Chapter 1030. Azalea


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Mo Fan was bored, so I decided to walk around the St. Mark’s Chamber of Commerce.

There was a gallery with exhibits nearby the guest lounge. Behind the glass, you could see many historical objects, for example: the first magical artifact of the water element, magic tools, the forbidden early historical literature about water magic, as well as the skulls of the strongest water magicians of Venice.

Mo Fan walked along this corridor; no trading was expected today. He examined the exhibits in complete solitude, it seemed that all these objects were endowed with a hidden magical meaning. Mo Fan was not particularly interested in this, it all seemed like a long tedious dream.

Going further, he stopped at the glass, behind which there was a stone the size of a finger of black color of extraordinary beauty. In the upper part there were white glimpses that resembled the shining of stars in the night sky ….

Mo Fan wondered how such a small object could be so beautiful. He lowered his eyes to the plate below to view a description of the exhibit.

– This is a stone of sentence. About twenty-odd years ago, a very beautiful and influential woman used this stone to demonstrate her innocence. She specially pulled it out in the presence of people to prove her adamantness, – came a quiet female voice behind her.

My Fan did not even need to turn around and look at the face of the owner of this voice in order to understand that she could obscure people’s consciousness with him.

Turning around, he saw a face covered with a thick veil, and only black eyes could still be seen. Mo Fan felt as if a current ran through his body, the sounds in his head were erratic ….

– Is that really you! Ha ha ha, you and I are really connected, ”Mo Fan involuntarily smiled, addressing her.

“Yes, it is only a pity that such a terrible event happened in our last meeting,” Azalea smiled tenderly.

– Do not talk about sad things. It’s very strange, I just recently remembered you and didn’t even think that we could meet in Venice, ”said Mo Fan.

After that, he told her about the incident with the black king of the swordsmen in Egypt.

“And yet you have long forgotten me,” said Azalea, with a sigh of sigh. She looked saddened, as if he had done it intentionally.

“No, I just didn’t think I would meet you so soon.” So, your real name – Azalea … also sounds good, just like the name of a real beauty, ”said Mo Fan.

“You can call me a Chinese name,” Azalea replied.

“Ms. Ye Meng Eh, you just said it was a stone of judgment.” It sounds ironic from your lips … ”said Mo Fan.

Azalea came closer, she looked at the description plate in Italian, and a contemptuous smile flickered across her face.

– This is the stone of the judgment of the Holy Court. Black color means that the person is guilty, and white – is innocent. For the sentencing of particularly important personalities, a meeting was convened at which a verdict was issued. Black and white colors for the defendant turned into a disaster. In one case of twenty years ago, a stone was impartial, showing the fairy of the Parthenon temple black. She delivered a verdict to her elder brother, and therefore became famous for her inflexibility. Now, this stone of sentence lies here, open to the eyes of visitors, Azalea calmly broadcast.

– Since a stone is fair, it means that the life or death of loved ones could sometimes depend on its color? Yes, even if he was completely black, this Parthenon fairy was really inadequate! – Mo Fan expressed his point of view.

“You think so too,” Azalea laughed, straightening her veil. Apparently, she also held this opinion.

– Let’s not talk about such serious things. I just arrived in Venice, do you want to take a walk with me, drink tea, eat Italian pizza? – asked Mo Fan.

“You can, but I have something else to do.” You can choose a place and wait for me there, ”Azalea smiled. According to her facial expression, it was possible to conclude that she really liked communicating with him.

Mo Fan found that driver, asking him to take him to a place where he could sit and relax.

He took him to a place with a glazed terrace, from where one could not only admire the flow of water, but also the architecture and the fabulous arched bridge nearby. But the most important thing is that the Venetian hotel for lovers was located nearby. Mo Fan was so fascinated by this place that he noticeably overpaid the taxi driver, paying off.

After sending Azalea the address, Mo Fan calmly sat on his bench, sipping a chilled cocktail, and very soon, hot pizza with the heat of heat was due to arrive. Such rest contrasted strongly with the places of undead congestion, which are constantly irrigated with fresh blood.

Not having made Mo Fan wait for a long time, Azalea appeared that she smoothly paced in her sexy skirt, which coquettishly exposed her ankles.

“I’m hungry,” Azalea said without a drop of embarrassment, sitting down.

“While preparing, you need to wait a bit,” said Mo Fan, looking up at the kitchen.

– What do you want to buy? Asked Azalea.

– The seed of the lightning element. I gave all the money I earned to the guy you saw – Zhao Youqian. He should help me get a good spherical seed of lightning, which will be very useful in world university competitions, ”said Mo Fan.

– You know, I have in mind one place where you can find lightning elements that you need so much. They are much more powerful than those that you can buy at this auction … – said Azalea.

Mo Fan only wanted to answer, as the waiter brought pizza, and Azalea, unashamedly, took a slice and began to eat it.

Mo Fan ate with his hands, breathing in this awesome aroma of fresh Italian pizza.

– What exactly are you talking about? – Mo Fan asked.

“I have a lot of information, or why do you think Zhao Youqian made an appointment?” – said Azalea with a smile.

– At my invitation!

“You are so hilarious.”

“I think our relationship is too innocent to discuss money,” Mo Fan said.

He really did not have any money left, since he gave Zhao Youqiang 500 million.

– This is the spiritual seed of Sardinian lightning. Another name is Tirana Thunderstorm. The seed creates a simply tyrannical sphere that concentrates all the electric power in the body of the magician, this sphere is several times stronger than the usual sphere of the lightning element, the resistance of the element in this case is also excellent. If we compare the power of this seed with an ordinary spherical seed, then the difference is simply colossal – magic is amplified 5-6 times! If another magician of lightning appears in the sphere, then his magic will be subordinate to you, ”Azalea explained.

After these words, she looked at Mo Fan’s awesome face, and, not waiting for his reaction, she said: “This is, as I understand it, the effect of Tyrann’s thunderstorm, only the magician himself can learn about the other properties of this magic. And although I told you just a few facts about this seed, it already significantly exceeds the properties of the seed that you will be offered in the chamber of commerce. ”

Zhao Man Yan already explained to Mo Fan the principle of the action of spiritual spherical seeds – all of them are aimed at total control over magic.

Possessing the sphere, the magician can accumulate all the power of the elements in the district, if someone tries to prevent this, then, as Azalea said, the magic of the enemy will be repulsed, and this is extremely rare.

Simply put, if an adversary appears who launches mid-level thunder against the mage, then the mage will have absolutely nothing!

It doesn’t matter what kind of magic a magician releases. Whether it forms constellations, systems, clouds or galaxies – only with the help of spiritual and spiritual seeds can the effectiveness of the released magic be noticeably increased!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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