Chapter 1039. Lose Everything


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Mu Ning Xue, like no one else, understood how dangerous it could be to separate a fragment from the soul of a magician – the consequences are very serious, and there can even be a threat to life!

“Relax, the other magicians who once received the fragments did not die, but their long-term cultivation went down the drain and they turned into ordinary people.” Of course, among them there are those who committed suicide because of this, but this is not my problem, ”Pan Xi said.

Mu Ning Xue was simply stunned by what she heard!

If she knew what price would be paid for this, she would never have continued all this – it’s just some forbidden magic!

“By the way, your mother is also one of the slaves of the ice bow contract,” Pan Xi grinned.

– What … what are you talking about! – goose bumps ran across the body of Mu Ning Xue.

Memories of the mother immediately surfaced in the girl’s head … she remembered her emaciated look, eyes devoid of spiritual splendor ….

– Do not be so surprised, it was her choice. She was so eager to get into the Mu clan, in the upper class … she really wanted to become an outstanding person. Unfortunately, she was not gifted like you, so she embodied all her aspirations and hopes in you. After she lost her fragment, her magical powers left her, she made you the successor of her contract. You turned out to be much stronger than her, and also justified all the hopes and expenses … only now you are not so lucky. Do you know how seriously your family’s connection with the black church throughout the clan was reflected? Asked Pan Xi.

“It was also my conscious choice, but you didn’t tell me that it was worth cultivating other magicians!” – Mu Ning Xue was very excited in the bad sense of the word.

“I told you, only you couldn’t understand my words.” You knew everything! I knew that you were the most suitable person, but, unfortunately, I had to say this to all the owners of the fragments, and now I have to say this to you. Get off this thorny path, become an ordinary person, and then I can promise you that you will be fine, ”Pan Xi said, taking steps to meet the girl, and his appearance became more formidable.

Seeing Pan Xi’s stern face, Mu Ning Xue burst out laughing.

She achieved everything in her cultivation herself, but this man wanted to take it from her!

Clan Mu, who is very famous in China, uses forbidden magic: they spend the energy of young magicians to mentally reinforce these fragments, planning to embody all the fragments in one person, who will recreate this icy murderous bow …. It’s just inhuman ….

“Clan Mu … priceless people who indulge heaven, idols of the public.” Sacrifice a few people for the sake of the overall clan gain! – Pan Xi looked at Mu Ning Xue. He saw that she was not going to run, so he decided not to rush time.

“And to whom are you going to pass on the fragments that I have accumulated?” – asked Mu Ning Xue.

– What do you think?

– Mu Tinyin? – she knew that now all the clan’s attention was riveted to this girl, – but she is not a bearer of the fragment?

As Pan Xi said before, among the direct descendants of the Mu clan there are no people who have signed this contract, therefore they cannot be sacrificed to this murderous bow.

“It’s me,” came the same familiar voice to Mu Ning Xue. She didn’t even have to turn around to find out to whom these words belonged. The sound of high heels was heard across the bridge.

The heart in the girl’s chest was beating furiously. She looked at her snow-white reflection in the water under the bridge.

“But you are not a magician of the element of ice,” Mu Ning Xue tried to convince herself that all this was untrue.

“A bow is a magical item, so a magician of any element can use it.” It is only necessary that someone mentally feed him, then he will be able to recover and show up – everyone will fit this case, ”Pan Xi answered.

“So the strongest ice clan uses its own magicians for the comfort and benefit of its higher ones …,” said Mu Ning Xue, while maintaining absolute self-control.

– That’s right. Even the strongest clan needs support, for this they accept magicians into their families that they want to become famous – for them even just having the name Mu is a blessing. Among these people, those who will serve as a nourishment for outstanding personalities of the same clan are chosen. From the very beginning, you were just outstanding, but now no longer. Clan Mu can never allow you to participate in world competitions, as this will adversely affect the reputation and fame of the clan, which have been built for several decades. Walking along this path, you yourself go towards your own death. I told your father to convince you, but you did not obey. It makes no sense for you to take part in competitions without the support of the clan. Obeying a clan’s order will amount to treason, and treason is always punishable, ”said Pan Xi.

“This is simply unimaginable …” Mu Ning Xue raised her head, took a breath and calmed down, uttered desperately, “in this case, the elder of the clan should speak.

“Very cruel, isn’t it?” More recently, you revered me as your mentor, ”said Pan Xi.

“You think too much about yourself.” From the very beginning, I never felt like this to you, ”the girl answered coldly.

Pan Xi shrugged indifferently.

Mu Ning Xue turned slowly, staring her gaze at the high-heeled girl: “So it’s you. “Nan Rongni, I want to know, then in the Tokai fortress did you do this intentionally?”

Nan Rongni shook her head in the negative.

“Hm,” Mu Ning Xue smirked, “even now will you lie?”

Nan Rongni first subsided, and then, with a grin, said: “Why then ask, since you already know everything?”

Mu Ning Xue stood on the bridge, and ice fog was already dissipating around her.

“It’s not worth it; your abilities amid Pan-Xi’s magic are simply nothing,” came another female voice.

The clatter of another pair of heels was heard on the bridge. Mu Tinyin was dressed luxuriously, and she ascended the bridge like a princess.

Behind her was a pair of men in snow-white silver robes.

Mu Ning Xue immediately recognized them – they were legal henchmen of the leader of the council of elders of their clan, they are responsible for observing the decisions of the council and punishment!

These magicians in their abilities were not inferior to members of the magical court. Mu Ning Xue could not even imagine that someday the day would come when a waking nightmare would occur to her.

On the other side of the bridge appeared two more legal mages minions. Four magicians against her … as if she were some kind of criminal !!!

“Be careful, it’s her icy bow,” one of them said.

– Relax, I’m here. This bow is not yet subject to her instructions, ”said Pan Xi, standing in his former place. He did not even think about starting a battle.

In fact, it was difficult for Pan Xi to come to terms with the fact that he must destroy the magician whom he himself raised, because he no longer met such talents as Mu Ning Xue. But since the chief elder decided so, he can only obey the order: the ice bow cannot be in the hands of a person who no longer belongs to the Mu clan.

– After I get this contract, can I use this bow in competitions? Asked Nan Rongni.

– It is only necessary to carefully remove from the bow the seal of the soul of Mu Ning Xue. Forbidden magic cannot be used in competitions, but a killer bow is an item and it is not on the list of prohibited artifacts, Pan Xi replied.

Four minions were approaching Mu Ning Xue, who was standing on the bridge.

People from all sides, seeing what was happening, began to gather around. However, one of the magicians had an official document in their hands, which stated that they had every reason to detain the girl, according to the clan decision.

Law enforcement Venetian magicians flocked outside the bridge, not even thinking to get in trouble.

Clan Mu really impresses with the scale of his influence! They were even able to calmly blame the innocent Mu Ning Xue !!!

– Well, and how do you feel when you are taken away? – grinned Mu Tinyin.

She lived in anticipation of this day for a very long time. The funny thing is that Mu Ning Xue really considered Nan Rongni to be her friend, and she turned out to be a sworn enemy. Her family was only an appendage of the Mu clan, and the elder had already decided to give them the icy onions!

Mu Ning Xue persistently cultivated for ten years, and now all in vain!

“In fact, your reputation has not been much affected by your connection with the activities of the black church, but you must leave the stage so that we can make ties with the Nanzhong family.” From one talented magician in the clan, Mu will not disappear, but then we can connect with an influential family! You thought you were Princess Mu, but in reality it turned out to be just a beautiful box for our treasure! – said Mu Tinyin with a grin.

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