Chapter 1034. Soul of a Thunderstorm


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Perfect reincarnation!

The appearance of mountain titanium was so unexpected that Mo Fan almost could not stand it!

– your mother! Is this girl kidding me ?? – Mo Fan turned and ran to eat urine. An indispensable skill in a dangerous situation.

Bloody boots, shadow mantle, puppet shadow, wings, Mo Fan never ran faster in life! But the titan caught up with him in just a couple of steps, which made Mo Fan shake.

It’s good that this mountain … this giant was only three kilometers from the golden eagles of the three elements, Mo Fan quickly ran to that place. If the route was longer, then the giant would definitely have time to grab it!

– Go here! Faster! – shouted Azalea Mo Fanu, standing in a black circle.

Mo Fan rushed to her and stood in a circle. The circle began to emit a black light that rose higher and surrounded them with a solid wall. Mo Fan felt his breathing, the breathing of Azalea and the breath of stone – everything evaporated, as if they were not there at all.

Without magical breathing, they seemed to the titan just small animals, and he did not pay attention to them. As a person walking along the road, he does not pay attention to ants and small insects underfoot!

* loud cries of birds


With the threat of a titan attack, golden eagles instantly woke up and flew out of their nests. There were nine creatures in total, and each of them was twice as large as an adult lion. The wingspan of the giant wings was impressive!

They lined up in a row, staring high at the mountain titanium, which invaded their domain. Their feathers were shrouded in streams of wind and flashes of fire. Fire and wind formed nine firestorms descending from behind the clouds. This stunning picture was visible tens of kilometers around!

Looking at the nine fiery hurricanes, Mo Fan sighed sadly. These creatures are much stronger than him! He is not even sure that he can defeat even one!

* muuuuuuuuu !!!

The mountain titan stood proudly in its place, straightening to its full height. His huge silver-gray body looked no less majestic. With his roar, he tried to tell the birds that he was trying to chase people!

* cries of birds !!!

One of the golden eagles was surrounded by flashes of lightning energy, it seems he is about to complete the last third stage of cultivation. He did not even pay attention to the words of the titan!

Mo Fan’s magical breath was hidden behind the black shroud created by Azalea. Now his energy was no different from the energy of a small animal. Even if the golden eagles noticed them, they did not pay attention.

If you think about it, a creature who is rampaging in the mountains bursts into your house on a dark night and seriously claims to be chasing some ants! Who will believe this?

* bird cries

Another golden eagle took the floor – look, this giant is constantly hunting for our treasure!

The titan began to lose its temper. This is the main difference between magical creatures and humans. Just what, they immediately get into a fight, instead of calmly sorting out everything. Still, culture is very important! Otherwise, you may first be left in the cold.

Mountain titanium was not adept at negotiating. He is a mountain titan, the master of these lands! These birds are lucky that his possessions are too large, and he can not control everyone who settles here. And they have already decided that this is their territory! What an impudence!

It seems that spontaneous golden eagles protect humans! Want a fight? They will get it! Now they will find out who is in charge in the mountains of Tirana!

All nine golden eagles were at the last stage of their development and therefore were very sensitive. They will not allow anyone to violate the borders of their territory! They saw with their own eyes how the mountain titan burst into their home! They will not leave it just like that!

The battle could begin at any second, they had waited so long. Suddenly the whole sheer rock began to stagger!

The main mountain of Tirana was very large. But if the birds were able to split the rock, then, having reached the level of commander in chief, to destroy a mountain would be a simple task for them!

“Do not stand by the pillar, we still have our own affairs,” Azalea reminded Mo Fan, seeing how he was dumbfounded watching what was happening.

Two magicians secretly crept up to the crevice. Azalea was fully prepared. She pulled out half a round stone and turned a sharp edge towards the lightning that ran through the crevice.

All lightning rushed to the stone, as if it absorbed all their energy.

“By the way, give me back the stone,” Azalea said seriously.

Mo Fan handed over the black stone to the girl.

Not that Mo Fan was an obedient boy, but today another title appeared in his eyes in Azalea: a thief!

“Why, when he saw this stone, did the titan chase me like a mad dog?” – asked Mo Fan.

“You really have a crappy memory.” I just recently explained to you that mountain titans are the ancient gods of European nations. The Parthenon defeated them and drove them out. This stone, all the same, is the symbol of the Parthenon – a symbol of the shame of their entire race, their shameful brand, the memory of which is preserved by generations of mountain titans, ”answered Azalea.

“Ah, but I still don’t understand, did you plan to come here from the very beginning and therefore stole this stone?” – Mo Fan asked.

– I need this stone for another matter, the distraction of mountain titanium is its secondary role. Lucky you! You, having done nothing at all, will receive the treasured treasure of all magicians of the element of lightning! Said Azalea.

“What do you mean I did nothing …” Mo Fan was about to bicker, but his attention was riveted on a small ball that exuded the lightning.

The cleft was very narrow, two adult men could not crawl there. The rays of moonlight fell obliquely on the crevice, illuminating only a small part of it. The far side of the crevice was lit only by the light coming from a small thunder ball.

The ball was smaller than a fist. It did not look like an object lurking in itself a colossal amount of energy, but rather, like a tiny living creature hiding in a crevice. Sensing the approach of people, he warily released even stronger lightning bolts.

But all the energy that he released was absorbed by the stone brought by Azalea, and soon the lightning ball looked like a little hedgehog that was pulled out of hiding.

– Go over there. We need to see if he will accept you, said Azalea.

– He also can not accept? – doubted Mo Fan.

– Spiritual seeds have spiritual perception. In this regard, they are similar to contract creatures. Seed and the magician need to get closer and get mutual approval. If he doesn’t like you, then you will never get his strength, ”the girl explained.

– You know everything in the world! – Mo Fan pouted.

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” Azalea grinned.

– Well, I do not…

The crevice was indeed very narrow, two people could get inside only closely clinging to each other.

Azalea had a thin and graceful physique, Mo Fan himself was thin, but he underestimated the girl’s breast size …

– Eeeh …

Mo Fan took a deep breath, it was unbearably hot …

Azalea was rarely shy, but now she stood with her head bowed, red as cancer …

“Um, you better turn around, otherwise I’m stuck here,” Mo Fan himself began to blush with embarrassment.

Mo Fan leaned back a little, waiting for Azalea to face the wall and his back to it.

Her back and thin waist did not take up much space, but her buttocks rested directly on Mo Fan. From such a scene, he almost blew nose nose. He frantically tried to remember this picture in more detail!

– Yes, go already !! – the girl shouted angrily and embarrassed. Mo Fan expected this.

Mo Fan lay flat on the next wall, trying to climb further. It seems to have become a difficult task, but it is no less beautiful. Finally, Mo Fan was able to crawl through.

They managed to get inside!

Mo Fan knows that in such a situation, the girls would feel very embarrassed. But Azalea was not one of those girls who are usually described in novels and TV shows. Apart from the light blush on her cheeks, which quickly dissipated, Azalea looked completely calm.

All attention of Mo Fan was focused on the lightning of Tirana. This thing could bring Mo Fan much more pleasure!


Azalea stood behind Mo Fan, observing impartially as he approached the lightning ball.

So that the mountain titans and golden eagles of the three elements fighting outside did not feel their breath, they were constantly surrounded by a veil of darkness, and besides, they could not use any magic. Magical waves immediately destroy their shelter.

– He will still be needed, he will still be needed …

Azalea was breathing heavily, her large breasts rising and falling. She silently repeated these words, forcing herself to change her mind. She needs to calm down and think logically. She will still have time to finish off this impudent dairy-skimmer, who almost covered her, and pick up this thing!

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