Chapter 1037. Dragon Emperor


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The space vibrated violently. Mo Fan felt the distortion of the surrounding space. It either curved and twisted, then turned into chaos of emptiness, then into a natural landscape. His eyes were rippling, and his head was torn with pain.

Finally, everything calmed down. Mo Fan sank weakened to the ground in the middle of tall green grass, it seemed that he spent three days in a jogging.

Azalea appeared at the same time as Mo Fan. She, too, was mortally pale and so weak that she could not stay on her feet. Azalea fell right into the hands of Mo Fan …

White clouds floated in a sky of bright blue color. Emerald grass swayed in the wind. From time to time, petals of wild flowers soared in the air.

……… ..

Drops of dew fell on Mo Fan’s trousers, from which they instantly became wet.

The icy water made Mo Fan cheer up. He tried to move and felt that someone’s head was pressing on his stomach. Due to his body movements, the girl’s head hung obliquely down.

– Hey, wake up! You spit on my pants! – Mo Fan tried to push through Azalea.

Azalea woke up and noticed a wet spot on Mo Fan’s trousers. She immediately blushed with embarrassment and turned away from him, trying to pretend that nothing had happened.

“Madam Ye Man Ee, would you like to explain?” – Mo Fan said seriously, he remembered the terrifying scene before they passed out.

Azalea raised her head and watched drops of dew drop from tall grass, only after that she calmed down a little.

How could she be so careless, lose consciousness in this place, and even drool the guy on his pants!

“It’s dew,” Azalea pointed to the wet grass.

– Fuck! Yes, do not care what it is. I ask you about that huge black thing on top of the mountain! Even a billion will not be enough to compensate for my moral damage! – said Mo Fan.

“You have to thank me.” Besides me, you are the only living person who has seen this creature – Azalea began to straighten clothes and hair.

– Well, what kind of logic! First tell me what it was! What the hell this thing is! – Mo Fan still did not let down fear.

– This is the true dragon. The ancient dragon of darkness! – said Azalea.

Mo Fan did not answer for a long time, opening his mouth.

The Dragon…

The true dragon …

The true ancient dragon of darkness !!!

“Are you talking about the purebred form of dragons that once dominated all of Europe ??” About the creature of the emperor’s level ?? About the giant dragon ?? – Mo Fan struck out every word.

“Yes, a purebred dragon, we call them a true dragon or a giant dragon.” This dragon has another name – Emperor Agarri. He really woke up and lives in the mountains of Tirana. He has a very subtle and strong perception. I used a veil of darkness to hide our breath, but he still smelled us! – said Azalea.

“So you poisoned yourself on the mountain to make sure that this is an ancient true dragon?” – asked Mo Fan.

“Namely, this kind of information is priceless,” the girl replied.

“I think we should stop our friendship!” – said Mo Fan.

Let this crazy girl do the devil herself knows what!

The ancient true dragon of darkness! It’s so scary that it just doesn’t fit in your head! Even the spellcasters most likely dare not disturb this creature!

A little more and they would have lost their lives !!

“But aren’t we safe here?” – Azalea said flapping eyelashes.

“Yeah, but if your space magic were a little slower …” Mo Fan muttered displeasedly.

In truth, Mo Fan believed that if the true dragon of darkness wanted to pursue them, then space would not be an obstacle to him! He would pursue them tearing space. With a creature of this level, tricks with changing space will no longer help!

Fortunately for them, the dragon did not attach much importance to them. For him, it’s like chasing small mosquitoes. But if he wanted to, he would kill them, even if they managed to travel a hundred kilometers!

That is why Mo Fan thought she was not wise at all. And just crazy!

“And where are we now?” – Mo Fan looked around. Beautiful nature, clean air. But the place itself was unfamiliar to him.

Azalea applied the magic of the shift of space, but for this it was necessary to determine the final point of space in advance, or the spatial currents would throw them in a random place. Mo Fan could not even understand whether they are still in Italy or not.

– Most likely in Croatia. Weren’t you going to stop talking to me? Why then still ask? – Azalea smiled slyly, there was no trace of the previous shock.

“Return my money, we are friends after all,” said Mo Fan.

“You only think about money.”

– I need compensation for moral damage. Anyone would go crazy! – said Mo Fan.

– Are you bad here? Besides, you can now brag to the girls that you saw the true dragon, ”Azalea did not relent.

– This is already my business. So will you return it or not?

– I won’t.

Mo Fan suffocated in anger.

– Do not think. That I won’t cope with you!

Mo Fan still did not let down fear. Even if he demonized, it’s not a fact that he could resist the true dragon. This girl gave him a walk in the circle of hell! Anyone here would be angry! Azalea always looked very feminine and tender, but a sly, crafty smile on her face evoked mixed feelings.

In the head of Mo Fan, everything was mixed up. Grabbing the girl by the wrist, he threw her onto the grass.

He had absolutely no energy left for applying magic, spatial movements sucked all his strength. Therefore, Mo Fan resorted to the only remaining method – brute force. He pressed Azalea to the ground.

Mo Fan was sure that the girl also had no strength left for magic. She, like him, was subjected to exhausting spatial displacement.

Azalea did not really use magic to defend herself when Mo Fan attacked her and pressed her to the ground. She looked at him with embarrassment and indignation. At that moment, a sense of sexuality of the moment and a possible compromise swept through her eyes. Azalea looked away.

Mo Fan froze in surprise.

He wanted to make fun of her and make her acknowledge his mistake, thus relieving a sense of fear and tension. Who knew that the girl would get angry at first, and then she would come up with the idea of a compromise ??

Completely exhausted, now they were no different from ordinary people. But from the point of view of different sexes, Mo Fan managed to occupy an advantageous position! And what should he do? She’s not even going to fight back!

“Oh well, you won.” Mo Fan let go of Azalea’s hand.

– Scared? – Laughed Azalea, squinting slyly.

“And yet I will take my share!”

At that moment, when Azalea already thought that Mo Fan was about to let her go, the guy pressed her to the ground with force and glared at her red lips.

Azalea widened her eyes; she did not even think that Mo Fan dared to do so. With her free hand, she began to pound Mo Fan, but immediately exhausted herself, her hand went limp. Her whole body relaxed and filled with the desire to answer the kiss!

“If you take me again, you won’t be so easy!” – Mo Fan completely let go of Azalea, still feeling the pleasant taste of her lips.

– Oh, you shameless bastard !!

“You, too, have not gone far.” A liar, a thief and a madwoman! I apparently really went blind when I saw you in the veil, since I believed in your mystery and purity! Snapped Mo Fan.

– And you’re not even cute !! – This time, Azalea was very angry. If she still had the strength, she would definitely call on her black rider and order him to kill Mo Fan.

“The world is so big, it will be embarrassing for you when we meet next time,” Mo Fan softened, his mood improved markedly.

Mo Fan was still unhappy with Azalea and recent events. She behaved so naturally, as if she knew everything and controlled everything! But in the end they are sitting in an unfamiliar place completely exhausted!

Hearing the last words of Mo Fan, Azalea calmed down a little.

Mo Fanu failed to understand her train of thought. Seeing that the girl had calmed down, he no longer began to climb to her. Taking a comfortable position, Mo Fan began to cultivate, in the hope of regaining his strength.

Azalea also did not waste time, she understood how dangerous it was to be in unfamiliar places, without the ability to use magic.

After a while, Mo Fan opened his eyes and looked at the Azalea cultivating nearby.

Peaceful Azalea was beautiful! Her calmness and restraint seemed to spread around, it seemed that the girl was full of pure integrity and detachment from worldly fuss.

But why is she doing such strange things !!

Prove the existence of a true dragon of darkness ???

Your mother! This not normal!

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