Chapter 1031. Tyrannical Mountain


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Ordinary seed enhances magic by 2-3 times, but spiritual seed is able to increase the power of released magic by 6-7 times!

Azalea said that tyrannical seed can enhance magic by about six times, which means that this is one of the best spiritual seeds of the lightning element – a premium item!

Even just the spiritual seed of lightning, which can enhance magic 6 times without the formation of an elemental sphere, will cost about 700-800 million yuan ….

This seed is truly the best of its kind, and the stories of Azalea about it only reinforced Mo Fan’s inner thrill.

He was trembling when he thought that he could take possession of such a spiritual seed, which no other magician has!

– How much do you want for your information? – asked Mo Fan.

Azalea did not make sense to deceive him, because after what happened with the black king of the sword-bearers, he personally became convinced that the information she provided about the contractual space of darkness was true.

“Just give me as much as you pay for the ordinary spiritual seed of lightning,” Azalea replied.

“It’s not fair … I have to pay you 500 million for the information, but there is no guarantee that I can get this seed,” said Mo Fan.

Azalea nodded negatively: “You are not paying me just to tell you where this seed is. Firstly, the information received from me should not reach third parties, and secondly, if you really pay me 500 million, I will reveal to you the way how you can get it. Whether you succeed or not, it all depends on your endurance and patience. ”

“Well, then at least give a 50 percent discount on the fact that I invited you to dine with pizza,” said Mo Fan.

– No discounts. My information is absolutely unique. What’s more, this pizza is nothing special, ”Azalea answered with a smirk, baring her white teeth. There was something crafty in that smile.

“Don’t be so mean, it drastically spoils your divine image in my mind,” Mo Fan said through a smile.

“Since you praised me so highly from the very beginning, I will make a concession to you,” the woman breathed.

Mo Fan was extremely interested in this storm of Tirana, so the words of Azalea only added intrigue.

“On the territory of the Tyrannical mountain range, I have one unfinished business left, and I need the help of a capable magician.” I will help you get this spiritual seed, and in return you will help me complete the work, ”Azalea said.

– No problems! I help you, you help me – this is real friendship! – laughed Mo Fan.

“Then first go to Zhao Youqiang and take your money from him, and then you can put it in this account,” the woman said, taking out a card.

Mo Fan immediately changed his face: “What other money? Didn’t you say that you are helping me – but am I to you? ”

– This is a benefit. You would have spent this money already, but don’t forget that I personally will go to get seed with you, ”she replied.

“Don’t I also help you complete your work?”

– I can find another for this role! – Azalea smiled slyly.

“…” Mo Fan also narrowed his eyes, thinking about how Ye Meng E could maintain such an atmosphere of innocence around him.

Looking at the table on which there were only a few slices of pizza, he went nuts.

She eats so much and does not get fat? How?!

“I’ll think about it,” said Mo Fan, swallowing a cocktail. From the playful mood, which was at the very beginning, there was not a trace left.

He really wanted to get this spiritual seed of the tyrant thunderstorm, only the condition put forward by Azalea, he was noticeably confused. Not only is this all very unpredictable, but he also has to pay!

However, at such moments of doubt, he recalled the battle with the black king of the swordsmen – because then Azalea did not deceive him! Moreover, if she had been a liar, Zhao Youqian certainly would not have looked for a personal meeting with her to discuss the deal, he must understand people ….

Azalea sat opposite, playfully drinking a chilled drink, only occasionally making quiet smiles.

This sexy sorceress was noticeably different from the cold and impregnable Mu Ning Xue: she was very friendly, at times changing her grace to indifference.

As Mo Fan hesitated, his phone rang. It was Zhao Man Yan.

“Mo Fan, my brother found out.” In the coming month, the appearance of spiritual seeds of lightning is not expected at the auction, but there are seeds of other elements, what can you say? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

“Is it really nothing?” This is the largest auction center! – exclaimed Mo Fan.

– I don’t understand, there is a product for every taste, associated with dark and light magic, but there is nothing related to the element of lightning. We’ll have to wait for the next month, or we can go to another place to see, ”suggested Zhao Man Yan.

– Yes, okay, figs with him. Since there is nothing in such a place, then in other places you can not even try to find something worthwhile.

– The element of lightning itself is extremely rare, therefore, spiritual seeds are also very valuable. By the way, in connection with this, the price of a seed can be much higher, ”said Zhao Man Yan.

“Then you must first return the card,” Mo Fan answered.

– Already. I have it. Look, when you looked at the exhibits, didn’t you meet someone suspicious with a thieving appearance? Asked Zhao Man Yan.

– A man with a thieving appearance? No, I haven’t. Something happened? – answered Mo Fan.

– The alarm went off, maybe something was stolen. Only now the guards checked everything, and it seems that all the exhibits in their places. Most likely it was an unsuccessful attempt to commit theft.

– …

Mo Fan removed the phone, and his eyes involuntarily fell on Azalea sitting next to him.

He was interested in the words of Zhao Man Yan, only during his walk through the gallery he saw only Azalea, she talked about some business, did she really want to steal something?

Mo Fan nodded negatively: all the exhibits there have more historical significance, and in the magic market it will be impossible to make big money for them.

– Well, thought? – Azalea opened her eyes, not taking her eyes off Mo Fan.

“Can you guarantee that I will receive this seed of the Tyrant Thunderstorm?”

“I can’t give guarantees, everything is too unpredictable, but I can say that I will do my best,” said Azalea.

“And when are we leaving?” – asked Mo Fan.

– Immediately after you transfer the money.

“The money will wait just in case you decide to trick me,” Mo Fan answered.

– It’s coming.

The tyrannical mountain range is located in Italy. Most likely, the name was given to him during the reign of some Roman emperor, and he is located at some distance from Venice.

The national team should spend some more time in Venice before the opening ceremony of the World University Competitions. Someone decided to spend this time on cultivation, while most students decided to take the opportunity to wander around the auctions of the largest trading house in the hope of finding something really useful.

Mo Fan was on his way and wanted to bow Mu Ning Xue, but he didn’t succeed – the girl persistently cultivated, without actually getting out of her inner world.

These competitions were a great opportunity for her to show her talents, and Mu Ning Xue paid much more attention to all this than Mo Fan.

Mu Ning Xue progressed very quickly and was about to awaken the third element, which she was perhaps trying to keep secret.

Mo Fan suspected that during her stay in the Heavenly Mountains she should have had the opportunity to awaken a new element.

Leaving Venice, they went straight to the mountain range.

Before this, Mo Fan asked Ling Ling to find out. The results of her investigation really showed that unusual electric lightning is observed on the ridge. A lot of people wanted to find a spiritual or spiritual seed in those parts of the world, but apparently, nobody had succeeded.

From this point of view, Azalea really did not deceive Mo Fan, saying that many hunters consider this place to be the source of the strongest seeds.

Mo Fan thought that she would take someone else with her, not suspecting that she might come alone.

He thought about how attractive she was. She seems innocent, but the aura around her is drawn to sin. What will happen when they are in these mountains only together?

“You really rely only on me,” said Mo Fan.

“You have no malicious intent on my account?” Asked Azalea.

“Male self-control is so unpredictable,” said Mo Fan.

“It’s okay, this usually happens when a woman is noticeably stronger than a man,” Azalea said.

– You want to say that I can’t overcome you? – could not resist Mo Fan.

“Yes,” Azalea nodded her head.

At this moment, Mo Fan was furious!

What the hell? Does she think that he is no match for her? And can not compete with her?

Yes, all over the world there are not many magicians of his age that can join him in battle. The age difference with Azalea is not very big, is she so self-confident?

No, that will not do! This is a matter of honor!

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