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Feeling the thick killing intent of Shui Qianyue, Chu Xingyun looked cold and indulged in one hand against Luo Sheng, the other hand clasped the spirit sword, and a sword stabbed the image of the entire sky.


The spiritual power of the three people broke out at the same time, terrifying power raged, so that everyone did not dare to approach, crazy to retreat.

At this moment, Chu Xingyun body suffered a terrifying shock, and the body was flying out of the cockroach, and when it landed on the ground, it spit out a few fresh blood.

Especially his left hand, who lived with Shui Qianyue’s blue wave palm, the meridians were damaged, and the squat was there, but his eyes were still cold and staring at the front.

In contrast, Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng, the two are also constantly regressing, the body of spiritual emptiness, look pale, apparently also suffered a lot of damage, blood rolling.

Li Chen and others have no way to speak now, but no-one hands-on, some stagnant standing in place.

Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng, both of whom have the Fourth Grade Martial Spirit, are the leading figures in the new discipline.

But the two are so powerful, and at the same time full power make a move, killing Chu Xingyun, the result is still unable to put its Kill and Behead, but the end of the injury.

“It’s no wonder that Yang Yan will directly give Chu Xingyun a quota of core disciple. If this child grows up and becomes a core disciple, it is almost a matter of nailing.” Li Chen was indulably startedled in one’s heart and was more determined to kill Chu Xingyun.

He twice made a move to kill Chu Xingyun, and the hatred between the two is already unconformable.

If Chu Xingyun is alive and leaves the foggy forest, even if Li Yi is a backer, I am afraid that he will not be able to save his life.

“Why have you dragged on for so long?” At this moment, a voice of some anger came over.

Not far from the trunk, a long figure suddenly appeared. His eyes looked at this side, and the cold face immediately floated an incredible amount.

This figure is exactly what Li Yi is.

Li Yi also participated in the siege.

He didn’t make a move, but waited for the surround in the jungle to gain time for Li Chen and others to avoid attracting attention from other core disciple and Wufu elder.

However, the siege was carried out for so long, and Li Chen and others were slow to come out. This made Li Yi very angry. When she came to see it, she found that Chu Xingyun was only slightly injured.

“big brother, Chu Xingyun’s strength is far beyond our imagination, to kill him here, I am afraid it is somewhat difficult.” Li Chen’s entire face became red, and some shameful said.

Li Yi looked slightly undulating, his eyes swept over, looked at the corpse on the ground, and looked at the injuries of Shui Qianyue and Luo Sheng, his brows clenched.

He also didn’t expect that Chu Xingyun’s strength was terrifying, with an enemy of eight, and was able to resist stubbornly.

“You all retreat.” Li Yi was silent for a moment, facing Human Road, such as Li Chen, and then the figure flashed and fell to the front of Chu Xingyun, both gloomy and cold.

Upon seeing it, Li Chen and others looked at each other and felt more humiliated, but they still retreated to the side.

This time, they arranged for a long time, deliberately opened the core disciple and the Wufu elder. If you can’t kill Chu Xingyun, I am afraid there is no next chance.

“I can force me to make a move and prove that you are not a waste, but unfortunately, you still have to die.” Li Yi stepped out and let Chu Xingyun feel a strong sense of crisis.

Li Yi’s footsteps are very slow, but every step of it, the chill on his body is a strong point, the cold sword Martial Spirit sends a low voice cry, very cold, let the air vapor in the air into ice frost.


The ground trembled, Li Yi rushed to the front of Chu Xingyun, the cold scale sword stabbed forward, the endless chill smothered, the cold sword light stabbed the eyes of people can not open.

Chu Xingyun stepped out, sword qi storm bloom, wind blade whistling, sword light as wash.

Li Yi’s eyes condensed and continued to oppress forward. On the cold body of the sword, the three swords light bloomed. Under the overlap, the wind blade was torn off and bombarded on the sword qi storm.

The sturdy sword qi is passed to Chu Xingyun’s body, so that he feels that the own meridians are frozen, and the sword qi storm begins to break, as if it will disappear at any time.

“Good!” Seeing Li Yi’s powerful sword, Shui Qianyue couldn’t help but exclaimed. It is the core disciple of Ling Xiaowu, and the strength is extremely powerful.

Chu Xingyun is suffering from the icy sword of the cold scale sword, roaring, and the spiritual power in the Yuanhai is all out.

At this moment, the hollow sword in his hand trembled, the wind blade re-condensed, such as the whistling wind, forcibly smashed the cold sword qi, the whole body frantically retreated.

At the same time, Li Yi’s footsteps crossed the ground, and he stepped back a few steps. He looked at the hollow sword in Chu Xingyun’s hand with horror.

“In the face of my cold sword, but still able to resist, this sword, I want.” Li Yi has a bit of hegemony, he is Sword Cultivator, natural love for the treasured sword.

A fasured sword of Magic Item level, extremely precious, he wants to be in the pocket of own!

“Brother, the situation is a bit wrong.” At this time, Li Chen suddenly made a noise and pointed his finger to the side.

Li Yi looked back and found that the sky seemed to be filled with a terrifying temperament, and that breath was moving, as if to cover the entire foggy forest.

“Spirit Beast riot?” Li Yi’s big eyes, according to the truth, now at this time, there should be no Spirit Beast riots.

The temperament of the temperament became faster and faster, and it didn’t take long for it to be covered here. Li Yi looked forward and he could even see the numerous pirates of Spirit Beast.

“Retreat.” Li Yi looked dignified, and immediately let Li Chen and others squat, and thought that the ear of the owner had problems.

“This misty forest, every once in a while, the Spirit Beast riots, all the Spirit Beast will become crazy, rushing out in the forest, and even the Earth Spirit level Spirit Beast will appear, if we can’t escape, I am afraid There is no chance.”

Li Yi was talking, looking at Chu Xingyun, his arm was pulled out, and a blue sword light assassinated the past, making Chu Xingyun feel that the body was frozen and could not resist.

Cohesive of all the spiritual power, Chu Xingyun once again showed a sword qi storm, but he felt that the sword qi storm was continually torn, and eventually a sword qi fell into his body, causing him to fly again and fall to the ground.

“I haven’t died yet?” Li Yi hated his teeth. He made a move twice, and there was almost no reservation. As a result, Chu Xingyun was able to block it in turn, which was really unexpected.

His eyes moved, and he found that the crazy herd was approaching again, and he sighed in his heart, twisted his footsteps, and had to give up, leaving Li Chen and others to leave the place.

The herd is so large. If he insists on killing Chu Xingyun, the might is completely surrounded by the herd. Therefore, Li Yi finally decided to save his life first.

After all, if the life is lost, nothing will be done.

As for Chu Xingyun, in Li Yi’s eyes, it is already a dead person. He has been so wounded and surrounded by herds. Even if he has nine lives, he is not enough to die!

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