Chapter 1035. Kara of Tirana!


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The storm of Tirana turned out to be exactly the same as Azalea described it. The spiritual seed of lightning really had a soul.

The sphere of Tirana was born precisely by this inexhaustible spirit.

Lightnings continuously hit the top of the mountain, but all their energy accumulated here and condensed into this small thunderstorm ball.

Mo Fan tried to lure a thunder ball to him, but immediately felt his temperament. Lightning strikes paralyzed his entire body. Only after a while did he come to his senses.

Mo Fan tried again, this time he acted carefully and gently.

He immediately felt another lightning bolt full of aggression, and this time also contempt. The thrown lightnings seemed to say to him: do you, little man, want to take possession of me, the storm of Tirana?

Mo Fan saw that the spiritual seed of lightning would not stand on ceremony with him and decided to do the same. He realized that this is an extremely proud entity and it will not accept a miserable and weak person.

– And how do you like demonization, unexpectedly? – Mo Fan was not going to give up. Falling, he rose even more decisively.

A powerful demonic incarnation allowed Mo Fan absolutely not to be afraid of these thunderous protests. Nothing, resist and get used to it. Many magicians of the lightning element who tried to seize the soulful seed of lightning could not withstand more than eight to nine attacks.

Mo Fan has already made about twenty attempts, but Tyran’s thunderstorm was not inferior. This is the most stubborn spiritual seed that Mo Fan met. But the further it resisted, the more he liked it. Only in a real battle can you taste the victory!


“Are you okay there?” – asked Azalea, watching as Mo Fan, like a savage, every time he encounters a thunderstorm and gets up again.

Most lightning element magicians would not withstand such attacks, one after another!

Perseverance yielded results, on the 24th attempt, Mo Fan felt that the lightning was no longer so powerful. Mo Fan did not understand, whether he himself was already used to it, or the Tyrann storm began to like his courage …

– It’s good now!

Mo Fan gathered his courage and went on the offensive. He had already softened all the aggression, arrogance, and wariness of the Tyrant’s thunderstorm. Now there is only the pure energy of lightning inside the spiritual seed itself.

The energy of lightning has not yet completely dissipated on the body of Mo Fan. He revealed his spiritual world, creating ideal conditions for the living of the spiritual seed. The storm of Tirana slowly stretched in his direction …

* bird cries


It was at that moment near the crevice that the angry cries of golden eagles of the three elements sounded.

The birds immediately felt that something strange was happening with the Tirana thunderstorm. Golden Eagles flew up one after another, not taking their eyes off the two people who made their way to their treasure!

– Geterka, help me buy time!

Mo Fan in a hurry called a fiery heterosexual. The rider of the black forces clearly could not compare with the black king of the swordsmen, he still needs to grow for a long time before he becomes as strong as his fiery hetero …

The rider of the black forces and the fiery getter together went to meet the enemy. It’s good that the mountain titan detained five golden eagles, they would not be able to cope with all at once …

– Damn it! Come to me faster!

Mo Fan began to worry, and this excitement was transmitted to the spiritual seed, causing him to recoil. This time the attempt failed.

“But I’m the king of lightning magic!”

The energy of lightning enveloped the whole body of Mo Fan. So much energy, about to explode, Mo Fan could no longer withstand. The eyes of the magician turned into blood-black lights!

The blood-black color of the eyes meant demonization. In a situation of extreme danger, demonization, as an uncontrolled aggressive entity, could in one moment take possession of Mo Fan’s mind.

A blood-black glow enveloped Mo Fan, and his eyes were bloodshot. Violent lightning attacks pierced his body. The clothes of Mo Fan turned into scraps, exposing a courageous body and skin, as if cast in steel.

Azalea stood behind him, her mouth open in amazement.

The guy was much stronger than she thought. She used to see him distracted and lazy. But the persistence and determination that he is now showing are admirable!

Your mother!

Few magicians are fortunate enough to witness such a scene!

“I can win another couple of minutes,” Azalea finally said, watching the battle of Mo Fan with lightning.

She began to form a magic circle. It takes several people or even several tens of people to create a magic barrier, but now it gradually formed only under the control of one Azalea …

– Not necessary! – at this moment, Mo Fan slowly turned around.

Electric discharges flashed with every movement. On the arms, chest, waist and legs, each muscle contraction was accompanied by electric waves.

The red eyes of Mo Fan gradually returned to normal. On the contrary, they acquired an indifferent and arrogant expression, as if now they reflected the essence of the tyrant’s thunder.

Azalea thought for a moment. More recently, this guy seemed to her a shameless, vulgar bully. But now he looked like a reborn king, proudly emerging from the lightning elements!

“By … congratulations,” Azalea said.

Mo Fan activated snake chain mail, but did not stand him naked in front of Azalea. Chain mail gently wrapped his body from head to toe.


Coming out of the crevice, Mo Fan saw how a heterka fights immediately with two golden eagles of three elements. On her small fragile little body there were several wounds, in the end she fought with two creatures of the level of commander in chief! This was an impossible task!

The black horseman of Azalea was stronger than Mo Fan thought. He fought immediately with three golden eagles. He could not defeat them, but he did not lose.

“It seems the mountain titan has already left,” said Azalea.

Looking around, Mo Fan saw how far four golden eagles chased a mountain titan who did not want to continue the battle.


Black lightning struck from the clouds, but this time it did not fall into a crevice, but directly into Mo Fan !!

Thunderstorm energy boiled in the black thickness of the clouds, it was transformed into black lightning, which hit Mo Fan one after another. Bright flashes lit up the entire range of Tirana.

Electricity spread in all directions, and soon the whole space around the magician was lit up by flashes of electric discharges, and he stood at the very epicenter of the electric element.

Energy did not dissipate, but accumulated around. Now it was the territory of the elements! The primeval element, madly boiling, formed a circle of ten kilometers!

– Tirana Orb! – Azalea exclaimed, not believing her eyes. She watched Mo Fan, who seemed to merge with the elements together.

This was Tirana’s sphere, and not just the accumulated energy of lightning. And all this natural electric element was absorbed into his body …

It should be noted that these lands are a real minefield! Lightning energy concentration is too high. Since the top where the lightning strikes was destroyed, all lightnings immediately rushed to Mo Fan. So he saved up a colossal amount of electrical energy !!

– Ash Claw of Lightning!

On the hand of Mo Fan, as if ghostly claws had grown. At that moment, a black lightning claw appeared in the sky, and, like an evil demon, clung to a golden eagle of three elements, with which a fiery heterka fought.

It became obvious that this golden eagle was only at the beginning of the third stage of development and the energy of the lightning claw generated by the Tyrann storm turned out to be too strong for him. The bird burned out in a matter of seconds, and its feathers soared slowly, falling to the ground …

The body of a dead golden eagle fell from heaven into the gorge, yellowish electric threads still glided over it …

Suddenly there was a roll of thunder! Seven beats of thunder rang out in heaven one by one, and the dead bodies of seven golden eagles fell one by one !!

– A scar of lightning! – Seeing a series of thunderbolts, Mo Fan changed his face.

He always thought that this technique was accompanied by only one thunderclap! But how many times he applied a lightning scar, the same number of thunder strikes was formed!

Reception of a lightning scar turns out to be controlled!

The seal of Mo Fan’s lightning had already reached level five, but he did not have the opportunity to test it in action.

The seal of the fifth level lightning struck another golden eagle. Hundreds of electrical discharges spread over the body of the bird and a yellowish glow of the lightning scar appeared!

Still, the seal of lightning is an initial level of magic. Even a fifth-level seal is unlikely to cause serious damage to the golden eagle of the three elements.

Mo Fan immediately issued another seal of lightning.

The second seal also left a lightning scar on the golden eagle’s body. Under the influence of the sphere of Tirana, their action intensified, and they could end it, but Mo Fan did not let this happen.

He wanted to leave even more lightning scars on him, and then so that they worked all at once!

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