Chapter 1038. The Killing Bow Venetian training ground


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– After using this, it will not be so easy to defeat you in these competitions. You should know that we spent a lot of energy to get this magic item, you should never disappoint us, ”said Zhou Yilin, stroking his daughter on the head.

– It will not happen! Few people can compete with my current cultivation level, ”Mu Tinyin answered with confidence.

– By the way, is this upstart Mu Ning Xue still in the national team? Asked Zhou Yilin.

– Yes. I have never seen such unscrupulous people! Not only is she dishonored, does she still want to denigrate our entire family with this filth? – said Mu Tinyin.

“She used to compete with you, now how can she do this?” – said Zhou Yilin.

Hearing these words, the girl involuntarily smiled – this is the best she could hear.

In their family, for so many years she was under the constant oppression of the natural talent of Mu Ning Xue ….

“So now I definitely have to deprive her of absolutely everything!” – Mu Tinyin also continued to smile.

In the wind, a pair of hands tried to smooth their hair.

A shock of silver hair fluttered in the wind, and through the scattered strands one could see the face of Mu Ning Xue.

Not all her hair was snow-white, among them were dark hair, only now they were lost against the background of the total mass.

The dark color of her hair is her real color – her mother had exactly that color of hair. This color, in contrast to snow-white, does not usually attract people’s attention.

“Wait until your hair has completely regained its original color, then you will no longer be exposed to your ice nightmares,” Mu Ning Xue recited these words in her head.

A change in the color of her hair means that her level of self-control is gradually increasing.

“Mu Ning Xue, you are here, I’ve been looking for you for a long time,” came a male voice behind him.

Mu Ning Xue turned and saw a smiling man over thirty. Her expression changed.

“That’s the irony of fate, ten years ago I made you a promise.” If you think about it, you really could become the strongest ice mage of our clan … who knew that everything would turn out like this, – the man climbed the bridge and then leaned on the railing.

Mu Ning Xue did not answer. She did not understand why this man appeared here.

Her talent and outstanding capabilities were directly related to this man – it was he who distinguished her from the crowd of offspring of the Mu clan, and also provided her with a royal attitude with the receipt of the most excellent resources for cultivation.

Until now, Mu Ning Xue could not determine the position of this man in their family: his only phrase could change the clan’s decision …. Even if he is not a true member of their family, he could put himself very high.

“You constantly think about who I am, don’t you?” – involuntarily grinned the man, seeing a spark in the eyes of the girl.

“Yes,” Mu Ning Xue nodded her head.

“You no longer need to call me lord, or it sounds like I’m your teacher.” My name is Pan Xi, ”the man said.

– Pan Xi? Not the last name of Mu? – the girl asked in surprise.

From her point of view, this person should have been at least a member of the council of the Mu clan, setting a further direction for the development of the clan families.

Pan Xi nodded negatively: “In this clan, I just look like a ghost.”

“What do you mean by that?”

When all Mu suffered a huge blow to their reputation because of Mu He’s identity, this man completely disappeared from the field of vision, and Mu Ning Xue had no choice but to try to stay on his feet, actively being persecuted by other people.

She did not even hope that he would help her, for her he was a teacher who opened a new direction for her. It was he who insisted that she should pay attention to the cultivation of ice magic, but Mu Ning Xue herself never completely trusted him, because she thought that among his students there were still a lot of like her.

Only now Mu Ning Xue did not understand, if he left when all this mess happened with the black church, why should he appear now? Now he seems to be in more contact with Mu Tinyin ….

“You know, the element of ice is the crown element of our clan.” Among all the clans of China, there are many who keep pace with the times like us, but there are none who are stronger than us. There are no people who bring up the same powerful magicians of high and higher levels like us. Do you understand the reason now? Asked Pan Xi.

How could Mu Ning Xue know the reason?

Clan Mu has always been considered very powerful, so much so that the families of this clan always occupy the upper classes in cities.

Only now, Mu Ning Xue could not understand one thing: in addition to the long story, the Mu clan actually has nothing, how could they equal the deities in China?

“In fact, when we were at the peak of our heyday, we changed our signature chip – an ice bow appeared,” Pan Xi said.

Mu Ning Xue was simply numb, she first thought that it was about her murderous ice bow, because of which she concluded a mental contract!

“That’s right, it was he,” Pan Xi smiled, seeing Mu Ning Xue lost in thought about her magic.

“I don’t understand,” the girl said.

“You don’t know very much, but I want to tell you something,” Pan Xi’s smile gradually slipped from his face.

– What?

“This contract … not only you have it,” Pan Xi approached the girl, his voice became very quiet, “remember, a long time ago I told you that this is a ladder that can lead a person to the throne of the clan.” I thought that it was you who would become this person, but apparently I was mistaken.

Mu Ning Xue looked at him, and the sense of danger that emanated from this person was creeping up on her.

“In addition to you, the clan is full of magicians, you are far from the only one,” Pan Xi said.

“I never saw others use this magic,” said Mu Ning Xue.

“This is not something we can use all the time.” However, with your murderous bow, everything is different: his control is completely in your hands, ”Pan Xi replied.

Without waiting for the girl’s next question, he said: “On the day that the killer ice bow was created, we chopped it, and then distributed it to you and the rest of the clan who at least stood out for their gifts. By itself, the bow was more in its initial state, but it could merge with the soul of the magician, being fed from it. Do you not remember that every certain period of time I gave you other fragments? ”

Mu Ning Xue, of course, remembered that every few months she received a piece of ice. She never asked, but simply did the same as before – she slowly melted this fragment in her hands.

After each shard that melted in her hands, she could feel that her development was noticeably progressing, and the killer ice bow itself became much more powerful. The power of the frost released by her also became greater, and only by constantly cultivating it was possible to get rid of the ice demon that literally covered her body.

– Your hair color is gradually changing, returning to the original. This means that your compatibility with deadly ice onions is only getting stronger, ”Pan Xi said, running a hand through the girl’s hair.

Mu Ning Xue opposed his behavior by taking a few steps back.

“Why are you telling me this just now?” – Mu Ning Xue became increasingly wary. She was sure that he appeared here for a reason.

“I tell you all this in the hope that you will understand.” The killer bow must be recreated, and this can only happen after the fragments merge with the soul of the ice mage. After the fragments are collected from one magician, there is a great chance that this magician will create the perfect killer bow, ”Pan Xi said.

– Therefore, my magic has always improved after receiving a shard!

“Yes, you can compare yourself with an ant: other slave ants feed you with these fragments like a uterus, and then an anthill appears around you!” – said Pan Xi.

After these words, the girl was noticeably angry.

– What then with those fragments that they gave to other people? – asked Mu Ning Xue.

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