conflicts and differences between brothers?

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