Chapter 1033. Golden Eagle of the Three Elements


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The top of the highest mountain of the Tirana ridge is always shrouded in a layer of black clouds, which sometimes fall even lower.

Thunder lightnings arose just between the peak of the mountain and a layer of black clouds. But the most interesting thing is that the spiritual seed of the thunderstorm element was in one of the crevices in the middle of the mountainside.

That is why many hunters who came here in search of spiritual seed were left with nothing. All looked only at lightning emanating from a dense layer of clouds at the top, assuming that the energy of thunder was at the top. None of them realized that in the middle of the slope, lightning strikes formed a thunderstorm field, and for many years it was here that the spiritual energy of the lightning element was concentrated and, finally, the seed was formed.

“Don’t you need to complete your business?” – asked Mo Fan.

“First, I will help you get the seed.” Perhaps all our strength will come in handy, ”the girl replied.

Having reached the middle of the slope, Mo Fan saw that the rock in this place was as if cut by a giant sky ax. The cleft was very narrow and long.

Well, of course, it was created by lightning!

The internal space of the crevice was shrouded in lightning energy and exuded a soft glow, and powerful magic of prohibition was also felt. After flashes of lightning of black color, one could notice a subtle yellow glimpse.

Thunder and lightning strikes were black and purple. Any mage of the lightning element can determine the level of the force of impact of thunder and lightning from the impulses of elemental magic. The stronger they are, the more powerful the power of lightning.

Mo Fan felt that the energy of this lightning is very fast and unstable. At any moment, it can break out and stir everything around. With such lightning you need to be very careful. Once you disturb her, the energy will immediately explode in all directions, sweeping away everything in its path.

“There are so many lightning obstacles, how do we get along?” – Mo Fan thought.

Mo Fan cannot easily touch the lightning of such power. One must well calculate the capabilities of one’s body before trying to absorb such an amount of energy. Will he be able to withstand?

“This is not something we should worry about.” Have you not noticed anything else? Asked Azalea.

Mo Fan began to look around in disbelief.

It seems that night has already come, there was complete darkness around. The range of Tirana did not rise by one mountain, but consisted of many multilevel mountains, forming one large massif. There were many sheer cliffs, gorges, passes and mountain plains on the ridge. Due to the constant presence of lightning energy, vegetation in these places was very rare.

Looking around the desert lands, Mo Fan noticed movement on top of one of the steep cliffs.

Looking closer, he noticed magical birds of an unusual color lying on top of the stones. It must be day birds, and at night they fall into hibernation.

– Each spiritual seed is a source of tremendous power. Many creatures want to get the seed and accelerate their development. So don’t think that you can just come and pick it up, ”said Azalea.

“They attack us as soon as we get into the crevice?” – asked Mo Fan.

“Yes, we are already in their habitat,” the girl replied.

Mo Fan used his night vision and peered around. She was right; there were several bird nests in the nearby rocks. The birds slept so quietly that Mo Fan did not even notice them. The level of these creatures was not low.

– These are golden eagles of three elements, daytime birds of prey. They combine the magic of three elements: wind, fire and lightning, and can use different types of magic at the same time. They are very strong.

Mo Fan already saw such birds, but only from the words of Azalea did he learn about their abilities.

– They cultivate the magic of the wind element for ten years, then another ten years – the magic of the element of fire, after which they switch to the element of lightning. After they finish the last third stage, they will be able to be reborn into three-headed golden eagles. Three-headed golden eagles are the strongest creatures of the level of the commander in chief, said Azalea.

– That is, now they are at the last stage? – ask Mo Fan.

– Yes. Golden eagles, just entering the first stage are not very strong, like a creature of the initial level of a pack leader. Having completed the second stage, they have the power of a junior commander in chief. After the third stage, they are reborn and turn into an elite among all creatures of the level of the commander in chief, Azalea carefully explained.

– Fuck! You want to say that all these birds are the level of commander in chief ?? – Mo Fan sighed frantically.

Looking around, he noticed at least nine nests. Even if all the creatures have just finished the second stage, then they are all equal to the level of the junior commander in chief !!

Where is it seen that beings of this level dwell in one place ???

All creatures of the level of the commander in chief that Mo Fan met lived in their own separate territory. He never saw that they could get along together and form a whole herd !!

“Kill them – and your seed,” Azalea grinned.

– Easy to say! “I didn’t even dream of single-handedly dealing with eight to nine creatures of the level of commander in chief,” said Mo Fan.

Now Mo Fan is capable of killing only one creature of the level of commander in chief, and even then with the embodiment of the fiery heterosexual!

If you rely on your experience, then he will surely be able to kill two creatures of the level of commander in chief. But if there are more of them, then there will be no wet place from Mo Fan!

What a pity that he had already used all the inter-temporal substance. If she still remained, then he could have overcome all the golden eagles of the three elements!

“If you summon your black swordsman king, he will surely be able to beat them, right?” – Mo Fan asked in hope.

“He has not yet grown up and will be able to beat a maximum of one golden eagle,” the girl replied.

“I can kill one, my contract creature – another, plus one more your rider will kill.” And the other six? – said Mo Fan.

“Leave them to that dude,” Azalea looked at the other mountain peak, her eyes sparkling like stars.

– To whom? – Mo Fan looked there, but did not notice anything.

About three kilometers from them was visible the top of the mountain. The guy had good eyesight, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not see any creature.

– Well, the mountain is right in front of you. Take this and entice him. ”Azalea handed the black stone to the magician.

Mo Fan took it and took a closer look.

Oh Gods!! Isn’t this the same black stone that was in the museum ?? Where did she get it ??

– Where did you get this? – asked Mo Fan.

“Stole,” said Azalea.

… – Mo Fan said nothing. Stole, and even so simply admits it!

“So the alarm went off because of you?” Why did you steal it? – Mo Fan could not understand what was happening.

Back in Venice, Mo Fan personally explained to Azaleas that with her status and wealth, such things should not be done. Who knew that she would really steal a stone!

– I replaced him. This is an ancient stone from the Parthenon mountain. The creature immediately recognizes the breath lurking in it. Hold the stone and it will definitely follow you, ”said Azalea.

“I don’t understand what you mean …” – Mo Fan was perplexed.

– Go already! Or do you not need spiritual seed? – said the girl.


Mo Fan is completely confused. He did not understand why she needed to steal this stone and how it would be useful here. So Azalea had planned to come here from the very beginning, did she have previously suggested that Mo Fan would be here too?

No, it can not be. He told her about the seed only when they ate pizza.

Thinking, Mo Fan went to the mountain that Azalea was talking about.

Yes, there’s absolutely nothing here, why did she tell him to go here ??

– Hey, is there anyone? – standing at the foot of the mountain shouted Mo Fan.

The echo of his voice still echoed around, only distant peals of thunder were his answer.

– I have this! – Mo Fan again yelled and raised the stone higher.

Magical breathing was clearly felt in the black stone. As if a peculiar smell that has not dissipated over many years.

Echoes of breathing spread around, and here, on the mountain, two huge eyes lit up!

These were not the eyes of a creature on the mountain, but the eyes of the mountain itself !! Huge eyes stared at Mo Fan, as if seeing him through and through.

Mo Fan almost stopped her heart from fear !!

– Fucking !!!!!!

Mo Fanya struck a cold sweat.

Of course, he did not notice anything, the mountain is the creature that Azalea was talking about !!

The mountain began to move and straighten the body. Mo Fan saw two strong big arms and two legs, similar to the trunks of giant trees. Body color gradually changed and became silver-gray, through which a soft golden glow pierced. In the moonlight, it looked amazing!

Mountain titanium !!!

At that moment, Mo Fanya dawned on how the giant could quickly hide among the mountains. It turns out that his steel skin can change color! Touching the stone, he, like a chameleon, is ideally hiding in a rocky landscape. Moreover, it is so grouped that it is impossible to notice a face or arms with legs. He becomes a real mountain!

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