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Not long after Li Yi and others left, Chu Xingyun felt the ground tremble violently. When he turned back, he saw countless Spirit Beast running wild, with scarlet rays of light in his eyes.

“Wind and Thunder!” Chu Xingyun resisted the pain of the body, the spirit sword swept, and the Wind and Thunder sword light rushed to the front.

However, the number of Spirit Beast is really too much.

Wind and Thunder sword light disappeared into the herd, and the disappearance disappeared. The thing Spirit Beast was still running wild, and it was provoked to be fierce, and madly rushed toward Chu Xingyun.

Seeing that the herd was getting closer, Chu Xingyun’s face became ugly.

Li Yi’s sword qi not only hurt his meridians, but even his internal organs were extremely seriously injured.

If it is in a safe place, Chu Xingyun can enter the inner space of the Samsara stone to recover the injury, but now, the group of beasts rushed, he could not breathe with rapt attention.

The trample of hōng lóng lóng came, and under the horror of Chu Xingyun, within the herd, suddenly a red-haired Spirit Beast was rushed out, and the figure was like a tiger, but the head was long and horny, and the body was covered with a touch of gray. Breath, wherever, the Spirit Spirit Beast shunned and did not dare to stop.

“Earth Spirit!” Chu Xingyun’s face twitched. He was surrounded by herds. It was already a crisis. Now, there is the Spirit Spirit of Earth Spirit level!

I saw that the Spirit Beast rushed out of the herd, and the scarlet eyes immediately locked Chu Xingyun, roaring, and the grayish-black breath of the body bloomed and turned into a path of wind blade.

“Puzzle!” Chu Xingyun bit his teeth and lifted the openwork sword.


The wind blade descended, but it was resisted by a snow-white brilliance. The collision between the two, and the Nihility, the strong wind swept away, blowing Chu Xingyun’s robes and hunting.

“this is …… snow?”

Chu Xingyun’s eyes widened and he found that there were infinite snow falling on the sky.

These snowflakes fall on the body of Spirit Beast, which is condensed into pieces of ice frost, which freezes the body of Spirit Beast and falls from midair.

“Follow me!” A shadow fell to Chu Xingyun, and Chu Xingyun looked intently. The one who came was actually a light dance.

At this moment, she is like a spirit that manipulates the cold snow, her hands are moving, and the snow flies quickly toward the herd, letting the ground form a thick ice frost, blocking the madness of the herd.

“Come on, I can’t stop them for how long.” Snow danced and said, let Chu Xingyun immediately return to God, stepping forward, squeezed out the last trace of spiritual power in the body, rushing out.

When I saw it, the shadow of the snow dance was awkward, and I was separated from the battle circle, and I ran along with Chu Xingyun.

Almost at the same time, the cracking of ka-cha ka-cha sounded, the cold ice of the Frozen Beast was shattered, the herd completely recovered, and the roaring again and again, the whole forest was turbulent.

“It seems to have escaped.” Snow danced and looked behind him, seeing the herd did not kill, and finally relaxed.

With her current cultivation base, it is still very good to be able to deal with the Spirit Beast of Earth Spirit. It is too reluctant to do short-term restrictions.

“Why are you saving me?” Chu Xingyun looked at the beautiful woman who was in the eyes of Qingcheng. She had some doubts in her eyes. He thought that the snow dance also wanted to put him to death. Unexpectedly, the other party saved at the end of the crisis. he.

When I heard Chu Xingyun, the snow danced a little, and there was no anti-anger. Instead, I bowed my head and apologized: “The things of the past few days, I misunderstood, treating you as a mean villain, please forgive me. “”

“Hmm?” Chu Xingyun looked at the micro-condensation.

He can feel that the apology in the light dance of the eyes is from the heart, without the slightest falsehood, it is really because of the misunderstanding, and placed a deep apology.

“After misunderstanding you on the same day, I want to apologize to you, but unfortunately I have not been able to do so. Until now, I saw that there seemed to be people fighting here. When I came over, I found you.” Snow danced a little bit wrong, she saw Chu Xingyun was silent and thought that Chu Xingyun was still blaming her for not being forgiven.

Chu Xingyun felt the grievances in the light eyes of the snow, and his eyes were no longer guarded. He whispered: “You are also deceived by Li Yi. This is the case, forget it.”

The light dance eyes brightened and stared at Chu Xingyun, and the grievances disappeared immediately.

“Right, what is this herd?” Chu Xingyun turned and pointed to the crazy Spear Beast.

He took a closer look, and the riots of these Spirit Beast seem to be a little different from Beast Tide.

Beast Tide is the result of countless Spirit Beasts. It is like a brave tide, destroying everything that passes through, and no soul is spared.

But in front of these Spirit Beast, it is like crazy, or killing each other, or madly colliding, without rules, is essentially different from Beast Tide.

“How specific, I am not too clear, only know this foggy forest, every once in a while, this kind of spiritual riot will happen, and…”

The snow dance suddenly frowned, and dignified: “This Spirit Beast riot appeared too suddenly, there is no sign at all, and the Spirit Beast that appeared has become powerful.”

Chu Xingyun looked down at the light dancing eyes and found that there was a herd in the distance. There were several Earth Spirit realm Spirit Beasts in the herd, which were killing each other.

Not only the front, the left side, the right side, almost any position, there is a violent Beast Tide, it is completely surrounded by them, there is no way to force out.

“Now this situation can only be hard.” Snow fluttered and bitten his teeth, and his body was filled with cold snowflakes. He said to Chu Xingyun: “I have already signaled that someone should support us soon. ”

“I’m afraid we can’t wait until that time.” Chu Xingyun looked straight ahead, when the surrounding herds found their presence, whispered, and madly running.

The number of herds is so large, and the Spirit Beast of the Earth Spirit level, the strength of Chu Xingyun and the light of the light out of the ordinary, I am afraid to be slammed in an instant.

“There is almost no herd there, and flee over there.” Chu Xingyun pointed to the back, where it was covered in thick fog and could not see much of the Spirit Beast.

The snow danced to the other side, and the face suddenly became pale. “There is a central region of the foggy forest. It is covered with fog all year round. Once the rumors enter it, they will lose all directions and will never leave. They will be Live to sleep.”

“It’s better to be alive and dead than to be swallowed by Spirit Beast?” Chu Xingyun is serious about the snow, making the light dance of the snow a bit embarrassing, watching the maddening Spirit Beast getting closer, the eyes are constantly shining Thinking about the bright glow.

“Go!” Finally, the snow light dance made a decision, the snow shadow swept, immediately wrapped her and Chu Xingyun’s body, and the head Buhui rushed into the fog.

When they just left, the thing Spirit Beast rushed forward, and the scarlet eyes stared at the two people who had left, but they did not chase them. It was like this fog, there was something that made them dare not approach. .

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