Chapter 1032. Evidence about Salan


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Azalea is a very fickle girl. Heading to the mountains of Tirana, she put on tight-fitting, but not restraining movement clothes in black and brown tones. Her hair developed in the wind.

When he was in the Dongting Lake Valley, Mo Fan remembered his unhealthy interest in camouflage uniforms and women’s hiking clothing. All because of that military girl, Mo Fan no longer remembered her name.

This time, Azalea wore something similar. Simplicity and nobility of the European style were immediately noticed. The girl was attentive and calm, which betrayed an experienced hunter in her.

Mo Fan himself was an old hunter, so he could discern what was the excesses of the rich, and what – said a lot of experience. Passing through the lands of magical monsters, the mountains of Tirana, all that Azalea paid attention to, said that she has extensive experience in such places.

– Azalea is a wise woman. She herself created her own business, and also became a hunter. Surely she could become an excellent police officer, or teacher, or nurse, or a good wife … – Mo Fan sighed to himself.

……… ..

In the mountains of Tirana, many different types of magical creatures live. The number of individuals is also on top. These lands are not distinguished by hospitality for hunters.

With such a large number of creatures, hunters are waiting for a bunch of dangers: dens, poisonous mists, traps, labyrinths, elemental poles … An ideal terrain for training the reactions and adaptability of hunters. The deeper you go, the denser the earth is filled with various magical phenomena …

Even just going through these lands is already a dangerous and difficult task, to say nothing of the search for spiritual seed …

Mo Fan followed on the heels of Azalea. In these ever-changing dangerous lands, the only thing that lifted his mood was the charming silhouette of a girl: a pair of long beautiful legs, a buttocks elastic and round like a peach, a thin waist that you could wrap your arms around … Fan Fan enjoyed the sight all the way!

– Ahead is the peak of the highest mountain of the Tirana Range. They live there, ”Azalea said, turning around.

– I see. I looked around and noticed someone’s footprint here, ”Mo Fan answered hastily looking away from the girl’s waist.

Having said this, he felt his worthlessness. He only did that he was staring at the girl, and noticed one miserable trace!

Having looked closely, Mo Fan realized that it was not he who was scattered, but the track was too large to be easily noticed! Azalea thought it was an ordinary ditch, jumped over and went on. Mo Fan stopped, taking a closer look …

Only after that, Azalea turned around and examined a large footprint. She put her index finger to her lips, as if reflecting on something … After a while she muttered:

“So the recent rumble was not thunder at all?”

* bam !!!

At that moment, a giant leg descended from the sky right on the girl !!

Mo Fan dumbfounded his eyes looking at a huge iron leg, which probably crushed Azalea!

– Fucking !! – cursing, Mo Fan rushed forward.

A dense crown of trees hid the creature and Mo Fan could not make out who it was. It seems that the giant did not notice how he stepped on a man, he calmly continued to move further towards the highest mountain.

The next step of the huge creature was a hundred meters further from here.

Mo Fan ran to a deep trail on the ground. Inexpressible anger and sorrow arose in the soul. Such a perfect sexy girl was crushed like a steak right in front of him !!

– Azalea! – Mo Fan looked down.

“I’m here,” Azalea’s voice came from a completely different direction.

Mo Fan turned abruptly and saw her standing by the tree slowly approaching him.

“I thought you were dead,” breathed Mo Fan.

The giant appeared too suddenly. If he stepped on Mo Fan, then he would not have time to do anything!

“She would have died a little more.” The titan appeared imperceptibly and also imperceptibly disappeared. It’s good that you showed me his trace, ”said Azalea.

Mo Fan raised his head and looked at the distant peak, but the titanium was nowhere to be seen. This made him doubt, such a giant should be visible wherever he is. How could he get lost in the forest in just a couple of minutes?

“It’s very dangerous here,” said Mo Fan.

“That’s why you shouldn’t just look at me,” Azalea grinned.

“Oh … is it so obvious?” – blushed Mo Fan.

– Of course!

– Let me go first.

– Good.

“What kind of creature was that?”

– This creature is from an ancient tribe of giants of the Tyrannical Titans. It is said that the titans are the historical deities of the European peoples. But after the decline of ancient Greek mythology, they turned into terrible cannibal monsters. But in fact, they have been feeding on humans since ancient times. They are very strong. Ancient people believed that the titans periodically eat a certain number of people, thereby protecting humanity … – explained Azalea.

– That is, in fact, they are the titans of these mountains? – asked Mo Fan.

“Yes, the Parthenon sorcerers enjoy such respect, precisely because they were able to defeat these false gods and founded their own culture and religion.” Now the temple is run by one woman, she is called a fairy. This is the famous Athena fairy who often appears in our cartoons and films, said Azalea.

“Ah, I thought Athena was just a myth.”

– All myths originate from real history. People have always loved to compose myths about prominent personalities. This is the only way to create a strong ideology, and then belief. The power of faith is capable of destroying everything in its path like a tsunami. Athena is just a name. Anyone can call Athena. The question is whether this person will be able to accomplish something outstanding, said Azalea.

“I think I’ve heard these words before.” I mean the second part of your speech. ”Suddenly, Mo Fan’s eyes flashed violently, he looked intently at Azalea.

Azalea did not understand the reason for the sharp change in the behavior of Mo Fan. Noticing his hostile and wary expression on her face, she grinned sarcastically:

– You apparently didn’t understand something.

Mo Fan stared at her, trying to guess the girl’s thoughts.

Finally he shook his head. Azalea appeared in the ancient capital after the entire top was caught, including Salan. The girl could not be Salan.

But the last words of Azalea were an exact copy of Salan’s words about Athena. An ordinary person is unlikely to have thoughts.

“Apparently, yes.” Mo Fan looked away.

“Obviously, I hurt you for the sick.” Who are you so anxious and wary of? Asked Azalea softly.

“You shouldn’t know much about him,” Mo Fan answered.

“Oh, I know a lot about what happened in the ancient capital, otherwise I would have been locked up, too,” said Azalea.

“The head of the black church told me the same thing,” after hesitating, Mo Fan decided that there was nothing to hide.

– Are you talking about Salan? Now I realized that the names Salan and Athens are connected. Salan personifies evil and depravity, and the name of Athena represents truth and justice. Few people remember the name of the fairy, and the name Salan still terrifies ordinary people, ”said Azalea.

“You really know a lot,” said Mo Fan.

“Don’t forget, I’m doing business on this,” Azalea joked, smiling softly. She wanted to defuse tense situations.

“You are lucky that you are such a beauty, otherwise I would have definitely suspected you,” grinning Mo Fan shook his head.

– Salan is an old woman. Everyone knows that.

– How do you know that this is a woman? – Mo Fan widened his eyes.

“I told you, I know more than you think.” If you pay, I can get much more information about her, including information about her life, before she became Salan.

Mo Fan opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

Where did she end up with such opportunities? Since she can get even such valuable information!

– Obviously, I can’t pay for such services, you should discuss cooperation with the Chinese court.

Surely they have money, the court put forward a huge reward of several hundred million yuan for the capture of Salan.

– I rarely work with the government. My sources of information are not completely transparent, ”the girl said bluntly,“ oh, I think you’re still wary of me. ” Well, for the sake of our mutual trust and the successful completion of the business with the titans, I will, so be it, tell you why I appeared in the ancient capital then.

“I don’t suspect you of anything,” Mo Fan muttered.

– Just in case. The main reason for my arrival in the ancient capital is a client who was looking for information about Salan. This man was dressed in gray-white clothes, I do not know who he is. But I’m almost sure that this is a person from your court working undercover, ”said Azalea.

– Gray-white clothes? – Mo Fan was dumbfounded, remembering the mysterious man in gray-white clothes, who was constantly next to Chairman Han Ji. It seems that it was thanks to him that the whole top was caught!

“I provided him with information about a long-standing incident, as well as one piece of evidence.” I hope your court made the right decision. Before taking such a risk, they needed compelling evidence. It was I who provided them to your country, ”said Azalea.

– Proof of? What else??

“That I cannot say.”

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