Chapter 1029. She did not give up to me even for nothing!


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– By your behavior, you can disrupt an important business deal. This room is intended for the reception of the most important guests, and if a deal with an important client breaks down because of you, you can never inherit this business, the girl in the blue skirt said.

– Does it have to bother you? – Zhao Man Yan said rudely.

“Hey, old Zhao, come on, go down to the next room, it should be no worse there,” said Mo Fan.

– No, I want this particular room. Let Zhao Yutsian conduct his important negotiations, I also got here with such difficulty and I want to stay here. Why should I tolerate this attitude from you? Who are you? I am Zhao Yuqian’s brother, and you are nobody to tell me where to go! – Zhao Man Yan was furious.

The girl in the blue skirt, hearing that this Zhao Man Yan sends her to hell, literally turned green.

She did not ask him anymore, but only ordered the rest of the attendants to assemble in another room.

– Do not dare clean up drinks and food, you can throw yourself into your rest room! – said Zhao Man Yan in a cold voice, seeing that the staff was starting to move furniture.

In the eyes of the girl in a skirt, anger sparkled, but she was well aware that open conflict with this man would not lead to anything good. Although Zhao Man Yan was only the second son of the Zhao family, such an attitude towards him on their part could end in punishment for them!

Drawing attention to the angry look of the girl, Mo Fan asked Zhao Man Yang, at the same time throwing a grape in his mouth: “Do you hate her?”

– Hate? What are you talking about! I just do not like the fact that my brother’s charges allow themselves such an attitude towards me. I must now put them in place so that they know that I am also a member of the Zhao family! Said Zhao Man Yan.

– The second offspring always behave this way, only here you can still get a scolding from your father! – grinned Mo Fan.

“It was like this before, now I am already a member of the national team, so I can’t be considered a parasite anymore,” Zhao Man Yan replied.

– Is it possible that even such a bummer can cultivate stubbornly? If it were not for your membership in the national team, you would not have behaved like that, ”said Mo Fan.

“I remember looking askance at me earlier.” After all, then I really could not do anything except spend money, but now I, your mother, a high-level magician, a member of the national magic team, the stronghold of this country, which is slowly moving to its top … they will still substitute chairs – so my brother’s subordinates will not behave this way to me! – shouted Zhao Man Yan.

– What is the name of that girl? I think she will definitely report everything to your brother, ”said Mo Fan.

“I don’t know her name, but all the brother’s employees are very conscientious and immediately learn lessons,” Zhao Man Yan replied.

After some time, steps were heard outside the carpet, since Mo Fan is a magician of the element of space, he perceives even such small vibrations very sensitively.

Judging by the sound of footsteps, it was possible to understand that this was the very long-awaited guest of Zhao Yuqian – a woman with an elegant gait, who smoothly paced the carpet like a cat.

They walked into the next room, and Mo Fan heard the girl in the blue skirt say Zhao Yucian something quietly in his ear.

Dear guest did not sit for a long time, having spread a couple of sentences, she left.

This woman did not allow Zhao Yutsyan to conduct her: after leaving the room, she apparently went to another place in the building.


In the guest room, Zhao Yutsyan threw a cup of red tea on the floor.

He had the strength that was necessary, since the cup from this blow had split into pieces.

The girl standing nearby was twisted in the face, because the cost of this cup exceeded one million yuan, and now she could not be restored.

– Dumb! You know that he always only spoils everything, do not know that he had to be sent to the next room? – Zhao Yutsyan shouted at the girl.

“I … I did not know that it was your younger brother,” the girl was quietly making excuses.

– Your stupidity is incurable! Didn’t you see the pictures?

– I made a mistake.

– She refused me just a few words! She is not going to make this deal with me, and with whom should I now negotiate? If not for this fox Kario … how can this woman be so unpredictable? – Zhao Yutsyan talked to himself, he instantly calmed down, analyzing the behavior of that person.

The girl in the blue skirt just froze with surprise. She could not believe that a person who emanated from a rage a few seconds ago could so abruptly plunge into deep cold reflections.

“Brother, in your mind, I can say that these negotiations did not take place,” Zhao Man Yan came in with a smile on his face.

Zhao Yutsyan raised his head and, glancing at the broken cup, smiled: “Having broken the cup, it can no longer be glued back together. Eh, Zhao Man Yan, Zhao Man Yan … every time I have an appointment with important customers, you spoil everything. Pissed me off, and I will report everything to my father – then you will not be able to waste money so easily. ”

– Two rooms for receiving guests do not differ much. Judging by the speed with which the client refused you, it can be concluded that from the very beginning she was determined to refuse – and this has nothing to do with me. Besides, I told you that I would come – wasn’t this room prepared for me? – Said Zhao Man Yan with the same facial expression.

– Indeed, it has nothing to do with you. But if a deal is not made, it does not promise anything good to you either … Your financing will noticeably decrease next month. Oh yes, I looked at your message, do you need a spherical lightning seed? – said Zhao Yutsyan.

– Yes, here he wants to purchase. The remains of the black king of the swordmen, too, he got, – Zhao Man Yan pointed to Mo Fanya, who was standing nearby.

Zhao Yutsyan looked at Mo Fang, while his face expressed nothing.

Apparently, only now he finally saw it.

– Not bad! So young, and already got this. As for the spherical seed of lightning, I ask around, and if there is one, then it will be delivered to you. Only now I am cramped in money, I think it would be better for you to pay first, ”said Zhao Yutsyan.

– Your mother! And what, I now die, according to your financial statements? – Zhao Man Yan swore.

“This is not yet accurate,” Zhao Yucian laughed.

– Take it! – Zhao Man Yan threw a card to his brother.

Zhao Yutsyan, glancing at the map, involuntarily burst out laughing: “Zhao Man Yan, when will you learn to make money?” 500 million – when will you work them for me? ”

– All my life I just spend money. I think the speed with which I spend them is proportional to the speed with which you earn them, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

– By the way, they say that you are going to participate in world university competitions. Recently, everyone in Venice just talk about it. Since your brother does not care about you, I ordered a protective artifact for you from the best master – it will be a great gift for you from me, – said the elder brother.

“Don’t give me that rusty junk.”

– The Venetian master accepts only one of a million orders.

“Then I will accept this gift as an apology.”

“You may not take it that way, it’s better to give it a good shot in the arena, without forcing the family to think that all the money was spent on you in vain,” said Zhao Yutsian.

“What kind of man was that just?” – Zhao Man Yan decided to change the subject.

– Beautiful woman. So beautiful that even my heart fluttered.

– What? – Zhao Man Yan frowned out his eyebrows.

He knows his brother very well: he is indifferent to this kind of beauty, men also do not cause him delight …. The only thing that makes him tremble is money.

But the woman who melted the heart of his brother … she must be just an indescribable beauty! Now Zhao Man Yang is overwhelmed by curiosity ….

– What is her name? – asked Mo Fan.

Her fragrance was still in the room, and Mo Fang was also curious.

“Azalea,” Zhao Yutsyan replied easily.

“Mmm,” Mo Fan exhaled.

“She is the one who meets all my requirements,” Zhao Yucian smiled.

“Judging by your words, she does not reciprocate you at all,” said Zhao Man Yan.

– You can think as you please. By the way, this bad taste of yours has not changed at all, with which girls did you study during your studies? – answered the elder brother.

These words angered Zhao Man Yan.

– I remember someone telling me that in the national team there is a girl from the family of Mu. If you show patience, you can win it and make it part of our family. We have money, the Mu family has the power, it will be just an explosive mixture! – said Zhao Yutsyan.

– Are you talking about Mu Ning Xue? – ofigel Zhao Man Yan.

– Mu Ning Xue? Kidding me Why did she give us … I forgot how her name was there ….

“Mu Tinyin,” added Mo Fan.

– Yes Yes Yes! It is she! If you revolve it, it will be a great victory for us, even if you fall through the competition, ”said Zhao Yutsyan.

– She didn’t even give me up for nothing! – Zhao Man Yan swore.

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