Chapter 1036. The Top of Mount Tirana


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– Release lightning!

At this moment, Mo Fan released all the energy that accumulated in his body. Electricity waves rattled in all directions.

The golden eagle did not have the slightest clearance for shelter, a solid wall of electric poem covered the bird. A cry of horror was heard in the sky.

This time, Mo Fan released all the energy of heavenly lightning accumulated in his body. After such a powerful attack, the golden eagle did not have the strength to rise again!

But the most important thing is that on the golden eagle’s body there were still marks of lightning scars, and at the mere thought of Mo Fan, they all lit up with a brown-yellow light.

A yellow flash of light among the low black clouds tore through the dark veil of night. Crushing force struck directly into the golden eagle of the three elements!

The golden eagle has not yet recovered from a previous attack by the lightning elements, as the tyrant’s punishment fell upon him, caused by several tens of lightning scars! An electric shock burned through him! It seemed the golden eagle’s body was about to fall apart!

Azalea, watching all this, froze in one place.

The power of the Tyrann storm was much more powerful than she imagined. Especially these lightning scars, which can be superimposed on top of each other in large quantities, and then in one fell swoop turn into the Kara of Tirana, raining a fierce lightning on the victim!

More than thirty lightning scars cause a strike of such power comparable to high-level lightning magic! The golden eagle of the three elements wounded in the first attack was half-dead after the second strike!

Golden eagle was breathing heavily. The whole body of the bird was crippled. Heaving his wings heavily, he tried to run away and join his remaining brothers.

Seeing how a creature at the level of commander in chief trying to escape from him, Mo Fan involuntarily grinned. He felt in himself an inexhaustible source of lightning energy, which he could control only with the power of his thoughts!

“Don’t get into a fight if we don’t have the golden eagle returning to finish the last stage,” Azalea said.

“Yeah,” Mo Fan nodded.

He has already received the spiritual seed of lightning, and he does not need to contact the golden eagles of the three elements. If it weren’t for the mountain titan, they could not have stood up to nine birds at once.

– Let’s go there! – Azalea pointed to a crevice in the mountain.

“Didn’t we just get out of there?” – Mo Fan froze in perplexity.

“Stop fussing, get in,” the girl answered.

In the course of their conversation, a crater appeared in the thickness of clouds in the sky and a fiery hurricane descended on the mountains of Tirana. The fiery breath of a huge hurricane made all life freeze from fear within a radius of several kilometers.

Golden Eagles of the three elements returned. Mo Fan was not going to fight everyone in a row just because he received spiritual seed, especially the golden eagles were a very dangerous rival.

Azalea had already recalled her black horseman, Mo Fan also hastened to return the hetero to the contract space, and they continued to go to the crevice. Having reached the place where there was a Tirana thunderstorm, Mo Fan only now noticed that it was not a dead end at all and the cleft did not end there. Then another long narrow crevice was seen, which gradually turned into a mountain cave.

Following on the heels of Azalea, Mo Fan wondered how she could know that there was another way?

Moreover, in order to pass this road, it was necessary to pick up the spiritual seed. He showed her a great service, clearing the way !!

But, on reflection, he realized that if it were not for Azalea, then he would not have been able to get the spiritual seed of lightning.

“Obviously you need this particular path, but before that you told me to take Tirana’s thunderstorm and that we will need all our strength,” Mo Fan said, making his way through the pitch darkness.

“And I didn’t deceive you, but you got a tyrant storm, and this is a wonderful spiritual seed!” – answered Azalea.

“I just feel sorry for my money,” Mo Fan muttered.

“I have received little from this.”

– Where are we going??

– To the top.


Too many magical creatures dwell on the top of Mount Tirana. If they went there on the surface directly, they would surely be someone’s dinner! Most of the creatures living here were the level of commander in chief. All of them were united by consanguinity from ancient times. It does not matter whether they dominated before, or were the main ones now, none of them were friendly.

The winding paths inside the mountains are like secret passages that are difficult to detect, they could lead directly to the top of the mountain. When they left the cave, the dawn had already arrived. But since the top was always shrouded in a thick layer of clouds, it was still dark around.

The path to the top was very steep. They walked along the very edge of a steep cliff, feeling that they could stumble at any moment.

The relief of the rocky path looked like a long sword. The trail climbed up to the very clouds and ended with a long rock leaving the mountain’s body!

A long rock was stretched out, the path was flat, but the heart was beating from this view! Walking along it was like walking along a sky bridge, among clouds and gusts of wind …

“Go get to the very edge of the cliff,” Azalea turned to Mo Fan.

“Could you first explain to me what is the point?”

– We have no time. When you are there, apply the magic of space, ”said Azalea.

“Good,” when Mozhan saw the serious and focused look of Azalea, she realized that she also had to do something unusual.

In fact, looking at the top of Mount Tirana, Mo Fan had a strange sensation. The clouds slowly sank lower and were now literally under the feet of the mages. Above their heads was a clear blue sky, without a single cloud. The cloudy sea thickened below, covering the entire range of Tirana. Now they could only see the long rock of the sky path, like the ancient Broken Bridge on Lake Sihu. Mo Fan could not believe his eyes, this sight was magnificent!

In the midst of this amazing mountain landscape, Mo Fan slowly moved toward the edge of a rocky cliff. He had the feeling that this path was a heavenly test.

Having reached the edge, Mo Fan could not resist and looked down. Among the cloudy sea there was a small gap. He began to peer into this place, wanting to find out at what height he skidded?

But all that Mo Fan could see is blackness. Something black seemed to hover under the clouds …

– What is it? – Mo Fan was perplexed, peering at the cloud gap with all his might. What is this black thing that prevents him from viewing the earth from above?

– Mo Fan, the magic of space! – heard the cry of Azalea.

The cry of Azalea made Mo Fan come to his senses. He hastily applied the magic of space, as the girl requested.

– Do not look down, look at me! Shouted Azalea unexpectedly.

Mo Fan looked in her direction, and saw that Azalea, about five hundred meters away, was rushing in his direction.

She ran with the agility of a cat: gracefully and quickly. Mo Fan did not understand why she was not looking down, was she really so afraid of heights?

Mo Fan nevertheless tried to stealthily look down. Cloudy, the sea during this time sank ten meters down, and that black contraption, which closed his view, was bare and now stood above the clouds !!

– Fucking !! What the hell !! – Mo Fan was frightened by surprise, staring at a strange thing.

It seemed to him that this thing was like a back, a scaled back! She was wearing a huge spike, like a mammoth’s tooth !!

Mo Fan shook with fear. And no longer because he noticed an unknown creature, but because he did not know how it looks in its entirety! He understood that a bare piece of his back was only a small part!

Too huge !!

This unknown thing was so big that it was impossible to cover it with one glance as a whole. As it appeared, it seemed to Mo Fan that he was falling into a black abyss. A sense of self-worthlessness swept over his heart in an icy wave.

– Do not move, stay in one place! Came the voice of Azalea.

A powerful sound wave swept under Mo Fan’s feet, shaking everything around. The sound was so strong that a person could not hear it, the wave came from a cutting pain in his head and ears! It seemed to Mo Fan that his eardrums were about to burst!

What is it ??

Mo Fan thought his heart could burst at any second. He really wanted to run away from here, but he remembered the words of Azalea.

Mo Fan was vaguely aware that if this creature wanted to kill him, nothing would save him. The dimensions of the creature were so huge that this idea did not fit in my head. It seemed that the whole sea of clouds was sunk by him!

Scales, dorsal spine, black skin, all this Mo Fan already saw !!

– Traveling in space is an instant change!

Azalea was rapidly approaching Mo Fan. When she was already fifty meters away from him, spatial distortions arose between them.

The closer Azalea was, the more pronounced the distortions of space, the magic of Mo Fan also added its effect.

– Oh!

A sound wave shook the sky. Mo Fan peered into a distorted space that became fuzzy and suddenly saw a giant black claw appearing from the side of a huge creature. A huge claw could easily obscure the entire rock, let alone the two of them!

At the moment the claw appeared, thoughts flashed through Mo Fan’s head: I only managed to get the spiritual seed, and I will die right away!

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